Closeup shot of a woman using a hair straightener

How to Nail Your Straight Hair with the Right Hair Tools

A checklist of the gizmos you should invest in to nail that straight hair look!

Love straightening your hair? Then, you should have at least one hair straightening tool in your beauty arsenal. Though a girl can never have too many styling tools, you might be picking the wrong ones and wasting your money on things that don’t work. So stop reading reviews and testimonials because various types of hair respond differently to styling tools. If you’re interested to know how to choose the right tools for straight hair, then, read on and learn how winning straight hair can be easily achieved.

Hair Tools for Straight Hair

model with long straight brown hair
Long straight hair.

1. Blow dryer

Get yourself a nice blow dryer because it’s been proven by one too many people as a trustworthy tool for straightening your hair. It may not create super straight hair but it adds volume to your mane and gives it a shiny and frizz-free finish. Go ahead and check your mom’s beauty closet and you’ll surely find one there.

2. Straightening Brush

If you’re looking for a good tool to help you achieve straight hair in no time, then, go for the straightening brush. It’s among the newest innovations and is easier to use than the blow dryer in straightening your hair. It conveniently combines the power of the blow dryer and the smoothing effects of a hairbrush. And because it is less bulky, you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Editor’s tip: Get to style your hair with your straightening tools without destroying your hair by spraying on TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Spray. It shields your hair from the heat and keeps frizz and flyaway at bay.

3. Ceramic Flat Iron

You should already be familiar with this tool and might even already have one of this. It creates straight hair by using ceramic plates that evenly distribute heat to avoid burning or damaging hair. You can use it for all types of hair, even on tight and kinky curls. It can straighten hair even at a low temperature. When buying one, be sure to go for the genuine ceramic plates and not just the ceramic-coated ones.

4. Tourmaline Flat Iron

This tool for straight hair is on the higher end of our spectrum and uses crushed prismatic crystals on its metal plates. The high amounts of negative ion in the tourmaline mineral enhances your hair’s texture and produces far-infrared heat to dry the hair from inside out. The crystals can smoothen hair cuticles and prevent damage from heat.

5. Titanium

Rebonded and coarse hair can greatly benefit from a titanium flat iron because titanium is a great conductor of heat, which makes the iron heat up fast. It uses plates that can make straight hair even at lower temperatures, reducing the risk of getting it heat-damaged. If you want to invest in a great hair straightening tool, this is undoubtedly the best choice though it is understandably the most expensive among the options.

If you really want to have straight hair but want to skip the chemicals involved in salon procedures like rebonding and hair cellophane, then investing in a flat iron is a great move. You can do it anytime in the comfort of your own home (office and school) and only have to spend once to make your purchase.