The rebond life: Struggles with chemically straightened hair

Do you have chemically straightened hair? Then you can probably relate to this list!

Girls, we feel you —  having a chemically straightened hair or living the rebonding life is not easy! It takes a lot of time and effort and patience and so much more! In case you don’t know (it’s possible that you’re happy just knowing that the rebonding process straightens hair), hair rebonding involves using different formulas to change your hair’s natural structure and then restructures it to make it straight. The effect usually lasts about 6 to 12 months, so a lot of girls have their hair rebonded regularly.

The thing is, the process involved in achieving that beautiful straight hair through chemical straightening is a lot of work–and girls who go through it know it too well.  No, it’s not only kulot girls who opt for a hair rebond. The enticingly beautiful super straight hair is envied by many. So if you’re all about that rebond hair life – sit back, relax, and know that you’re not alone. Oh, what we won’t do for beauty!

girl sitting impatiently at the salon
The rebond life: hours at the salon. Credit: iStock

1. The anxiety of being pinned to a chair for 6 hours—again

You know it’s coming. There’s just no going around it. And it’s the part you dread the most. The rebonding process takes at least 6 hours, and about 70% of it is made up of sitting in a chair to wait for the next step. It’s butt-numbing, it’s boring—definitely not your idea of a fun afternoon. But it has to be done because your hair has to be pretty. So you sit as you’re told and you wait patiently until the last round of ironing is finished and you’re good to go. You keep a mental note to get Netflix on your phone for your next rebonding appointment–which is in 6-12 months (Gaaah!)

Editor’s tip: No matter how beautifully straight rebonding makes your hair, it would eventually take a toll on your strands. Make up for it and pamper your locks with a product that helps reinforce its natural protective barrier and protect it against future damage, just like TRESemmé Platinum Strength Shampoo

girl smelling her hair
The rebond life: no washing for three days! Credit: iStock

2. Enduring the discomfort of not being able to wash your hair for three whole days

Also known as: the longest three days of a rebond girl’s life. As with other chemical hair treatments, washing your hair before the third day mark is a big no-no. So you live with your itchy scalp and sticky, greasy, icky hair for the next three days. It’s torture but you don’t want your money and that 6-hour salon session to go to waste, so you resist, no matter how tempted you are to scrape your scalp with your nails with a whole bottle of shampoo!

Editor’s tip: When it’s finally time to head to the shower, make sure to wash your hair with products that are specially designed to repair hair damage. Try Dove Intense Repair Shampoo which will help repair each hair strand from the inside and out.

girl singing in the shower
The rebond life: cheating. Credit: iStock

3. Cheating and washing it on the second day instead

But you know, sometimes you give in (you’re only human) and convince yourself that two days is enough time for the chemicals to “sink in” and do their job. So you break the rules and wash your hair on the second day—ugh! such a rebel!

Editor’s tip: Using dry shampoo is a good alternative to get rid of grease and dirt while you’re waiting for the third day. We love TONI&GUY Matt Texture Dry Shampoo.

girl with a shocked impression
The rebond life: no tucking the hair behind the ears! Credit: iStock

4. Fighting the urge to tuck your hair behind your ears for weeks

You know how it is when your hair is freshly rebonded: it’s so soft and slippery and it keeps falling all over your face all day. If only you can tuck it behind your ears. But you can’t. For a month (but TBH you only last a week before you go back to the habit). In the meantime you just develop a stiff neck from trying not to move your head so much so your hair stays out of your face.

girl carrying a fan
The rebond life: no ponytails! Credit: Shutterstock

5. Living with the consequence of your (bad) decision to get your hair rebonded in the summer

A rebond-girl knows it’s a bad idea to have the hair rebonded in the summer because you just can’t tie your hair with literally anything for three months (unless you want a weird curve appearing somewhere in the middle of your straight hair–which by the way, will never go away). So if there was a lapse in judgment and you did somehow choose the hottest time of the year to get the treatment, you keep your hair down and wish for the summer to be over soon. After all, you can’t go swimming with a newly rebonded hair either.

chemically straightened hair - Hair care Shutterstock
Chemically straightened hair means you need to be prepared with hair care for damaged hair.
Credit: Shutterstock

6. Hair care for the damaged hair

Yes, whether you’d like to admit it or not, your chemically straightened hair is now damaged. Your hair care arsenal now needs an upgrade to cater to your hair nourishing needs. Nowadays, people opt for a keratin smoothing treatment instead of rebonding to minimize the effects of damage by infusing keratin which makes hair healthy.

Editor’s tip: Treat your hair with TONI&GUY Damage Repair Mask to help it recuperate from the damage. Yes, you have time to do this because it only takes 5 minutes!

chemically straightened hair - reliable conditioner Shutterstock
Chemically straightened hair needs a reliable conditioner.
Credit: Shutterstock

7. You need a reliable conditioner

Yes, hair conditioner is your best friend now. After having your hair rebonded, you now have different hair care needs and we cannot stress that any further. To sum it up, you need hair products that will fix and protect your hair from damage. It is preferable that the product is also specifically made to restore and repair your hair’s health. Additionally, you want a product that will keep your hair straight.

Editor’s tip: Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Straight is truly a must-have for girls with chemically straightened hair as it brings back our hair’s healthy as it keeps it straight.

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Seriously. the struggle is real. But girls with chemically straightened hair will agree: it’s totally worth it! If you are more conservative or afraid of chemical treatments, you can give it a go with a flat iron!


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