18 Ways to Rock Short Hair With Bangs

Add pizzazz to your look by getting short hair with bangs. Here are some pegs. 

When you want a makeover, you often go to the salon and get a haircut. You say goodbye to your long hair and welcome a fresh, new ‘do. Why don’t you take your transformation to the next level? Bangs look good with short haircuts for women. The result is a trendy—and at times, even edgy—look. And the best part? Bangs look great with almost all hair cuts for 2020. Here are ideas on how you can wear short hair with bangs.

1. Curly Bob with Bangs

Asian woman with curly short hair with bangs wearing a mustard top
Wear your short hair with bangs like this and you’ll never look plain. Credit: Hariono Halim

Whether you have a chin-length bob or a medium bob, you can add fringe to it, especially if you have a long face. To make your look more exciting, create messy curls to go with your straight blunt bangs to play with two different textures.

Editor’s tip:  If you have curly hair, you can keep it as is and just blow-dry or iron your blunt bangs to keep them in shape. Then, keep your curls well-moisturized with Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Blooming Color Shampoo. This eco-friendly shampoo isn’t just for color-treated hair. Its murumuru butter can also keep your curly hair from getting dry. 

2. Bob and Straight Blunt Bangs

Asian woman with short hair wearing eyeglasses
Let a full fringe frame your face and and character to your look. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Rock a sleek and straight bob and make it edgy by adding a full fringe. Keep it smooth and frizz-free with a drop of leave-on cream to tame those tutsang and tikwas.

Editor’s tip: Got frizzy hair? Wash it with Dove Straight & Silky Shampoo and Dove Straight & Silky Conditioner. This duo has Micro Moisture Serum that helps calm frizz, giving you silky smooth hair.

3. Apple Cut Hair with Side Bangs

Woman with apple cut short hair smiling
An apple cut ‘do can give shape to flat and thin locks. Credit: Shutterstock

Side bangs can easily blend into an apple cut ‘do, so if you want to have bangs without making it look like you have one, this is the short haircut for you. If you want to jazz it up a bit more, dyeing your apple cut hair chocolate brown or adding caramel highlights can give it more depth and make it look fresh.

4. Pixie Cut with Short Bangs

Short hair with bangs: Woman with brown hair pixie cut and bangs
Show off your gorgeous jaw line with a pixie cut. Credits: Shutterstock

A pixie cut is already chic on its own. You don’t have to do much in order to make it stylish. Just blow dry your hair for a few minutes after showering so it maintains its shape. Blow dry your short bangs straight, forward, and down to keep them well-behaved. That’s it! This ‘do is perfect for women who are always on the go or who women who want to streamline their morning routine.

5. Wavy Short Hair with Side Bangs

Asian woman with wavy shot hair with side bangs wearing a white top
Side bangs can add a fresh touch to your short ‘do.

Waves will easily elevate your short ‘do with bangs. Part it on the side to create more oomph both in volume and chicness. Wear big earrings as an accent!

6. Twisted Half Updo

Side view of an Asian woman with short hair and half updo
This hairstyle looks great when working from home or going on a dinner date. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Create this simple hairstyle for your short hair with bangs. To do this, just take a section of hair from the left and right sides, twist them, and tie them at the back of your head with an elastic. You can even add a hair clip or bow to jazz it up.

7. Textured French Bob with Bangs

Asian woman with textured short hair with bangs
If you’re fond of messy-chic looks, this ‘do is for you. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Look effortlessly chic by adding texture to your short hair with bangs. Simply curl small sections of your bob and loosen them up afterwards by finger-combing. It’s also a great way to make thin hair look thicker.

Editor’s tip: Make your textured ‘do last long by spritzing TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Texture Hold Hairspray. It gives your hair a lightweight, invisible hold that’s also easy to wash off at the end of the day.

8. Pixie cut with side-swept bangs

Short hair with bangs: Woman with brown hair in pixie cut with side bangs
Comb your pixie cut with a fine-toothed comb to ake it look sleek. Credits Shutterstock

Add flair to your pixie cut by getting side-swept bangs. If you have thin hair, you can go for this ‘do. The side-swept fringe keeps your short hair from looking flat and boring. To enhance this hairstyle, use a shampoo and conditioner that makes hair soft and bouncy.

Editor’s tip: Wash your hair with Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo and Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Conditioner to help boost volume by up to 95 percent. 

9. Textured pixie cut with side bangs

Asian woman with textured pixie cut shit wearing dangling earrings, white shirt, and jumper dress
Nail chic short hair with bangs by going for a textured pixie hairstyle. Credit: Hariono Halim

Scrunch your side-swept pixie for a textured short hair with side bangs. This is the not-so-secret and most proven trick for Pinays with fine or thin hair but yearning for fuller body.

10. Pixie cut with long bangs

Short hair with bangs: Woman with blonde pixie cut with long bangs
Look edgy with a pixie cut with long bangs. Credits: Shutterstock

Be bold and unique with an unconventional haircut like this one. Go for a pixie cut with long bangs if you want an edgy ‘do or a rock star hairstyle. You can even style your pixie cut by curling your long bangs upward to make a quiff.

Editor’s tip: Let your long bangs stay in place by spritzing TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray on your hair. 

11. Layered hair with side-swept bangs

Woman with brown short hair with bangs
Experiment with a new look by getting short hair with bangs. Credits: Shutterstock

A layered short hair with side bangs may be an old school look but still worthy of everyone’s attention. It gives your hair body, volume, and movement all in one go—a hair silhouette we’re all dying for!

12. Wavy bob with messy bangs

Short hair with bangs: Woman with black wavy bob and bangs
You can use a curling iron or a flat iron to create a wavy bob. Credits: indigitalimages.com

Bobs are also popular short haircuts. If you decide to get one, you can jazz it up by making it wavy or creating a messy look. Spritz sea salt spray on your palms and scrunch through your hair to add texture. You can go for this ‘do on days when you skip washing your hair.

13. Straight bob with curtain bangs

Short hair with bangs: Asian woman with straight bob and curtain bangs
Iron the ends of your bob inwards to get rid of tikwas. Credits: Shutterstock

Want simple short hair with bangs? Try a bob with curtain bangs. To create this look, straighten your bob by using a blow dryer and flat iron. Make sure the ends of your bob are free from fly aways. Blow-dry your bangs as well and style them like they are drapes that cover some parts of your forehead. You can also try see-through bangs to go with your straight bob.

Editor’s tip: Wash your hair with Cream Silk Standout Straight Conditioner to help keep your hair smooth, straight, and frizz-free every day. 

14. Blue Hair with Side Bangs

Caucasian woman with short blue hair wearing a hat and a red cardigan
A pop of blue for a stylish hew you! Credit: Shutterstock

If you want a standout look, explore fun hair colors like metallic blue. It will give your hair and your OOTD a stunning pop of color.

15. Pink Short Hair with Bonnet

Asian woman with pink short hair wearing a bonnet
Create your signature style with this look. Credit: Shutterstock

Another fun look that you can try is pink hair with bangs. Make it hip by wearing a bonnet or a beanie.

16. See-through Bangs and Eyeglasses

Asian woman with short hair and bangs wearing eyeglasses
This ‘do is a stylishly smart and trendy look you can wear when you work from home. Credit: Shutterstock

Wearing spectacles? Add see-through bangs to your bob for that trendy Korean look.

17. See-through Bangs with Headband

Asian woman with short hair wearing a black shirt
Rock a school-girl vibe with a headband and bangs. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Wear a headband or a bow to make your bob with bangs cute and youthful. You can also fold a headscarf and tie it around your head like a headband. You can style your short hair this way when working from home or taking online classes.

18. Blonde Short Hair with Bangs

Woman with blonde hair wearing fashionable clothes
Look like you just stepped off the runway with this ‘do. Credit: Shutterstock

Make blonde hair high-fashion by getting a blunt, chin-length bob and blunt bangs. Nail the look by keeping your bob sleek and straight.

With these ideas, we’re sure you’re going to look great when you get short hair with bangs. Now, head to your favorite salon and show your stylist the hair that you want.

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