Short black hair pegs you can get inspiration from

Kat | 01 October 2018

Here are ways to style short black hair so you’ll look effortlessly chic every day. 

Sleek black hair can make you an instant head-turner. Even the most elaborate hairstyles or hair accessories can’t substitute for shiny, glowing hair. Combine this sleekness with short hair and you have a modern, high-fashioned look. Take cues from these short black hair pegs and rock this ‘do.

Turn heads with these short black hair ideas

Short black hair: Woman with bob and full bangs
You can sport a sleek bob with full bangs in formal events and parties. Credits: Shutterstock

1. Bob with full bangs

Look like you just came from the runway with this hairstyle. Nail a sleek bob with full bangs by making sure that your hair is free from fly aways and frizz. Pay extra attention to your bangs—blow dry them forward, down, and straight so they keep their shape all throughout the day.

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Short black hair: Woman with textured short hair
Nail a messy ‘do with a few spritzes of sea salt spray or hair wax. Credits: Shutterstock

2. Messy bob

If you want a more casual look, go for messy hairstyle. Simply finger-comb your hair, spritz sea salt spray, and scrunch your hair to style. That’s it! Go for this hairstyle when you’re in a rush in the morning—you’ll be out the door in a couple of minutes. This is also perfect for days when you’ve skipped washing your hair.

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Short black hair: Woman with short tousled hair
Got thin hair? Add volume by creating a tousled ‘do. Credits: Shutterstock

3. Tousled hair

Want bouncy, short black hair? A tousled ‘do is the answer. You can also tease your hair to help add volume, or blow dry to create waves. This hairstyle works for pixie cuts, too. You can sport a tousled short hair to work on casual Fridays or on weekends when you go mall strolling.

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Short black hair: Asian woman with bob and see-through bangs
Follow the K-wave by getting see-through bangs along with short hair. Credits: Shutterstock

4. Bob with see-through bangs

Rock the K-wave influence with see-through bangs. You can sport this trendy hairstyle at school to spice up your everyday college look. To keep your bob in good shape, blow dry your hair inwards using a roller brush to get rid of fly aways. Make sure your bangs are free from excess oil so they don’t wrinkle and stick to your forehead.

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Short black hair: Woman with long bob
Keep your bob or lob sleek by applying hair serum. Credits:

5. Simple bob or lob

You don’t have to do much in order to have fabulous hair. You just have to cultivate a healthy hair care routine and stick to it. Even a simple bob can look ultra-chic when you have healthy hair. To maintain this, use a shampoo and a conditioner that nourishes your hair from roots to tips.

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With these ideas, it’s easy to look gorgeous with short black hair. Try one of them when you get your next haircut.

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