Stylish Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Want to spice things up a bit with a bad-ass look that stands out from the crowd? Try sporting these fashionable shaved hairstyles for women!

While shaved hairstyles for women are not for the faint of heart, no one can deny the fact that they’re cool and fashionable and one of the best ways to make a statement with your look. If you’re thinking about going for a daring haircut and funky bangs just won’t cut it, maybe you’d want to give this style a try? It’s like getting a cool tattoo—with less commitment (because hair grows back) — which is why you can totally give this a shot! It even comes without the pain. If you’re about ready to take the plunge and on the lookout for the perfect style, you came to the right place. We’ve got stylish shaved hairstyles for women, from cute and cool to totally badass!

Stylish shaved hairstyles for women

undercut shaved hairstyles for women
Natural hair color on the sides, bleached on top. Credit: Dvora

1. Two-toned undercut

Want to amp up the fierceness of your look? Match your shaved style with double-tone hair color, like this. The shaved part can have your natural hair color, and the rest you can dye or bleach. We like this dark-and-platinum combination, but you can try other shades, too. Not only is this haircut hip and trendy, it’s also very low maintenance. With both sides shaved, you can just brush back the hair at the center (keeping it in place with a spritz of TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray, of course), and that’s it. It’s a polished look that won’t take forever to put together.

side-swept shaved hairstyles for women
Sweep your bangs to the side for a bit of a girly vibe. Credit: iStock

2. Side shave and side-swept pixie

Shaved hairstyles for women usually have that edgy, rocker chic look. But notice how this style still has that soft feminine vibe? The long and soft side-swept bangs offset the edginess and sharpness of the shaved part of the head, so it doesn’t completely take away the girlishness. If you want to try a shaved hairstyle but want to keep it cute, just remember the keywords: long, soft, and side-swept!

hair tattoo shaved hairstyles for women
Choose a design that reflects your personality. Credit: Ais Roxas

3. Hair tattoo undercut

Is real tattoo too “forever” for you? Then do it with hair instead of with ink! You can grow it out, switch up designs if you want, or just completely forget it ever happened—you can even sweep your hair to that side to cover the shaved part if you want to take a break from it. What makes this look really interesting is that you can pick the design that reflects your personal style. It’s cool, it’s edgy, it’s definitely badass!

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 Shaved hairstyles for women really are for the brave—and the stylish, and the cool, and the trendy! Go be a rockstar and rock this look good!