12 Korean Short Hairstyles You Need to Cop Right Now

Look fab and oh-K with the trendiest Korean short hairstyles you need to cop right now!

Some may say that Korean short hairstyles have been one of the dark horses of this year in terms of trends, but honestly, we kind of saw this coming. After years of super long extensions, over-the-top blowouts and waves and curls as far as the eye can see, it was certainly prime time for a palette refresh. We first flirted with the concept with some bangs, where we were able to play around with length without really sacrificing all that much. Then came that now-ubiquitous messy lob. Then came the ’90s redux—a wispy, staticky fringe, minimal layers—and then here we are, in blunt bob central. And you can believe that South Koreans, being the lightning-quick trend-adapters they are, were definitely one of the first on this retro-charming bob train.

Not to say that bobs are the only Korean short hairstyles making the hot circuit right now: several iterations of cropped cuts have gone wildly viral, thanks in part to Korean dramas and idol groups sporting the look. Scroll on to see if this trending look is one you’ll be bookmarking soon.

1. Wavy Chin-Length Bob

Japanese woman with brown short wavy hair smiling
Got thin and flat hair? Add textured waves to maek it look thicker. Credit: Shutterstock

A chin-length bob that has a bit of an air-dried curl at the ends is another characteristic that Korean short hairstyles have. Hair hack: use a small round brush and a tiny dollop of mousse to create that undercurl while blow-drying.

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2. Medium Bob with See-through Bangs

Breakup hair makeover ideas: Asian woman with short hair with see through bangs wearing a denim jacket
Get inspired by the K-wave. Let see-through bangs frame your face. Credit: Hariono Halim

When a Korean trend goes viral, it goes viral—so much so that you actually get a weird sense of FOMO if you don’t jump in. See-through fringe, particularly when paired with Korean short hairstyles, is one of those super-fashionable looks that has overtaken the landscape in a major way.

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3. Bob with Beach Waves

Christmas party hairstyles: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with wavy bob wearing a blue sleeveless dress
Spice up your bob or lob by creating beach waves. Credit: Hariono Halim

Complement your wispy bangs with an equally relaxed hairstyle. Flirty, beach waves on your medium bob will certainly help you nail a chic Korean look.

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4. Peach Lob

Korean short hairstyles: Asian woman with a rose gold lob
Stand out in the midst of a crowd with a pretty peach lob. Credit: Indigital

Koreans are adept at experimenting with new hair colors and trends. A peach-colored lob is one of those Korean short hairstyles you can sport that’s both feminine and still rather ahead of the curve.

5. Concave Bob

How to use hair rollers: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with brown bob wearing a white top
Achieve Korean-style bobs with the help of hair rollers. Credit: Shutterstock

Got a round face shape? You can play up your aegyo (winsome cuteness) factor with a youthful—and still somewhat slimming—bob.

6. Bob with Headband

Chin length hairstyles: Closeup shot of Asian woman wearing white thin-strapped top with brown short hair and white headband standing against pink background
Wear a headband to instantly perk up your chin-length bob. Credit: Shutterstock

Nothing spells “cute” better than a printed headband worn around a chin-length bob. Position the bow at the side to amp up the cuteness, and loosen some strands for a more casual and chic look.

7. Bob with Loose Waves

Asian woman with short Korean wavy hair wearing a white coat outdoors
Loose waves make second-day hair look chic. Credit: Shutterstock

If you don’t have a curling iron, go for a tousled look to sport Korean-style waves. Just pin small sections of your damp hair into small buns, leave for an hour and two, and unravel. You’ll get loose, natural-looking waves sans heat-styling.

8. Bouncy Center-part Bob

Asian woman with a center-parted bob hairstyle
Blow dry the tips of your bob inward to get rid of flyaways. Credit: Hariono Halim

This charmingly simple, low-key bob harks back to the ’90s when symmetry is key. You can have your tips slightly layered so you can shape your hair more easily using a blow dryer.

9. Asymmetrical Bob

summer hairstyles - asymmetrical bob
Make the regular bob a bit more interesting by going for a cut with varying lengths.


A bob where one side is marginally longer than the other is ideal for those flattering, tilted-angle “selcas,” a.k.a. Korean selfies.

10. Bowl Cut

Caucasian woman with dark brown bowl cut hair wearing a black jacket outdoors
Make your short hair even edgier by getting a bowl cut. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Edgy, directional and unironically retro, a bowl cut is a gender-neutral hairstyle that highlights your hair’s shape and texture. Maintain this textured look by spritzing dry shampoo on your roots to absorb excess oil.

11. Shag

Korean short hairstyles: an Asian woman with a blonde shag
Get a shaggy haircut for that next-level swag. Credit: Indigital

Alternatively, you can also show your individuality with a bright blonde shag—a super hot look that hits two trends at once.

12. Stacked Bob

Short wavy hair ideas: Woman with black wavy bob wearing an off-shoulder blouse
Go big in style with neat curls. Credit: shutterstock.com

A stacked bob is similar to the concave bob, but with a tad bit more layering at the back. Add oomph to your ‘do with a fluffy fringe.

13. Blunt bob with Bangs

Girl with Asian short hair with bangs
Try the quintessential Asian school girl look. Credit: Shutterstock

Youthful looks reign supreme when it comes to Korean short hairstyles, and this school-girlish concept of blunt bangs paired with a bob is still quite popular even among those who have long graduated from school.

Ready to make waves with your K-wave look? With these trendy Korean short hairstyles, we bet you can’t wait to rock one now!

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