5 Workout-proof Gym Hairstyles for Pinays to Enjoy

Workout hard and and proud. Because these gym hairstyles won’t unravel on your short hair!

You know the drill when it comes to working out at the gym: get in quick and workout hard. But pushing yourself to the limit and going all out at the gym usually leaves you in a pool of sweat, with your short hair in a mess and all over your face. Quite a distraction. What you need is a list of go-to gym hairstyles for short hair.

This is for all of you short-haired girls who are looking for workout-proof hairstyles in time for your next gym session. These won’t unravel in your hair and won’t distract you from going all out with your burpees.

Side twist braid

blonde with side twist braid for gym
Twisted side braid. Credit: Verity Smith

For something quick and fuss-free, rock a side twist braid. Keep it secure by doubling up on your bobby pins.

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Editor’s Tip: This style is also great after a post-workout shower. First, wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that combats frizz (like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo). Then, twist and braid your bangs and let the rest of your air-dry. It’s perfect for when you’re rushing from the gym to the office (or school!)

Side braid

blonde with side braid for the gym
Side braid. Credit: Raquel Brust

If you have short hair that runs a bit longer at the front, braid the hair away from your face with a side french braid.

Twisted and pinned back

Portrait of a young woman with boxing gloves punching at the camera while at the gym
Pinned back pixie. Credit: iStock.

If you have a pixie cut with long bangs at the front, keep hair away from your face by simply twisting sections together, pulling them away from your face, and pinning them down (you may need quite a number of bobby pins to keep the style secure). And when you’re done at the gym, simply unravel the twists and have instant waves for your bangs.

Editor’s Tip: Add volume to the waves while refreshing your hair post-workout with a quick spritz of dry shampoo — like TONI&GUY Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo. It boosts volume from root to tip for all-over dramatic body.

High half-up, half-down

high up half down topknot short hair gym hair
Half-up top knot. Credit: indigitalimages.com

If your hair isn’t quite long enough to pull into a pull ponytail, then opt for a high half-up, half-down hairstyle.


Pinned bangs. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Have long bangs? Keep them away from your face during your workout with a couple of bobby pins.

Editor’s tip: No time for a full shower after a workout? Freshen up with dry shampoo! To apply, section your hair and spray dry shampoo along the roots (keeping the nozzle at least 4 inches away for a more even application). Then, work the product into your scalp with your fingers. Comb through to get rid of any residue, then style your hair as you normally would.