25 Gorgeous Pixie Cut Styles to Experiment With

Check out these pixie cut styles that will surely have you trying out short hair!

If your hair has never gone above your chin, the idea of getting a pixie cut can be quite terrifying. Going short is a drastic change, and it takes a while for you to grow it out when you change your mind. However, when done right, pixie hairstyles can lend your features character, and give you the vibe you want to go for: edgy, sweet, funky—it all depends on how you style it.

You can wear a pixie cut super short, long-ish, straight, or curly—you really have a lot of options. Here are different pixie haircuts that vary in length, texture, and style. You probably just need a little push, and we have a feeling these looks are about to give you one big shove!

1. Wavy and Tousled

Gorgeous pixie cuts: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with short dark hair smiling
Go for a textured pixie hairstyle to add oomph to a casual look.

Creating a textured pixie cut is one way for you to keep your short hair from looking flat. To style your hair this way, simply add soft waves using a small to medium rounded flat iron. Make sure not to create small curls to keep the look relaxed. Lightly ruffle for a messy-chic effect and seal with a hairspray.

Editor’s tip: Nail a textured look by spritzing TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Texture Hold Hairspray all over your hair. It gives your hair a light, invisible hold that’s humidity-resistant, so your hair won’t fall flat as you go about your day.

2. Slicked-Back Pixie

Asian woman with slicked-back pixie cut wearing a sleeveless top
Look neat and polished with a slicked-back pixie cut hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Want to keep hair off your face? Brush your pixie cut back and spritz hairspray to seal the look. It’s a sleek and smart look you can wear when working from home.

Editor’s tip: Keep your slicked-back hairstyle smooth and sleek for hours by spritzing TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Smooth Hold Hairspray. It gives your hair a light, invisible hold that keeps it in place all day.

3. Pixie Cut with Quiff

Asian woman with pixie cut with quiff wearing a sleeveless denim vest
On the edgy-chic end of the style spectrum? Style your hair this way! Credit: Hariono Halim

A quiff hairstyle is not just for men! You can definitely create one on your pixie cut if you’re in the mood for something edgy and somewhat boyish.

4. Pixie Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

Asian woman with a pixie cut wearing a gray cardigan
This hairstyle helps add volume to your ‘do. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Make your pixie cut look bouncy with side-swept bangs. This is also a great way to add balance to your face if you have a round face shape.

Editor’s tip: Nail a bouncy ‘do by washing your hair with Sunsilk Naturals Watermelon Freshness Shampoo. With watermelon and mint formula, this shampoo cleanses your hair and keeps it from getting limp and sticky. It leaves your hair fresh and volumized. 

5. Curly Pixie Cut

Asian woman with a curly pixie cut wearing a white blouse
Your curls shouldn’t stop you from getting a pixie cut. Credit: Hariono Halim

You can rock a pixie cut with curly hair! With the right cut and style, you can definitely pull it off. To make sure your curls behave, apply hair mousse then blow dry your hair. This will define your curls and keep them looking fab all day.

6. Wispy and Relaxed

Asian woman with short hair smiling
Keep it casual and chic. Credit: Shutterstock

For a chill, laidback vibe that’s easy to achieve, keep it simple. Just wash your hair and blow-dry with low heat while finger-combing your hair, and you’ll get this chic pixie hairstyle that’s perfect for working and for chilling out at home.

7. Wavy Pixie Cut

Asian woman with a pixie cut wearing a light brown jacket
A pixie cut works on naturally wavy hair, too. Credit: Marielle Capinianes from Pexels

The key to nailing this short hairstyle with wavy hair is to follow your hair’s natural movement. Don’t fight the waves—just work with them. Have your hairstylist follow where your hair naturally curves so the layers of your hair give you a flattering cut.

Editor’s tip: Wavy hair tends to be prone to frizz, especially when it’s humid. Keep frizz under control by washing your hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Shampoo. It has KERA10 Protein Complex that goes up to 10 layers deep into your hair. It gives your hair 10 salon benefits in one wash, including smoothness, softness, and shine. Maximize its benefits by following it up with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Serum Conditioner

8. Pixie Bob

Short sleek hair: Closeup shot of woman wearing a white blouse with short black hair
With a chic pixie bob, you’ll look fresh even on a scorching hot day Credit: Shutterstock

Don’t have the guts to go for a full-on pixie? Then opt for a long-ish one that almost looks like a bob. Then, give it a side part to make it look sleek and trendy.

9. Sleek and Side-Parted

Gorgeous pixie cuts: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with short dark brown hair smiling
You’ll never go wrong with a sleek pixie cut hairstyle. Credit: Hariono Halim

If you’re stumped with ideas on how to style your pixie cut, just go for this look. Simply brush your hair to one side, spritz hairspray, and you’re done. You can wear this as your day-to-night look, especially on a Friday when you have plans to hit the bars after work.

10. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Asian woman with short hair wearing a white top
An asymmetrical pixie bob highlights your gorgeous jawline and frames your face. Credit: Shutterstock

Want something different? Have one side of your hair longer than the other. Get short hair that tapers on your nape on one side. And on the other, have your hair cut as though it’s a chin-length bob. Style it either by straightening it with an iron or creating tousled waves using a curling wand.

Editor’s tip: Your hair will benefit from pampering with a hair mask, no matter the length. If you’re looking for one, try Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Straight Treatment Wrap. It has keratin relaxers to tame frizz, keratin serum to revive damaged hair, and keratin essence to restore shine to dull hair. 

11. Pixie Cut with Full Bangs

Asian woman with a pixie cut wearing sunglasses and printed pants
Rock a full fringe with your pixie cut. Credit: Gatot Adri from Pexels

You can wear a forehead-covering fringe along with your pixie cut, especially if you have a long face shape. Add textured tips to your bangs for a more natural look. You can also add highlights to give your hair more dimension.

12. Light Brown Pixie Cut

Asian woman with short light brown hair smiling
Get a pixie cut and a new hair color, because why not? Credit: Shutterstock

For a totally new look, get a new hair color along with a new haircut. This light brown hair color makes your pixie cut look fresh and trendy.

13. Chocolate Brown Highlights

Asian woman with short hair with brown highlights wearing a sleeveless top
This color works well as highlights on dark hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Chocolate brown can help add warmth to your face, and it’s also a great way to jazz up a pixie cut.

14. Peach Pixie Cut

Asian woman with peach pixie cut wearing a black top
This peach pixie cut is equal parts edgy and sweet. Credit: Shutterstock

Of course, if you want to experiment with a color you’ve never tried before, you’re free to do so. If you love pastels and light colors, try peach. It flatters morena skin, and it adds character to your short ‘do!

Editor’s tip: Bleached hair tends to get discolored over time, so use TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Shampoo to keep your hair from going brassy. It has purple formula that neutralizes brassy tones, so you get to enjoy your bleached hair colors for longer. It also has jojoba oil for moisture and shine. Pair it with TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Conditioner for best results. 

15. Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Woman with a pixie cut wearing a black dress
A few spritzes of hairspray can help your fringe stay in place. Credit: Wil Photography from Pexels

If your fringe has grown long (or if you deliberately cut it that way), comb it to the side so it doesn’t hit your eyes. Add textured tips as well for a more natural, layered look.

16. Pixie Cut with Deep Side Part

Asian woman with a pixie cut wearing a dark green blouse
Use a fine-tooth comb to smoothen out stray strands and make your hair look neat. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have thin hair, part your hair deeply on one side to create the illusion of having thicker locks. .

17. Pixie Cut with Clips

Woman with brown pixie cut with hair clips
Look chic and youthful with trendy hair clips on short hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Hair clips are super in, and for an excellent reason. They easily jazz up your hair no matter its length! Add some clips on your pixie cut when you feel extra girly. Meanwhile, slim gold clips can give you an elegant pixie hairstyle that’s perfect for parties.

18. Braided Pixie Hairstyle

milkmaid braid prom hairstyles for short hair
Milkmaid braid on short hair? A big yes! Credit: Raquel Brust

You can definitely braid short hai⁠r—bobs, lobs, even pixies! If you’re having a tough time braiding your hair, give your strands more grip by spritzing sea salt spray. This is also a good hairstyle to wear when you’re growing out your short hair.

19. Pixie Cut with Headband

Asian woman with short hair smiling
Accessorize a pixie cut with a fabric headband.

Another quick way to style your pixie haircut is by putting on a headband. You can go for those printed headscarves for a playful look, or you can wear a plain headband to complement a texturized hairstyle.

20. Short and Wavy Pixie

model is wearing super chandelier earrings that stand out with that haircut
Walk with your chin up and show off your pixie cut. Credit: indigitalimages.com

This particular style lets you wear your really short. But, mind you, the slight curls and waves give your hair much impact.

21. Comb Over

Asian woman with a pixie cut wearing a white polo
Wear this ‘do with your blazer to nail a corporate-chic look. Credit: Shutterstock

When you have a pixie cut with a short fringe, you can style it this way to look sophisticated. Comb your hair backwards or a little bit leaning to one side, then spritz hairspray all over your hair.

22. Two-Toned Pixie Cut

Woman with blue and pink short hair wearing a jacket
Love bold hair colors? Try this ‘do. Credit: Shutterstock

Feeling adventurous? Combine two bold hair colors like vibrant blue and pink. The result is a unique look that exudes a happy and energetic vibe.

Editor’s tip: Bleaching and coloring your hair can cause damage. To repair and protect your hair from damage, use Dove Keratin Repair 1 Minute Serum Conditioner. It has keratin-infused serum capsules that go deep into your strands to repair damage from within. It leaves your hair recovered, beautiful, and resilient. 

23. Blonde Pixie Cut

Asian woman with short blonde hair wearing a white blouse
With a gorgeous hair color on your pixie cut, you don’t need to do much to make your hair chic. Credit: Shutterstock

Consider going blonde if you want a total makeover. This hair color is also flattering for morenas, especially when you choose platinum blonde or ash blonde shades.

24. Purple Pixie Cut

Woman with short purple hair smiling
Look hip and edgy with an ashy purple pixie cut. Credit: Shutterstock

Add an edgy twist to your pixie cut by going for ashy purple hair. You can also try darker purple shades like plum or eggplant hues if you like.

25. Pixie Cut with Jagged Bangs

Woman with short hair wearing a black top posing in front of a graffiti
If you want a rock star look, try the jagged pixie cut. Credit: Shutterstock

Give your pixie cut an interesting shape by making the edges pointy and uneven. To nail this look, keep the front part of your pixie cut longer than the rest, give it a jagged cut, and sweep it to the side.

Now, you have all these reasons to get a pixie cut. Send us a selfie featuring your new pixie cut should you ever end up going for it, will you?

1. Your Face Shape

Your face shape is the first thing you should always consider when you’re going after a new haircut. While there are styles that are universally flattering, there are some that are harder to pull off. If you’re trying to get a pixie haircut cut for the first time, your first order of business should be identifying your face shape.

There are a lot of ways you can wear a pixie cut, and the key is to find a style that works for you and tailor the haircut to your face shape. If you have a round face shape, a pixie cut with long, side-swept bangs can help give you a more balanced face shape. If you have an oval face shape, you can style your pixie haircut slicked-back to showcase your well-proportioned facial features.

2. Your Hair Type and Texture

Just like with any other hair length, styling a pixie haircut can be tricky if you don’t have healthy hair to begin with. So, it’s important to follow a hair care routine that keeps your hair nourished and moisturized to control frizz, protect hair from dryness, and make your hair manageable.

When styling your pixie cut, work with your hair’s natural texture and movement. This will also guide your stylist on how to cut your hair so the layers, bangs (if any), and overall shape of your cut will be flattering for you.

3. Your Personality

The way you wear your hair reflects your personality, and it’s always best to get a haircut that’s you so you can wear it with confidence. You wouldn’t want to wake up the following day and cry with regret the moment you see yourself in the mirror. Getting a pixie haircut is a bold move, especially if you’ve had long locks all your life. But if you believe it suits your personal style, you won’t have a problem rocking this short-haired look.

4. Your Commitment to Regular Salon Trips

A pixie cut typically requires trimming every four to six weeks to keep it in  good shape. It’s also better to have the trimming done by a professional because it involves some layering. If not done right, you might end up with a haircut that has an awkward shape. So, if you don’t see yourself scheduling regular salon appointments, you may have to think twice about getting this cut.

5. Your Stylist

Do you have a stylist that you can trust? You need to get everything right if you are to pull off short hair. You’ll be putting your entire look in the hands of your stylist, so make sure that he or she knows you well and gets your style. It also helps to check salon reviews online so you’re able to go to one that has a pool of professional stylists who can give you an excellent cut.

6. Your Hairstyling Habits

While it’s true that short hair is easier to style than long hair, a pixie cut isn’t something you can simply let go. With the high levels of humidity in our country, your hair can easily get frizzy even if it’s short. This becomes more challenging if your hair is naturally curly or if you have coarse and frizzy hair. To keep your hair on point, you can style it by giving it a quick blow-dry and a few spritzes of hairspray.

You can also accessorize your pixie cut by wearing hair clips or a headband. Feel free to play around with different accessories until you get the look that you want.

7. Your Hair Color Preference

Coloring your hair is not always a must, but wearing a pixie cut can mean less expensive hair coloring sessions because the hair is, obviously, short. But with hair as short as a pixie cut, your roots growing may look more awkward that it would in longer hair, so you’ll need to go back to the salon more often for color touch-ups.

With this checklist, we hope we’re able to help you decide if a pixie cut is for you.

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