Bowl Cut for Women: 5 Ways to Wear This Short Haircut

Be bold and edgy and try the bowl cut for women! Check out this hair pegs.

When you think of short hairstyles for women, pixie cuts and bobs usually come to mind. But have ever considered getting a bowl cut? The traditional bowl cut, mostly worn by men, is a short haircut that features straight bangs at the front with the rest of the hair having the same length all the way around Imagine a literal bowl plopped upside down on the head and the rim of the bowl being used as a guide on how short the hair will be after cutting.

Now, it has evolved and has been given many different stylish updates. Here are some really chic options.

1. Textured Bowl Cut

Asian woman with a textured bowl cut wearing a sleeveless dress
A textured short hairstyle never fails to impress. Credit:

Keep your bowl cut from looking flat by scrunching it to give it texture. Then, give it a few spritzes of hairspray to make your tousled look last.

2. Asymmetrical

asymmetrical bowl cut
Asymmetrical bowl cut. Credit:

Here’s an interesting option that’s both chic and intense, so if you’re going for a bit of an edge, this will be right up your alley. This cut features bangs that are cut diagonally, giving your haircut a unique shape.

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3. Layered Bowl Cut

layered bowl cut
Layered bowl cut. Credit:

Layers keep your bowl cut from looking rigid and dated. Soft layers on the sides add a modern touch. They can also help add bounce when you blow-dry and brush the underside of your hair inwards.

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4. Bob-Inspired Bowl Cut

Woman with short hair wearing a scarf and black top
This haircut is a cross between a bowl cut and a bob. Credit: Michael Burrows from Pexels

If you’re not ready to go completely short, you can go for a long-short combination. This style features bangs that fall at eyebrow length and hair at the sides and back that’s just a little bit longer. Give it a slight scrunch for that messy-chic vibe.

5. Icy Blonde Hair

Woman with icy blonde short hair wearing a coat
The icy blonde hair color makes this haircut fierce and edgy. Credit:

Try this light, almost-white hair color on your bowl cut to make it even edgier. You’ll definitely be a head-turner with this ‘do.

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With these ideas, you now have pegs for when you want to try this haircut. Which style is your favorite?



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