Apple Cut Hair: 20 Modern Looks to Reinvent This Trend

Hairstyles come and go, but the apple cut hair is here to stay—again. Reinvent this trend with these modern looks that are easy to create!

The apple cut hair is a short haircut characterized by volume and bounce at the back. You can give it volume either by adding layers or going for a tapered look, where the back is cut shorter and made thicker.

If you were a kid in the ’90s, you probably had classmates sporting this ‘do. Or maybe you yourself had worn an apple haircut before. However, it is not just a thing of the past. In fact, apple cut hair is back in new shapes and forms, including textured ones, edgy styles, and short apple cut hair.

Now, before you completely dismiss the idea, check out these reinvented looks that may prompt you to get your own modern apple cut hairstyle in 2023.

20 Ways to Wear Apple Cut Hair

1. Tapered Cut

Apple cut hair: a woman smiling with her tapered apple cut
Rock an apple cut hair like your K-idols. Credit: Shutterstock

This modern take on the apple cut hair has also been on the rise with the K-wave craze. It’s a simple yet chic look that can make you a stunner whether you’re at work or on a romantic date.

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2. Apple Cut Hair With a Long Back

Asian woman with apple cut hair smiling
You can wear your apple haircut this way if you have naturally thick tresses. Credit: Shutterstock

This apple haircut is—in essence—a tapered cut, but the hair on the nape is longer. This makes the hair look thicker and would require more layers to achieve that tapered look. Nevertheless, the result is just as chic.

3. Apple Cut With Face-Framing Highlights

Asian woman with apple cut hair with blonde face-framing highlights
This hair color trend makes an apple haircut unique. Credit: Cottonbro from Pexels

Also called the money piece, face-framing highlights often feature a color that’s in contrast with the rest of your hair, making them pop. Add them to your apple cut hair to make it look edgy and trendy.

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4. Bouncy Apple Cut Hair

Apple Cut Hair: Asian woman with short hair smiling wearing a pink top
Nail the apple cut by making your hair bouncy. Credit: Harion Halim

Nail the apple cut look by adding volume to your bob. To do this, blow-dry your hair and brush the ends inwards using a roller brush. This will help create the shape of your hair. It’s also a good hair hack if you want to make thin hair look fuller.

5. Bouncy Apple Cut Hair With Bangs

Asian woman with short apple cut hair with bangs
Use a hair roller to give your fringe a good shape. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Looking for Korean short hair ideas? Try this apple cut hair ‘do. The bangs make this haircut look youthful. They also help add balance to a round face shape.

6. Medium-Length Wavy Apple Cut

Asian woman with wavy apple cut hair wearing a white blouse
An apple cut flatters naturally wavy hair. Credit: Shutterstock

It’s similar to the tapered cut but a bit longer. And because of the waves, this ‘do has more volume. If you have natural waves and you want an apple cut hair, take a cue from this look.

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7. Side Part Apple Cut Hair

Woman with side part apple cut hair wearing a pink top and sunglasses
A simple detail as a side part can give a modern level up. Credit:

A deep side part makes a big difference in your hairstyle. It can make your ‘do look more updated and fresh. You can also accessorize your apple cut hair with cute and charming clips! 

8. Sleek Center-Parted Apple Cut

Asian woman with short hair wearing a sleeveless top
Slay with sleek apple cut hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Look a bit more sophisticated with sleek apple cut hair. Straighten it using a flat iron, but when you get to the tips, iron them inwards to stay true to the apple cut shape. Then, spritz with a light hairspray to keep your hair frizz-free.

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9. Apple Cut Hair With Baby Braids

Asian woman with short hair braids
Layered bangs give this haircut personality. Credit: Shutterstock

Fond of braids? Create one on each side of your apple cut hair. You can even make this your go-to hairstyle for school, whether you’re attending classes in person or online.

10. Layered Apple Cut

Asian woman with short hair smiling and wearing a jacket
Finger-combing your hair while blow-drying can help define your layers. Credit: Shutterstock

The uneven ends of this layered ‘do give your hair an apple shape. To style this, dry your hair with a blow dryer while scrunching your hair to give it bounce and body. You can add even more dimension to your apple cut hair by getting highlights.

11. Curly Apple Cut

Asian woman with short curly hair wearing a beret
A beret adds character ands complements your apple cut hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Do you like short curly hair? Try the apple cut! Cut your kulot hair short and add some layers to get the apple shape. Then, style it with mousse or top it with a cute beret for a French-chic look.

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12. Apple Cut-Style Shag Haircut

Asian woman with apple cut shag haircut wearing a printed dress
A bedhead look goes well with this haircut. Credit:

Combine two hair trends in this haircut. With thinner layers near the tips of your hair and more volume on the top section, your hair looks full but light. Leave your layers scrunched and messy for that extra attitude.

13. Baby Bangs

Closeup shot of a woman with pixie apply cut hair with baby bangs wearing dangling earrings
Reinventing can easily start with baby bangs. Credit: indigitalimages

What’s more experimental and modern than baby bangs? Pair it with short apple cut hair and you’ve got a new look that spells Parisian, artsy, and chic all at the same time.

14. Bowl Cut

Asian woman with short hair wearing a plain dress
Try this edgy haircut on your next makeover. Credit:

This look playfully blends the apple cut hair with a bowl hairdo, and it’s definitely worth trying! You can wear it sleek and straight, or you can add texture by scrunching and finger-styling your hair to create a chic, wispy look.

15. Apple Cut-style Pixie Hair

Asian woman with a pixie cut
Maintain the shape of your pixie cut with regular trims. Credit: Hariono Halim

A lot of pixie haircuts are worn with volume concentrated on your crown, giving you an apple-shaped haircut. Play up the volume with a textured pixie cut hairstyle and seal the look with your favorite hairspray. This ‘do is also a good option if you’re fond of short apple cut hair.

16. Bob with Blunt Bangs

Asian woman with a short blunt apple cut with bangs
Nail this look with sleek and straight hair. Credit: All Things Hair

If you’re fond of blunt haircuts, try this variation of the apple cut. It still tapers at the back, but the sides have straight and blunt tips. Then, add blunt bangs to give your face a nice frame.

17. Apple Cut-Style Medium Bob

apple cut hair: model is looking down while her head is at an angle
A lob can carry the shape of an apple cut. Credit: Shutterstock

If you are not comfortable yet with a short apple cut hair, then you can most definitely go for a medium bob. Just ask your stylist to make your hair’s tips uneven keep the back bouncy and voluminous to create the apple cut hair.

18. Tousled Haircut

Asian woman with tousled apple cut hair wearing a sweater
Wear your hair like this when relaxing at home. Credit: Shutterstock

When you scrunch or mess up a medium apple cut a bit, you’ll get this look. It’s great for days when you want a no-fuss hairstyle. You can also go for this ‘do when you have wavy hair, as the scrunched sections will follow your hair’s natural movement.

19. Messy Apple Cut

model has messy hair but still looks great
The messy style on apple cut hair looks gorgeous. Credit: Shutterstock

Most people think that the apple cut is always worn in a clean and fixed way. On the contrary, you can go messy with it too! Use a texturizing spray and just scrunch your hair to make it messy. This way, you’re also dealing with the flyaway because they won’t look obvious anymore. It’s a great hairstyle to wear, especially on bad hair days!

20. Asymmetrical Haircut

Asian woman with an asymmetrical apple cut hair
Set a new trend with this asymmetrical haircut. Credit: Shutterstock

This ‘do features an A-line bob on one side and an apple cut on the other. Get this haircut, and you’ll definitely stand out.

Hairstyles of the past are yours to reinvent to help you set new trends. Feel free to experiment and update these hairstyles like these modern takes on apple cut hair.