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Retro Hairstyles That Are Making A Comeback in 2023

These vintage crowning glories are making a comeback, and will take you from day to night.

Looking back at the old photos of our mothers, aunts, and even stars that reigned during their time, one wonders how they had all the time and energy to look that good from top down. But the secret to their gorgeous style was really their retro hairstyles!

Every era had its fair share of retro hairstyles to offer. In the Roaring 20s, long locks became outdated as shorter bobs came into fashion, and then curls took the spotlight during the 30s and 40s, until finding themselves back on the ends of bobs during the mod 60s. The 70s and 80s took volume to a whole new level while the 90s went 180 degrees and featured straight hair that went hand in hand with the grunge subculture.

Nowadays, trends are circling faster than they would have so the only sensible thing is to embrace them and choose from a roster of retro hairstyles to complement your mood and look for the day, because these vintage ‘dos are making a huge comeback.

Retro hairstyles to try today

1. Straight Bob with Bangs

Asian woman with straight bob and bangs
A bob throws some serious vintage vibes. Credit: Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

The 1920s retro hairstyles became iconic for the shockingly short hair that succeeded its 19th century counterparts. A straight bob with bangs and tapered backs made its way into the silent film era while flapper girls added a feminine touch with finger waves despite the short length. Retro hairstyles like bobs make a sleek corporate look that can be accentuated with bejeweled headpieces (or cute bobby pin hairstyles!) for some nighttime wanderings.

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2. Curly Pixie with Wavy Bangs

Asian woman with pixie retro hairstyle
We love this pixie cut version of the blunt bob + blunt bangs hairstyle. Credit: Miggy Rivera from Pexels

Here’s a hairstyle straight from the classic, nostalgic eras of our past. It’s a laid-back look that presents a lively mess of curls and bangs. Exuding that retro vibe, this look expresses your colorful character and connects you with a simpler, classic time in fashion history.

3. Elegant Retro Waves

Curly-haired Asian woman with floral dress and yellow bag
Waves are perfect for those going for a feminine retro look. Credit: Haoi Nguyan from Pexels

Waves display a more effeminate side to a woman’s style, with curls giving a softer quality to the face. The wavy retro hairstyle is your one-way ticket to transforming into a dazzling Hepburn-esque beauty.

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4. Mod Pageboy Cut

Fashionable Asian woman with red lips and vintage hair
Mod hair is always in fashion. Credit: Michael Burrows from Pexels

Twiggy sparked a whole new wave of short-haired chicks in the 60s while Goldie Hawn traded her golden locks for a pageboy cut that actually suited her really well. Try a new look with much shorter hair that exudes a more modern vibe. And don’t be shy to try variations—from slick back looks to a layered bob.

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5. Layered Hair with Bangs

Asian woman with bangs and layered locks
The fringe is a darling of both the past and the present. Credit: Cottonbro Studios from Pexels

If curls aren’t your thing or seem too tasking for a quick hairdo for the day, try a fringe. This retro hairstyle look great with straight hair and equally lengthy bangs.

6. Fringe with Bandana

Asian woman with dangling earrings and bandana
Take a note from the fabulous past. Credit: Arman from Pexels

Yes, the fringe has been making a massive comeback, adding just the right amount of character to your retro hairstyle. It can also be easily transformed from vintage to modern, depending on how you style it.

7. Mullet

Asian woman with mullet retro hairstyle
Business in the front, party in the back. Credit: Elena Rubtsova from Pexels

The mullet is back, and it’s perfect for those who love to mix and mingle the conventional with the bold. Embracing this retro hairstyle adds a dash of rebellious chic to your look.

8. High Ponytail

Asian woman with high ponytail retro hairstyle
The high ponytail never goes out of style. Credit: Athena from Pexels

Surprisingly easy to pull together, yet striking enough to turn heads, the high ponytail is the 60’s ‘flair done right for the busy lady of today. Grab your hairspray and teasing combs; it’s time to give this show-stopper pony a go and feel that instant vintage aura!

9. Long Hair with Headband

Asian woman with hoop earrings and headband
Sprinkle a dash of retro brilliance to your hairstyle game. Credit: Maria Orlova from Pexels

Let’s take a stylish leap back in time with the en vogue retro hairstyle; offering a wink to the whimsical 70’s. It’s the ultimate choice for those carefree days when you want that perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. So, gather your favorite headbands – it’s time to flirt with the retro vibe and channel your inner Farrah Fawcett.

10. Curly Retro Hairstyle

Credit: Cottonbro Studio from Pexels

Embrace the charm of curls glamorously styled in a vintage fashion. Curls are bursting with volume, texture, and personality, the curly hair is suited for the modern-day fashionista.


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Remember, style is all about being you and having fun, so go ahead and experiment! Enjoy the journey of finding the perfect retro hairstyle that resonates with your authentic self.