Renaissance hairstyles you can don for any occasion

Feel like a queen for the day with the opulence of the Renaissance. Get creative with Renaissance hairstyles for any look, whether it’s a corporate ensemble or a romantic date.

The Renaissance was all about opulence – from the way they dressed to the way they cared for their hair. As dress styles grew in complexity, so did the decorative factor of the Renaissance hairstyles. Braids and ribbons were incorporated into their everyday hairstyles. This was also the era that women became more conscious of the color, texture, and even scent of their hair. Organic dyes and bleaching the hair became trendy, and so was using their own blends of herbs and floral scents as a fragrant conditioner to keep the hair soft.

model with braided hair updo
Braids never fail to exude that romantic vibe. Credit: Shutterstock

Don your own Renaissance ‘do by going back to the basics – proper hair care. Be sure to keep those locks silky and smooth with a good conditioner that will keep your hair smelling like a forest fairy all day. Experiment with blonde dyes as those were the “in” hair types back then, then braided to cover every inch of the scalp. Go for a more modern look that still romanticizes the period’s hairstyles with voluminous waves and long braids.

Renaissance hairstyles and hair trends

All braids, no bangs

Bangs were not in fashion during the Renaissance. In fact, Renaissance hairstyles featured clear foreheads, without any hair muddling the face.

You can use goddess braids as details for a romantic updo. Credit: indigitalimages
braid for short hair french braid style on model
Tight french braid for short hair. Credit:

Editor’s Tip: Shampoo was important then, as it is now. But natural conditioners played a big role in day-to-day hair care during the Renaissance. In modern times, thankfully there’s TRESemmé Detox & Nourish Shampoo and TRESemmé Detox & Nourish Conditioner with natural ingredients to cleanse and replenish nutrients in the hair. 

how to style bangs with braids renaissance hairstyles
How to style bangs? Braid it. Credit:

Instead of covering every inch of your scalp with braids, opt for one thick braid on each side, parting your hairline in the middle or combing it back for a clean yet very feminine and soft daytime look.


hairstyles for long straight hair, girl with headband braid
Hairstyles for long straight hair: headband braid. Credits: Raquel Brust

Go blonde

Blonde hair was very much in fashion during the Renaissance and most women bleached their hair naturally to enhance its golden tones.

model with ashy brown hair with dark blonde highlights
Dark blonde highlights on ashy brown hair. Credit:
shades of blonde: ash blonde
Ash blonde is one of the most versatile shades of blonde. Credit: iStock

If you do bleach your hair, try dyeing your locks with warmer golden tones to add the illusion of volume and well, nobility.

honey blonde hair colors for morena girls
Blonde hair color for morena girls: honey blonde
shades of blonde: strawberry blonde
Strawberry blonde is a great shade for those with pale skin. Credit: iStock

Keeping hair in place

The Renaissance found large foreheads rather fashionable so most noblewomen would pluck their hairlines just to attain that look. Fortunately, our modern sensibilities no longer require that! How about an elegant updo instead?

renaissance hairstyles
Doesn’t this just scream elegance? Credit: Shutterstock

Use a minimalist headband to keep all your hair in place. Add a Renaissance flair by coiling or braiding your locks at the back of your head.

A creative hairstyle for prom featuring a flower braid can also be in renaissance hairstyles
Two braid hairstyles in one prom updo. Credit: Shutterstock
headband cute hairstyles for long har
Say it with a headband a la Blair Waldorf. Credit:
chrstimas party hairstyles pixie waves greek hairstyles
Adorn your waves with a pretty headband. Credit: Raquel Brust

Keeping your bun in place

Renaissance hairstyles included snoods or cauls which were practically glorified hairnets decorated with semi-precious stones. While the hairdos of the era kept their long coils and braids rolled in place with one of these, a more contemporary alternative for your everyday look can be keeping a loose bun intact with a crocheted version for a rustic yet wearable hairstyle.

blonde girl getting ready for prom
Weave your hair into loose layers and put them in a low bun. Credit: Shutterstock
everyday hairstyles for work messy top knot
Office hair look: Slightly messy top knot.

Editor’s Tip: Updos and buns can stay in place with just a few spritzes of TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray, which is weather-resistant and hardworking hairspray that is sure to keep its hold.

girl with top knot hairstyle for long hair
Whether you go for a polished look or a tousled, messy bun, you won’t go wrong with this hairstyle.