We’re in love with these burgundy hair color shades

All Things Hair Team | 26 August 2018

Ready for burgundy hair color? We’re eyeing red for our next hair color makeover!

If you’ve been dying to go red but you’re having a hard time picking a shade that won’t make you look like your hair’s on fire from afar, you might want to consider a beautiful burgundy hair color. This reddish-brown hue, which is pretty much the color of wine, can be adjusted to flatter nearly every complexion. It’s also fun and fiery and a total standout–it can definitely perk up your everyday look.

To give a little push (might just be what you need to finally make that appointment with a colorist), we put together an inspirational gallery of gorgeous burgundy hair colors you can try. Who knows? Maybe this red-head makeover is just the perfect fashion accent you need.

Burgundy hair color ideas: Gorgeous shades to try

burgundy hair color red velvet
Red velvet burgundy hair

Red velvet

This burgundy red hair shade makes your hair look like a scrumptious dessert. Women of all ages can rock this color, as well. Tie your hair up in a normal or fishtail braid to accentuate the highlights and shadows of your hair.

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burgundy hair color wine
Dark red hair. Credit: indigitalimages.com


This deep burgundy hair color is also perfect for ladies who have a fair complexion as the richness of the dark red color is in perfect contrast to their skin tone.

vivid burgundy hair color
Vivid red hair. Credit: iStock.

Vivid burgundy

This fun and youthful color is perfect for those who want to showcase their fun, creative spirit. it’s bright, pastel-hued, and eye-catching.


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burgundy hair color mulberry
Mulberry red. Credit: iStock

Dark mulberry

This color is a combination of mulberry and black. The dark color acts like a shadow to the light which creates an illusion of depth and movement to the hair.

burgundy hair color deep orange red
Orange toned burgundy. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Deep orange-red

This dark burgundy hair color is a nudge away from brown-toned red. It’s subtle and sophisticated, and perfectly matches the lifestyle of a strong and independent woman.


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The fact that this color is named after our drink of choice already makes it a winner. But with all these beautiful burgundy hair color ideas, the shade has just gotten more awesome!

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