Prom Hair Ideas That Look Great on Everyone

Make your prom memorable by showing up with an unforgettable prom hair.

it’s prom season, and we can’t get enough of gorgeous prom hairstyles. If you haven’t decided on yours yet, this list is for you. We’ve rounded up prom hair ideas that look great on almost hair types. Ready? Take your pick from these prom hairstyles.

10 Prom Hair Ideas That are Perfect for You

1. Glamorous Waves

Girl is wearing a purple dress and her prom hair is put down in glamorous waves
Skip the updo and go for a low ‘do with glam waves. Credit: Shutterstock

Keep your hair down in big and loose curls and you’ll surely be turning heads to your direction. With a nice volume, your hair can complement a strapless gown beautifully. No need for hair accessories. Just let the waves do the talking.

Editor’s tip: Make sure your waves are huge and loose by using a curling wand. But protect your tresses from the heat by spritzing VO5 Heat Protect Spray to keep it from getting dry and brittle.

2. Greek Goddess

Girl has curly hair that she lets loose and accentuates it with a stringy and pearly headband for the Greek goddess look
Curls looks gorgeous with this hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

The new trend today is to just keep a low ‘do because it is unique and more casual. It doesn’t look too exaggerated either. So, for this hairstyle, you can just add a stringy headband and your Greek goddess look is complete. You can also make huge loose waves with a large-barreled curling wand.

3. Low Rolled Bun with Metallic Clips

Girl's back is facing the camera to reveal her prom hair that is accentuated with a metallic clip
Look simple yet stylish with this hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

This is one of our favorites and we just love how it looks so simple yet so elegant. It’s more unique compared to a regular low bun because of the rolled hair. But what adds to its beauty is the metallic clip. You can go for butterflies or flowers; either way, it’s gonna be beautiful!

4. Low Side Ponytail with Flower

Asian girl is half-facing sideways to show the flower on her prom hair
Show your nature-lover side with a flower on your ponytail. Credit: Shutterstock

Who says you cannot wear a flower for your prom hair? You just have to choose one big flower that complements your prom dress and you’re good to go. Add curls to your ponytail for that added oomph,

Editor’s tip: Add volume to your curly ponytail with a little bit of VO5 Extra Body Mousse. It plumps it up, giving your hair a nice full finish.

5. Top Bun

Model is looking back at the camera with her prom hair and is wearing a beige lacy dress
The top bun is so versatile, you can wear it anywhere! Credit: Shutterstock

You’ll never go wrong with a top bun. It is a classic look that will definitely make you stand out. But a nice variation to this would be a slightly loose top bun so your prom hair gets more volume. Leave some loose strands to frame your face for that sweet and dainty look.

6. Vintage Updo with Side Bangs

Model wears dark eye make up and wears a vintage-style prom hair
Be a classic beauty with a bouffant hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Stand out in this vintage hairstyle by adding a bouffant element to your updo. Style it with side bangs to complete that vintage sophistication.

Editor’s tip: Keep your prom hair in shape by spraying it with VO5 Extra Hold Hairspray. Dance the night away and never have to worry about your hair getting messed up. Just enjoy!

7. Wavy Side Swept Hair

Model is wearing dangling earrings which is emphasized by her side-swept prom hair
Sport a side-swept down ‘do to show off statement earrings. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have thin hair, a side-swept wavy hairstyle is perfect for you because this hairstyle gives your hair more volume. The big waves also make you look elegant and glamorous on your special night.

8. Wavy Hair with a Gold Crown

Girl wearing a pink tube dress has her fingers pointing at her golden crown
Be your own kind of queen. Credit: Shutterstock

Traditionally, prom affairs have a prom court, right? But you don’t need to be named prom queen or princess to wear a crown. Surprise them all with a unique crown that’s cute and unconventional.

9. Low Rolled Bun with Flowers

Model's back is facing the camera to show her prom hair that is accentuated with flowers
Look stunning even with just flowers on your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Fresh flowers are always a great hair accessory for whatever occasion, including prom. Make your prom hair stand out by putting some fresh flowers on your low rolled bun. The look will definitely make you look elegant without much effort.

10. Messy Braids and Twists

Model's back is turned to reveal her unique prom hair
Be as stylish as you can be with your prom hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Do you want to look extra stylish? Combine two classic styles—braids and twists—and you’ll definitely have everyone loving your prom hair! This is especially nice if your hair is really long, even if it is straight!

So, are you now ready for prom night? Try out these hairstyles and feel like a queen!