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Greek Hairstyles: Stand out like a goddess at Prom Night

We've got some Greek goddess-inspired hairstyles to make prom night a mythically romantic affair!

Greek goddess-inspired hairstyles are an effortless way to standout at special occasions like prom night. Whether you’re gunning to pay homage to Aphrodite or Athena, or just a regal ‘do that is a safe but glamorous choice for prom, we have good news: Greek goddess-inspired hairstyles are making a comeback in a low-key way that you can bring to the spotlight for the affair!

Because if you can look like a legend for prom, why not take it literally and tweak it to your own contemporary sensibilities? Greek goddess-inspired hairstyles may seem a bit flamboyant for prom night but with a bit of modern influences to these classic ‘dos, they become a very classy hairstyle that will complement any prom dress. You have nothing to lose, and it’ll be worth it when you end up wowing your barkada.

Greek goddess-inspired hairstyles to make you stand out at Prom Night

1. Beach waves like Aphrodite

achieve the perfect beachy waves and greek hairstyles with sea salt spray
Look as if you’ve been swimming in the ocean all day, even when you’re on dry land with beautiful beachy waves. Credit:

Picture Aphrodite, the goddess of Love, whom mythology said was born out of sea foam and waves. Imagine a subdued version of her updo with these beachy waves. A modern version of a Greek hairstyle, beach waves are all about adding texture to your look. It requires minimal effort with the right hair styling products. Our recommendation? TONI&GUY’s Sea Salt Texturising Spray, which you can spritz unto your hair for a laidback look that’s all about being effortless and carefree.

2. Bouffant like Athena

greek hairstyles christmas party hairstyles - beehive hair
Aim for height! Credit:

If you’re looking to seriously stand out during prom, or even any formal event, a neat bouffant with a polished poof at the front will spell out all the difference. We’re pretty sure that Athena, the goddess of war, could be up in arms with this Greek hairstyle and still look fabulous like the boss that she is.


Editor’s Tip: Go tall, but light. With a little tease to the bouffant at the front, hold the volume of the look with TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray. The strength of this hair styling product matches the fierceness of this Greek hairstyle.

3. Side braids like Artemis

messy side braid hairstyles romantic greek hairstyles
Loose & deep side parted. Credit:

While side braids are can be very feminine and classy, they’re also great for sporty looks. The goddess of the hunt, Artemis, might have used this Greek hairstyle during long afternoons spent outdoors. The braids not only add character to a simple hairstyle, but it also adds layers of romance to a functional way to keep your hair in place.

Editor’s Tip: After neatly weaving your hair, loosen the hairstyle by pulling at the braid strands then spritzing TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray. This will give the side braid a more casual but still put-together look.

4. Top bun like Hera

blonde with top knot hair
Sleek top-knot party hairstyle. Credit: Raquel Brust

The top bun is proof that women aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, just their hair! We’re pretty sure that the original feminist — the goddess Hera — had to multitask all the things that she ruled over while still looking the part of Olympian royalty, and the top-knot hairstyle was her daily go-to updo. This Greek hairstyle puts a lot of focus on your face, makeup, and dress so you can show off an elegant hair to toe look.

Don’t want to go to the salon? With a little bit of practice before prom, you could do your own hair. Check out this step-by-step guide to getting pageant hair.

5. Flower braid like Persephone

The half-up half-down flower braid bun hairstyle greek hairstyle like persephone
The half-up half-down flower braid bun. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Persephone, the goddess of the underworld, is actually celebrated during spring. She was abducted by Hades and stays in the dark during winter, but her return signifies harvest and growth. Wear your hair with a dainty flower braid to emulate this well-loved goddess!

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