Hairstyle for Prom: Gorgeous Updos for Filipinas

Prom updos aren't just an elegant way to put up your hair. Especially for Filipinas, they can keep things cool and fresh so you can enjoy the night and show off the details of your dress!

Prom updos are a natural choice for Filipinas attending this anticipated high school event. Why? Let’s face it, Filipinas don’t only need to find the perfect dress (that follows the school dress code), the right kind of makeup (that would stay intact after all the dancing), let alone a date (that their parents will approve of), they need to think about the literal heat of the night in the entire outfit. That’s why prom updos for Filipinas are an ideal hairstyle for this affair!

Here’s our round-up of great options for your hairstyle for prom to inspire you. We’ve chosen some unique hairstyles that combine classic ones with details that give volume, exude elegance, and show your fun side for a night you won’t forget!

Hairstyle for Prom: The Best Updos to Try

1. Side Braid Bun

Asian woman with a side braid bun hairstyle for prom
Got thick hair? You’ll have no problem nailing this braided bun hairstyle. Credit: Hariono Halim

The side braid bun is a fresher take on the usual hairstyle. It’s charming and elegant, especially when you complement it with a dazzling smile. You can even wear dangling earrings to make your look prom-ready.

Editor’s tip: Make your side braid bun stay in place all night by spritzing VO5 Firm Hold Hairspray after styling. This hairspray gives your hair a firm hold so you can nail any hairstyle you want. It also doesn’t leave a sticky residue so you can easily brush it out when the night is over.

2. Top Bun with Braid

Asian woman wearing a yellow dress with hair in a top bun hairstyle for prom
Braids and buns work well together for elegant hairstyles. Credit: Natasha Estelle

A top bun with braid gives you a pageant-like and regal vibe. The braid is a welcome addition to the usual bun and also adds a bit of texture to your ‘do.

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Editor’s tip: Make sure your long hair is nourished and strong so it won’t get damaged by all the hairstyling that you’re going to do. Use Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo regularly. It has Biotin that helps fortify your strands and make your hair stronger as it grows. 

3. Waves in a Bun

rear view of prom updos with elegant woman with amazing hair bun, hairstyle background.
Remember to have fun at your prom! Credit: Shutterstock

Complement the flora of your corsage with this intricate bun made of waves. Trying to figure out how to create this hairstyle? It’s simple. Pull your hair back into a ponytail. Then, create big, loose curls on your hair. Wrap portions of them up in hair nets that match your hair color, then finish with hairspray to seal the look.

Editor’s Tip: Before you style your hair, apply VO5 Big Volume Mousse on your tresses first to add body and volume. This way, you’ll get fuller-looking and defined curls later on.

4. French Twist

Asian woman with a French twist wearing a white dress
Look tres chic with a classic French twist. Credit: Hariono Halim

This classic updo never fails to impress. Put your hair in a French twist to look effortlessly elegant and exude Parisian sophistication.

5. Messy Low Bun

woman with messy low bun for romantic prom updo
A messy low bun makes for a romantic and charming hairstyle for prom. Credit: iStock

Nothing beats this hairstyle for prom, that’s for sure. It keeps your hair away from your face but allows a few strands to add texture and romance to the look.

6. Messy High Bun

young girl with messy top bun prom updos
Remember to have fun at your prom! Credit: Shutterstock

The quintessential chick flick hairstyle for prom, the messy high bun is a hairstyle for prom that doesn’t go out of style.

7. Braided Bun

Woman's braid hairstyle getting ready for prom wearing kimono
Braid across the back for a young and fun prom updo. Credit: iStock

Because you can never go wrong with braids, try this fun braided bun. It’s one of the stylish braided hairstyles you can wear at prom!

8. Deep Side Part Crown Braid

model with braided hair updo
Take your updo to the next level with this prom hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Part fringe braid, part crown braid, this prom updo will make you look like a Greek goddess.

9. Crown Flower Braid

A creative hairstyle for prom updos featuring a flower braid
Put two braided hairstyles into one look because, why not? Credit: Shutterstock

Two braid hairstyles in one prom updo. What’s not to love?

10. High Donut Bun

High Donut Bun Hairstyle.
Doesn’t this just scream elegance? Credit: Shutterstock

Learning how to perfect the bun hairstyle with a hair donut will come in handy, such as whenever you want to pull off this sophisticated look.

11. Angular beehive

Ukranian female model with prom updo hairstyle posing at historical building in lviv ukraine
High volume, light feel. Credit: iStock

Modernize the beehive hairstyle by angling it towards the back to create depth and volume.

12. Low Side Bun with Accessories

girl with a nice hairstyle for prom is smiling
Look pretty with accents on your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Putting your hair on a low bun to one side will definitely update your hairstyle. Don’t pull your back too much and leave your hair near your face a bit loose for a more gentle look.

13. Bun With a Tiara

girl is wearing a tiara on her hairstyle for prom
Look like the fairy tale princess with a tiara. Credit: Shutterstock

Make your princess dreams come to life by wearing a tiara to complete your hairstyle for prom. You can decide on the size of your tiara but just make sure it doesn’t overpower your hairstyle. Of course, you can also make it a bit messy with loose strands or tightly pulled up, depending on how you want to wear it.

14. Bow-style Updo

Hairstyle for prom: Asian woman with a bow style updo wearing a jacket
No need for ribbons when you can turn your hair into a cute bow! Credit: Natasha Estelle

Want to look unique and stand out from the crowd? Be different by wearing this hairstyle to prom–the big top bow bun. It’s sleek, cute, and outgoing that’s surely going to change the mood of the night into a light and bubbly one.

Editor’s tip: Keep your bow in place by using bobby pins and spraying a generous amount of TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray so you can enjoy the night without worrying about your hairstyle.

15. Low Bun with Pearl Clips

girl is looking out the window in her nice hairstyle for prom
Pearl clips can jazz up a prom hairstyle, too. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Don’t let your short hair get in the way of having a fab hairstyle for prom. This bun hairstyle with pearly clips is suitable for even for medium bobs and lobs. The pearl clips are elegant and versatile accessories; you can wear them on your prom or on any special event.

Prom is a big night and you need all the hair inspiration that you can get. We hope you’re ready for your prom now!