Pink and flirty: All the pretty pink hair shades for you to try

Welcome the love month with a flirty pink hair shade. Here are a couple of ideas you’re sure to fall in love with.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, a lot of us ladies are on the lookout for romantic looks perfect for date night. We’ve got a lot of those coming up this month, but for pre-Valentines hairspiration, we thought we’d start with something fun and flirty. And what could be more fun and flirty than the color pink? If you’re game to shake things up a bit, go ahead and give pink hair a try! We’ve got the prettiest shades below so keep reading to find your perfect match!

Pretty in pink hair: Gorgeous shades you’ll fall in love with

champagne pink hair
Champagne pink hair.

1. Champagne pink

Think of it as the grown-up, sophisticated version of pastel pink hair. It’s the perfect shade of pink if you want to try a bright hair color without going too crazy.

Editor’s tip: A light hair color like this would require you to bleach your hair (we’re assuming you’re a beautiful brunette, but if you’re already blonde, then yay! You’ve got half the job done!) and bleaching is famous for damaging your hair in so many ways. Should you actually end up going for this look, restore your hair’s health by washing it with TRESemmé Platinum Strength Shampoo and TRESemmé Platinum Strength Conditioner. This salon-quality system repairs up to two years’ worth of damage in just five uses by helping reinforce your hair’s natural protective barrier. This pair also restores hair and protects it against future damage.

Rose gold hair color. Credit:

2. Rose gold

Here’s another sophisticated shade that steals the show without being too out there. Remember when our social media feeds were flooded by images of rose gold hair? Women were obsessed with this pink hair color and we were never really surprised. It’s just gorgeous! Now, is it possible for brunettes like us to get this shade! Of course! Find out everything you need to know to get this look.

Editor’s Tip: Treat your bleached hair to a weekly deep conditioning routine to bring back moisture to your strands and help repair the damage caused by all that coloring. For a really intense treatment, we recommend TONI&GUY Damage Repair Mask. Its advanced formula cushions the hair cuticle and replenishes lost moisture, providing your tresses with hydrated shine and enhanced softness. To use, smooth onto wet hair, leave for 3-5 minutes to allow the formula to penetrate deep into the hair fibre, and rinse thoroughly.

Fuchsia pink hair
Fuchshia pink hair

3. Fuchsia

Isn’t this shade gorgeous? It’s a bit darker and bolder than champagne or rose gold, and not exactly subtle, but if you’re brave enough for quite an intense makeover, fuchsia pink hair is a stunning choice. One way to take this shade to the next level is by wearing it ombre style–darker at the top and going brighter at the ends.

dip dye pink hair
Pink dip dye hair. Credit:

4. Pink rainbow

Now this, this is a funky look that is probably not for everyone. You know the rainbow trend? Take it closer to the pink/red end of the color spectrum and this is what you’ll get. It’s super trendy and fun and playful, and definitely makes a fashion statement that’s be hard to miss!

Use Valentines and every day as an excuse and show off a new pretty pink hair!

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