Valentine hairstyles: Pretty half updos to try

All Things Hair Team | 24 January 2019

Ready for V-day? Glam up with these chic but easy Valentine hairstyles. 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you made plans already? Are you staying in or going out on a fancy, romantic date? Whatever your plans are, make sure you look your best. If you have long or medium hair, nail a dainty and romantic look by going for a half updo. Check out these Valentine hairstyles that you can try.

Make these half updos your Valentine hairstyles

Valentine hairstyles: Back shot of an Asian woman with long black hair in half up hairstyle and wearing a red dress
Just twist sections of your hair, pin them, and you’re all set!

1. Half up criss cross

Jazz up your long, straight hair by going for this ‘do. To create the half up criss cross hairstyle, you just need to twist sections of your hair and pin them on your crown. That’s it! It’s easy to do and won’t take up too much of your time, so you don’t need to spend hours getting ready.

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Valentine hairstyles: Back shot of an Asian woman with long black hair in half updo wearing a white blouse
You can wear this ‘do both on a casual date and fancy one.

2. Twisted ponytail half updo

Tweak your usual half ponytail and upgrade it to a twisted ponytail half updo. You simple tie a small section of your hair with an elastic and wrap a couple of sections around it. Like the half up criss cross, creating this ‘do only takes five to ten minutes. You won’t get stressed getting your hair done for your Valentine’s date.

Valentine hairstyles: Asian woman with dark hair in half up braid wearing a dress and having a picnic
You can make your half up braid a little loose for a more relaxed look.

3. Half up half down with braid

Love braids? Put the upper half of your hair in one, while letting the rest cascade down your back. The half up half down with braid is perfect when your Valentine’s date involves a quaint lunch at a garden restaurant or a fun picnic in your own yard. Pair this hairstyle with your favorite flowy dress to complete the dainty, feminine look.

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Valentine hairstyles: Asian woman wearing a peach dress with shoulder length hair in a half updo standing against a leafy gate
Put a crown on your crowning glory. Try the twisted crown braid.

4. Twisted crown braid

If you have a lob or shoulder length hair, try the twisted crown braid. It’s similar to the twisted ponytail half updo; the twisted section is just bigger, making it resemble a crown. Add texture to the rest of your hair by creating beach waves. Doing so will amp up the romantic look as well.

Valentine hairstyles: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with long black hair in waterfall braid wearing a white dress outdoors
A waterfall braid hairstyle combines the chic and the elegant, letting you exude a confident vibe.

5. Waterfall braid

Are you up for a bit of a challenge? Put your hair in a waterfall braid on Valentine’s day. It’s a bit more challenging than other half updos, but the effort is worth it. Imagine yourself weaving a mat—the process of creating a waterfall braid is similar. The result is a chic and elegant hairstyle that will surely make your beau fix his eyes on you.

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Learn how to create a waterfall braid by watching this tutorial.

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Now, you’re ready for V-day with these Valentine hairstyles. We’re sure you’ll look fabulous, whether you’re going out with your beau, your girl friends, or having a date with yourself (because self-love and self-care, right?). Bookmark this page for more hair ideas, so you’ll always look your best no matter the occasion.

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