Goth hairstyles to try for Halloween

Running out of Halloween hair ideas? Let these goth hairstyles save the day (or the night rather).

It’s that time of the year again when you can play around with costumes and no one will judge you. It’s Halloween! You may be too old young no more to go trick-or-treating, but you can definitely dress up for a Halloween party. Have you decided on a look yet? Why don’t you go goth this year, and match it with mind-blowing but easy to make goth hairstyles?

Originally, goths are one of the Germanic peoples who invaded the Roman empire and were key in establishing Medieval Europe. Over time, the meaning of the word “goth” has evolved. It describes a type of rock music that is typically characterized by dark lyrics. In fashion, the term “goth” brings to mind black clothing and dark makeup that create a mysterious overall look. If you’re thinking of wearing this look to your Halloween party, nail it by picking from one of these goth hairstyles.

Have an edgy Halloween with goth hairstyles

Goth hairstyles: Woman wearing long-sleeved black dress with long messy brown hair and big hairpiece in an outdoor location with dried grass
As they say, “Messy hair, don’t care!” Credit: Shutterstock

1. Messy goth hair

Having a hard time styling your hair? Make it messy! To nail this look, just flip your hair and spritz hairspray on the roots to add volume and texture. Then, with a tail comb, tease your hair. Making your hair big is key in this hairstyle. When you’ve achieved the volume you want, finish your ‘do with a chunky headpiece. Complement your hair with smokey eyes and dark outfit, and you’re Halloween ready.

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Goth hairstyles: Runway shot oman wearing black leather vest and black see-through top with reddish brown hair in a textured hairstyle topped with a black hair pece
Having a bad hair day? You can still party with a textured goth hairstyle. Credit:

2. Textured down ‘do

If you think that a big hair isn’t for you but you still want that messy look, go for a textured hairstyle. You can create this by making shallow waves using a blow dryer or a curling iron. Then, finish with sea salt spray to add texture. Scrunch hair to style and nail that messy-chic look.

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Goth hairstyles: Woman with long, straight dark brown hair wearing a hat, dark sunglasses, leather jacket and black dress and stockings in an outdoor location with blue sky at the background
Flaunt your sleek and shiny dark hair with this goth hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Dark, straight hair

Got natural black or dark brown hair? Goth hairstyles will just be a piece of cake. In fact, you don’t need to do much. Even straight, sleek hair can spell G-O-T-H when complemented with the right outfit and makeup. To nail this hairstyle, spritz heat protectant on your hair first, then straighten your locks using a flat iron. Make your hair as straight and as frizz-free as possible by finishing off with a drop of hair serum.

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Goth hairstyles: Runway shot of Asian woman with black hair with bangs styled in goth hairstyle and wearing a dark gray dress
Keep your bangs in place by blow drying them straight, forward, and down. Credit:

4. Dark lob with full bangs

This goth hairstyle is a bit high-fashioned as well. It’s perfect for slaying at parties or on the runway. To create this hairstyle, blow dry your bangs down and straight so they stay in shape. Then, make your lob wavy or play with its layers using a flat iron. Apply hair wax to help define your layers. Complete your high-fashioned goth look with black eyeliner and you’ll definitely be a head turner at your Halloween party.

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Now, all you have to do is pick one from these goth hairstyles and get ready for your party. Don’t forget to show off your moves when “Thriller” starts playing and everyone hits the dance floor.

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