Curly Side Part Hairstyle Tutorial with Anna Victorino

Watch Anna Victorino create this fierce hairstyle and learn how to create a look that sizzles!

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Anna Victorino side-swept hairstye tutorial


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The curly side part hairstyle is just perfect in so many ways. It’s easy, effortlessly stylish, and oozes with so much sexiness. Plus, the combination of curls and a side part makes hair appear fuller, allowing you to fake volume if you have thin hair. To share with you how this hairstyle is done, we got Anna Victorino to do a step-by-step tutorial. Anna totally nailed this look, and we have no doubt you will, too. For a look that sizzles, try this ‘do and get ready to turn up the heat!

How to Create a Curly Side Part Hairstyle


Rinse and blow-dry

This look features your hair in all its beauty, so you’d want your hair color to be perfect. To make sure your hair color doesn’t lack vibrance, condition it with Cream Silk Color Protect Conditioner after washing with shampoo (better if it’s also specifically made for colored hair!). This will transform your hair from dull to darling! Rinse well, then wait until it’s half dry and blow dry.

Anna Victorino side-swept hairstye tutorial step 1

Section & curl

Section your hair and start curling by sections, wrapping your strands around the curling wand. Curl as close to the roots as possible, starting from the crown area all the way to the ends.

Anna Victorino side-swept hairstye tutorial step 2


Tease hair to add texture and volume.

Anna Victorino side-swept hairstye tutorial step 3

Loosen the curls

Comb the rest of the hair with your fingers, lightly shaking it to loosen the curls, add body and volume, and emphasize the vibrance of your highlights and hair color.

Anna Victorino side-swept hairstye tutorial step 4

Clip it

Use a bobby pin or if you want a more kikay look, opt for a pretty hair clip to secure your side part.


Anna Victorino side-swept hairstye tutorial step 5


With the curly side part hairstyle, you can leave your hair down but still make it look elegant and chic. You can even match your hair clip to your mood and outfit for the day. 

Curly Side Part hairstyle Tutorial: Filipina influencer with long wavy hair and smiling

The curly side part hairstyle can be your go-to look you don’t want a complicated ‘do. It’s easy, effortlessly gorgeous, and absolutely sexy!


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