12 Christmas Hairstyles to Wear on Noche Buena

Celebrate at home in style with these easy holiday looks!

This year’s Christmas celebration may be simpler compared to how it usually is, but it doesn’t mean it’s less meaningful. When you’re staying at home to celebrate, you can do so in style with simple Christmas hairstyles. We’ve rounded up some of the easiest looks, so you can effortlessly glam up and celebrate this special day.

Easy Christmas Hairstyles for Filipinas

1. Tousled Low Ponytail

Christmas hairstyles: Asian woman wearing a green blouse with long hair
Take your ponytail to the next level by going for a tousled style. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Christmas or not, ponytails are a hairstyle staple. For Christmas, glam it up by tying it just a little above your nape and teasing it to create volume. Finish with a few spritzes of hairspray to make your Christmas hairstyle last longer.

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2. Ballerina Bun with Hair Accessory

Asian woman with a bun hairstyle
Put your hair up in an elegant bun for Christmas. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Dress up this classic hairstyle by adding a bejeweled hair tie or a glamorous hairpiece. It makes the bun party-ready, not to mention elegant and chic.

3. Bun with Loose Curls

Asian woman wearing a red dress with her hair in an updo
Loose curls add a dainty vibe to your updo. Credit: Dennie Ramon

If you love having sections of hair framing your face, try this hairstyle. To create this ‘do, put your hair up in a ponytail, leave some strands loose, and create a bun. If you have long hair, divide your hair into two horizontal sections first, then put each section in a bun. When you’re done, curl the loose sections using a curling iron, and you’re done!

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4. One-sided Clip

Christmas hairstyles: Filipina woman with long brown hair with clip wearing a white blouse outdoors
Transform your hair from plain to party mode with a deep side part and hair clip. Credit: Michelle Pedron

In a hurry? Don’t have time to style your hair for noche buena? Quickly jazz it up by wearing a sparkly hair clip. Choose one that has studs or small pearls to liven up your hair with minimal effort. Then, scrunch your hair to add volume and body and voila! You’re ready!

5. Hair Clip Medley

Asian woman with hair clips on her shoulder-length hair wearing a blue dress
Spell “party” with a medley of cute hair clips. Credit: Natasha Estelle

You can also mix and match different hair clips to create a playful Christmas hairstyle. Just make sure your clips complement each other in shape, style, or color to create a cohesive look. You don’t want to look like your Christmas tree, do you?

6. Bobby Pin Hair Crown

Asian woman with bobby pins on her hair wearing a yellow sleeveless top
You can do this hairstyle on any hair length. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Do you love bobby pins more than clips? Create a bobby pin hair crown by placing a series of bobby pins forming an X from one side of your hair all the way to the other. Use metallic bobby pins to give your hairstyle a touch of glam.

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7. Baby Braid

Asian woman with long black layered hair wearing a white long sleeved polo indoors
A little braid can make a big impact on your holiday look. Credit: Hariono Halim

Braid a little section of your hair to add a festive touch to your down ‘do. You can even wrap a ribbon around your elastic to make your hairstyle more appealing. How about a red or green ribbon for that Christmas look, yes?

8. Bouncy Blowout

Asian woman with long layered hair wearing an off-shoulder-top
Got flat and limp hair? Liven it up with a blowout hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

If you have a bit more time before noche buena, grab your hairdryer and do a bouncy blowout. If you have long, layered hair, this hairstyle can help define your layers while adding volume to your tresses. It’s perfect for a simple but elegant Christmas feast that you’ll be enjoying with your family.

9. Long Hair with Bangs

Asian woman with long hair with bangs wearing an orange top
Iron your fringe as well to keep it in good shape. Credit: Natasha Estelle

In the mood for pin-straight hair? Grab your flat iron and straighten your long hair. Make it look smooth and sleek. You might even want to give yourself blunt bangs to add some pizzazz to your Christmas hairstyle.

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10. Romantic Curls with Headband

Asian woman with blonde curly hair wearing a blue dress
Celebrate Christmas with bouncy curls. Credit: Dennie Ramon

This hairstyle will make you look glammed up even if you’re just wearing a simple dress—perfect for a stay-at-home holiday celebration. Just curl your hair one small section at a time using a curling iron, then wear a metallic headband when you’re done.

11. Banana Clip Bun

Asian woman with an updo waring a red dress
With this hairstyle, you’ll find a new use for your banana clip. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Did you know that you can make an elegant updo using a banana clip? To do this, put your hair in a ponytail using your banana clip. Then, twist your hair and wrap around the base of your ponytail, just between the banana clip and the back of your head. Secure your bun with bobby pins, and you’re done!

12. Pinned back waves

Christmas hairstyles: Closeup shot of a woman with dark wavy hair wearing dark blue blouse with Christmas lights at the background
A few bobby pins and soft waves make your hair holiday-ready. Credit: Shutterstock

This toned-down version of romantic curls looks chic on any outfit. You can even create waves without using heated styling tools. When done creating waves, comb the upper section of your hair back starting from your hairline and pin it. You can even use trendy hair clips for a fun-looking ‘do.

With these Christmas hairstyles, getting ready for your family gathering will surely be quick and hassle-free. Just a few basic hairstyling techniques, and you’ll be all set. This shows that leaving your hair down doesn’t mean leaving it bland and boring.