20 Anime Hair and Character Looks for Costume Parties

Check out these anime hairstyles and various character hair ideas to make your costume parties fun and exciting!

A costume party is like your second shot at childhood. You can play dress up, wear anime hairstyles, and no one will judge. Even if you’re simply staying home to celebrate your parties, you can come up with a fun, stylish look. So, why don’t you take inspiration from anime? We’re not just talking about Japanese anime that you binge-watch on weekends. You can also get ideas from your favorite animated films. And while you’re at it, you can also expand your list and look at famous characters in movies and comic books for inspiration. We’ve rounded up several anime hair inspirations and character looks to help you. Check them out.

1. Japanese Schoolgirl

Anime hairstyles: Asian woman with a Japanese schoolgirl look
A cute bow + bangs = cute schoolgirl look! Credit: Shutterstock

A lot of Japanese anime are set in schools, with the characters even attending high school during the day (and then transforming into superheroes later on). To look like a Japanese schoolgirl, aside from the uniform, nail the anime hairstyle, too! Get some bangs, then wear a cute bow on your hair! Easy, right?

2. Buns for Short Anime Hair

Anime hairstyle: Asian woman with a double bun hairstyle
Rock this hairstyle, Halloween or not. Credit: Shutterstock

This is another Japanese schoolgirl look that’s easy to create. You can even do this on short and medium-length hair. Just divide your hair into two equal parts, tie them in pigtails, wrap each pigtail around its base to form a bun. Secure with bobby pins.

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3. Edgy Doll

Asian woman with long gray wearing a while doll costume
An all-neutral outfit from head to toe makes for an edgy Halloween look. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Give a grownup twist to a doll costume by veering away from sweet, pastel colors. Dye your anime hairstyle gray to exude an edgy vibe, then wear an all-white doll dress to your Halloween party at home.

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4. Glamorous Doll

Asian woman in a red doll costume with dip dyed blue hair
A catchy hairpiece can instantly add glam to your doll outfit. Credit: Michelle Pedron

You can also dress like those porcelain dolls that your tita loves to collect. Nail a doll-like hairstyle by getting blunt bangs and wearing a huge hairpiece or a fascinator. You can even dip-dye your hair in a vibrant color to transform your look.

5. Japanese Lolita and Anime Hair

Asian woman with long pink hair with baby braid
Braids and pink hair? Definitely cute for Halloween! Credit: Michelle Pedron

In Japan, Lolita fashion after children’s dresses during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. It is a fashion subculture that is known for overflowing cuteness. There are also several anime characters who sport this look.

6. Japanese Lolita With a Big Bow

Asian woman with a big bow on her long curly hair
Wow with a big hair bow! Credit: Shutterstock

Another take on the Japanese Lolita look is wearing a big bow on your hair. Then, complement your bow with small, bouncy curls. You can create these curls using a curling iron or hair rollers. Finish by spritzing hairspray all over your hair to make your anime hairstyle last.

7. Quirky Girl Next Door

Asian woman with shoulder-length neon pink hair wearing a rust-colored long-sleeved shirt
Stand out with glowing neon pink hair. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Sometimes, you just have to let your hair make a statement. Even with casual clothes, you can still nail an anime hairstyle with neon pink hair. Be like one of those anime characters who are not superheroes but whose hairstyles are always on fire.

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8. Celestial Superhero

Anime hairstyles: Asian girl with brown hair in anime-lke pigtails wearing school girl costume and holding a katana standing against a white background
With this hairstyle, you don’t need to be surrounded with blinding light to get transformed. Credit: Shutterstock

You definitely don’t need to summon cosmic powers to be a superhero. All you need are your trusty styling tools and instructions on how to do your hair. Ready? Put your hair in the superhero’s signature pigtails. Spritz sea salt spray to add texture and to keep your hair from looking flat. Then, wrap a small section of your pigtails around your elastic to hide them. Style your bangs with a flat iron, spritz hairspray so they stay in place, and voila! You’re ready to fight the villains.

9. Fairy Tale Princess

Woman wearing a fairy tale princess costume
Live our your princess dreams by dressing up as one this Halloween. Credit: Raamin Ka from Unsplash

Not all princesses wear elaborate updos. In fact, even if you have short hair, you can rock this look by wearing this character’s signature red headband. If you have long hair, you can put your hair in a low bun while leaving some strands loose to frame your face.

10. Cute Teenage Girl

Anime hairstyle: Asian woman with long hair in pigtails
If cute and quirky looks are your thing, go for this hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Pigtails are so common in anime that you can’t simply assign it as one character’s signature look. If you’re not sure who exactly do you want to be this Halloween, experiment with pigtails. High pigtails are perfect for long tresses. Then, make your pigtails wavy using a curling iron with a big barrel. Doing so will also help make your hair look thick. Then, cover your elastics with ribbons for that cute touch. You can also get inspiration from kawaii looks.

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11. Quirky Anime Hair Look

Asian woman with blonde hair in pigtails wearing a cute costume
Blonde hair in pigtails for Halloween? Go for it! Credit: Shutterstock

If you can’t decide on a particular anime character, why don’t you take inspiration from several ones? There are lots of characters with a blonde anime hairstyle sporting a cute mane. You can take your cue from this, especially if you’ve already dyed your hair blonde. Wear pigtails and a cute cat headband for more cuteness!

12. Elf Look

Woman with long pink hair with bangs
Accessorize your pink hair with flowers to make your hairstyle look even more ethereal. Credit: Quốc Bảo from Pexels

Look magical with long, pink hair. You can wear a wig, but if you’re feeling bold, you can color your hair and take inspiration from various pink hair pegs.

13. Galaxy Warrior with Anime Hair

Woman with a galaxy warrior anime hairstyle
If you have short hair, no need to wear a wig to nail this Halloween look. Credit: Quốc Bảo from Pexels

To rock this look, just put a brightly colored headband on your jet black bob and complement this anime hairstyle with a fierce makeup. Iron your bob straight to make your hairstyle fierce and edgy as well.

14. Fairy

Asian woman with long hair in a fairy costume
This simple but beautiful look never fails to impress. Credit: Tú Nguyễn from Pexels

Ever fantasize of being a diwata? It doesn’t take much to look like one. Just curl your long hair using a curling iron or hair rollers, then loosen the waves by finger-combing or gently brushing your hair afterwards. Put on a flower crown, and you’re done!

15. Comic Book Character

Asian woman with blonde and blue hairstyle wearing a costume
Don’t forget to take photo of this Insta-worthy Halloween look! Credit: Johnny Wang from Unsplash

Aside from TV shows, you can also get ideas from comic books for your Halloween look, like this psychiatrist-turned-villain-turned-hero. You can cop her iconing blonde hair by having your tresses bleached to get that ice blonde color, then adding some ice blue streaks. You can wear your hair in pigtails or as a messy, curly down ‘do.

16. Lolita Character with Curly Anime Hair

Japanese cosplay girl with anime hair at the park
The Lolita hairstyle is one of the easiest to achieve – just play with curls and hair accessories! Credit: Stephane Bidouze from Canva

Anime hairstyles have a lot of different variations, but the most popular one is the Lolita style. It’s easy to achieve this whimsical, elegant, and feminine look: just curl your anime hair and wear cute hair accessories like clips, ribbons, and headbands.

17. Traditional Character with Anime Hair

Asian woman with smooth hair wearing a kimono
There are no strict rules when wearing a kimono – you can wear your hair up or down! Credit: RingoStudio from Canva

If you choose to portray an anime character who wears a kimono, there are many ways to style your locks – you can wear it in a ponytail, bun, or even a braid. Our favourite thing about this is you can always add a decoration flower when you put your hair up!

18. Cosplay with Platinum Blonde Anime Hair

Cosplayer with platinum blonde hair
You’re sure to turn heads when you step out in platinum blonde hair! Credit: Sangiao Photography from Canva

Are you looking for a way to express yourself? Why not try out platinum blonde anime hairstyle? It’s perfect for those who are ready to be bold and make a statement. Just make sure to always deep condition your hair to keep it soft & smooth, and use sulfate-free products to eliminate brassiness!

19. Manga Character

Colored hair sprays can easily transform you to your favorite manga character! Credit: Piyato from Canva

If you’re a manga fan like us, then you know that there are tons of characters who would make great costumes! Here’s the perfect tip if you don’t want the commitment of dyeing your hair yet you want to keep your natural locks: use colored hair sprays to easily copy the hairstyle of your favorite manga character.

20. Ethereal Princess

Channel your inner princess in costume parties. Credit: Harsh A from Canva

You’ve got this elegant look down pat. But now it’s time to take it up a notch! Make sure you’re ready for the costume parties of your dreams with an ethereal princess look and anime hairstyle.

Now, get dressed, style your hair, and create these anime hairstyles. Don’t forget to take photos so you can brag about your cool Halloween hairstyles on social media.


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