8 Anime Hairstyles for Pinays This Halloween

Try anime hairstyles this Halloween and enter the party with a bang! 

A Halloween party is like your second shot at childhood. You can play dress up, get out of your house in costume, and no one will judge. Some of your friends may dress as witches, vampires, or princesses. Others may copy their favorite icons or Hollywood stars or go fashionably crazy. How about you? Who are you going to be? Why don’t you take inspiration from anime. We’re not just talking about Japanese anime that you binge-watch on weekends. You can also get ideas from your favorite animated films. Check out these anime hairstyles to get you started.

1. Edgy doll

Asian woman with long gray wearing a while doll costume
An all-neutral outfit from head to toe makes for an edgy Halloween look. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Give a grownup twist to a doll costume by veering away from sweet, pastel colors. Dye your hair gray to exude an edgy vibe, then wear an all-white doll dress to your Halloween party.

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2. Glamorous doll

Asian woman in a red doll costume with dip dyed blue hair
A catchy hairpiece can instantly add glam to your doll outfit. Credit: Michelle Pedron

You can also dress like those porcelain dolls that your tita loves to collect. Nail a doll-like hairstyle by getting blunt bangs and wearing a huge hairpiece or a fascinator. You can even dip-dye your hair in a vibrant color to transform your look.

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3. Quirky girl next door

Asian woman with shoulder-length neon pink hair wearing a rust-colored long-sleeved shirt
Stand out with glowing neon pink hair. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Sometimes, you just have to let your hair make a statement. Even with casual clothes, you can still nail an anime hairstyle with neon pink hair. Be like one of those anime characters who are not superheroes but whose hairstyles are always on fire.

4. Japanese schoolgirl

Anime hairstyles: Closeup shot of girl with short ice blonde hair with bangs wearing Japanese schoolgirl uniform leaning on wooden table
Ice blonde hair suits women with pale to fair complexion. Credit: Shutterstock

A lot of Japanese anime are set in schools, with the characters even attending high school during the day (and then transforming into superheroes later on). To look like a Japanese schoolgirl, aside from the uniform, nail the hair, too! Dye your hair instead of wearing a wig. This is a good time to experiment, take the leap, and change your hair color drastically. If you’ve had dark hair all your life, try light hair colors. Platinum blonde and ice blonde are waiting or you.

5. Celestial superhero

Anime hairstyles: Asian girl with brown hair in anime-lke pigtails wearing school girl costume and holding a katana standing against a white background
With this hairstyle, you don’t need to be surrounded with blinding light to get transformed. Credit: Shutterstock

You definitely don’t need to summon cosmic powers to be a superhero. All you need are your trusty styling tools and instructions on how to do your hair. Ready? Put your hair in the superhero’s signature pigtails. Spritz sea salt spray to add texture and to keep your hair from looking flat. Then, wrap a small section of your pigtails around your elastic to hide them. Style your bangs with a flat iron, spritz hairspray so they stay in place, and voila! You’re ready to fight the bad guys.

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6. Fairy tale princess

Anime hairstyles: Closeup shot of woman with short curly black hair and red ribbon on hair holding an apple
Prep your hair for curling by applying hair mousse before blow drying. Credit: Shutterstock

Got short or medium-length hair? Lucky you! You don’t need a wig to be Snow White this Halloween. Just get a curling iron with a small to medium-size barrel. Wrap a section of your hair around the barrel for three to five seconds. Don’t wrap it longer than that so your hair curls won’t be too tight. Your hair might get burned, too, if you do that.

For this hairstyle, go for curls that are soft yet defined, not coiled and tight. Spritz hairspray to set, then finish by tying a red ribbon around your hair to nail Snow White’s signature look.

7. Cute teenage girl

Anime hairstyles: Girl with long brown hair in high pigtails wearing a red plaid sleeveless shirt and standing against a white background
It’s easy to create pretty pigtails when your hair is smooth and manageable. Credit: Shutterstock

Pigtails are so common in anime that you can’t simply assign it as one character’s signature look. If you’re not sure who exactly do you want to be this Halloween, experiment with pigtails. High pigtails are perfect for tresses. Then, make your pigtails wavy using a curling iron with a big barrel. Doing so will also help make your hair look thick. Then, cover your elastics with ribbons for that cute touch. You can also get inspiration from kawaii looks.

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8 Japanese Lolita

Asian woman with long pink hair with baby braid
Braids and pink hair? Definitely cute for Halloween! Credit: Michelle Pedron

In Japan, Lolita fashion after children’s dresses during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. It is a fashion subculture that is known for overflowing cuteness. There are also several anime characters who sport this look.

If you decide to go the Lolita route this Halloween, match your dress with am insanely cute hairstyle. Go for curls that make you look like a little girl. Put a huge bow on your hair to nail the look. You can put your hair in a half updo or pigtails; whatever you choose, make it super cute.

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Now, call your friends, get dressed at your place, and show off these anime hairstyles at the Halloween party you’re going to. Don’t forget to take photos so you can brag about your cool Halloween hairstyles on social media.

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