what is ombre hair

Ombré Hair Ideas for a Dramatic ‘Do in 2023

Read on to learn what to expect from this hair coloring technique. Also, check out different ways to rock this look.

Getting a new hair color can give you a head-turning look, especially when you get ombre hair. Ombré means “shadow” or “shade” in French, and this hair coloring technique involves creating a transition or “shading” from one hair color to another. It usually starts with darker roots and gradually becomes lighter toward the tips. This creates a stylish, gradient effect that adds drama to your hair.

Ombré hair comes in different versions to suit any hair length, hair type, and color preference. It’s also low-maintenance that’s why it remains popular over the years. Because your naturally dark roots are usually left untouched, you don’t need to schedule frequent salon visits for color touch-ups.

Ready to rock ombré hair? Here are ways to do it.

Ombré Hair Pegs We Love

1. Sombré

Asian woman with soft ombre hair
Try caramel brown and other medium brown shades for your sombré look. Credit: Shutterstock

It’s short for “soft ombré.”This hair coloring technique involves a subtle gradient effect. The color change is not drastic but still noticeable enough to add dimension to your hair. This coloring technique uses dark and medium shades to create a transition, with the ends just a couple of shades from your natural hair color.

2. Ash Brown Ombré Hair

Asian woman with ash brown hair
Fond of ashy tones? Try this ombré hair idea. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Make this trendy hair color more interesting by using it in an ombré look. Thanks to the gradient effect, your lightened hair won’t look flat.

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3. Dark Hair to Blonde

Back on an Asian woman with dark to blonde ombre hair
Throw some browns into the mix to make your transition to blonde seamless. Credit: Natasha Estelle

With the ombré coloring technique, you don’t have to bleach your entire hair to try blonde hair color. Still, we recommend using purple shampoo to keep your blonde section free from brassy tones.

4. Dark Hair to Light Brown

Asian woman with long brown tresses
Brown hair never goes out of style. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This mix of medium and light brown shades, along with your dark roots, adds warmth to your face. It’s also flattering for any skin tone.

5. Fiery Ombré Hair

Woman with red ombre hair
How’s that for an exciting hair color? Credit: Shutterstock

This hot color combo bursts with personality! Combine red and orange shades in your ombré hair to create a look that stands out.

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6. Green Reverse Ombré

Asian woman with green hair
Try this edgy ombré look in your next makeover. Credit: Natasha Estelle

In this ‘do, your hair color transitions from light to dark shades. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try an unconventional hair color like green and let it transition to blue toward the tips.

7. Lilac and Pink Ombré

Asian woman with lilac and pink hair
Turn heads with this edgy purple-and-pink combo. Credit: Shutterstock

If you want to try pink hair but don’t want your ‘do to look too sweet, combine it with a light purple shade like lilac. Leave your roots dark to add depth to your look.

Now, you know what ombré hair is. You also have these gorgeous pegs for inspiration. Try one of these looks and say hello to a dramatic ‘do.