Asian woman with pink ombre short hair

Ombré Short Hair Pegs That Are Major #HairGoals

Add zing to your short hair with an ombré coloring technique. Here are some ideas.

If you’re thinking of rocking ombré short hair, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’ve recently chopped off your locks or are one of those girls who are looking forward to getting a bob, we’ve got ideas just for you. Ombré hair seamlessly blends two or more colors. It typically transitions from a dark hue at the roots to a light color at the tips, but it can also go from light to dark in a reverse ombré fashion. This hair trend allows you to play around with colors while creating a modern look with a short haircut.

Here are some ombré short hair ideas to help you express your unique style.

Ombré Pegs for Your Next Makeover

1. Strawberry Ombré Short Hair

Asian girl with strawberry pink hair ombre short hair.
Want this sweet and dreamy look? Go for strawberry ombre short hair. Credit:

This ombré hair idea features a rich pink color at the roots that transitions to other pink shades. At the tips, you can add a dip-dyed aqua blue shade to make your look even more playful. This makes for a whimsical, two-tone hair color that will turn heads wherever you go.

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2. Black to Dusty Blue Ombré Short Hair

Asian girl with black and blue ombre short hair.
Subtle gray-blue ombre short hair. Credit:

For something a little more unique, you can also go for a light, grayish-blue ombré hair color at the tips of your short ‘do. This exudes a mysterious vibe, making people do a double-take when they see you.

3. Dark Brown and Caramel

Woman with brown and caramel hair wearing a brown dress and walking down the runway.
Add a twist to classic brown hair with caramel tips. Credit:

For a dash of runway chic, opt for an ombré look with dark brown and caramel hues. Add flipped-out tips for a touch of retro. To style your hair this way, brush the ends of your hair outward while blow-drying.

4. Black to Blonde Ombré Hair

Back of an Asian woman with black to blonde ombre hair.
The contrast between blonde tips and dark roots makes for a striking look. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

If you want to lighten your locks without letting go of your naturally dark hair, you can get the best of both worlds with this look. Try this combo on a medium bob or lob so you can better appreciate the transition. The result is an edgy look that goes well with an emo or grunge aesthetic.

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5. Ginger Ombré Hair

Side view of an Asian woman with ombre ginger short hair
Spice up ginger hair with an ombré coloring technique. Credit:

Add drama to your vibrant ginger hair by combining it with light red and orange hues. The result is a sunset-inspired hair color that makes you stand out.

6. Black to Dark Brown Ombré Bob

Woman with a black and brown bob haircut wearing a long-sleeved pink top and black skirt
Look classy with a subtle ombré on a short bob hairstyle. Credit:

If you’re not ready to embrace bold and vibrant hues, opt for this dark brown ombré hair color on a bob haircut. It’s chic and elegant. It adds oomph to your look without being loud.

7. Brown and Red Ombré

Woman with a brown-and-red long bob haircut
Add life to your straight hair with two or more hair colors. Credit: Shutterstock

Jazz up a simple brown lob by adding red hues ombré style. This unexpected combo gives you a unique look. It’s playful yet subtle enough for days when you want to keep your ‘do low-key instead of bold.

There you have it! Whether you’re into dark-and-light color combos or playful hues, there’s an ombré short hair idea for you. Pick your fave now, try it, and have fun!