selfie of a girl with a wavy medium length haircut

What we love about medium haircuts

We give you five awesome reasons to love your medium length haircut!

2017 was the year for medium haircuts. After all, medium length haircuts are no longer the awkward in-between stage—it is the in stage. Whether you’re growing out your bob, or are not quite ready for one, the shoulder length hairstyle (also known as “the chop”) might be your match made in hair heaven.

Falling somewhere between the collarbone and the jaw line, the mid-length cut marries the fun, cool vibe of a shorter hairstyle with the classy appeal of longer hair, so it makes you stand out amidst a sea of long-haired beauties without having to commit to a drastic chop. How awesome is that?  

But hey, if you’re not quite convinced yet, here are the best things about medium length haircuts.

Why Medium Haircuts Rock

1. It’s universally flattering

woman with curly medium length haircut
Reason to love your medium length haircut: it’s universally flattering. Credit: iStock

Shoulder length hairstyles look great on just about anyone. It suits any face shape, any hair type. For those with fine hair, a layered, medium length hair will give the illusion of fuller hair. For those whose faces are long, a textured shoulder length style with bangs is a perfect match.

2. Takes you from day to night

runway model with medium length haircut
Medium length haircut: can take you from day to night. Credit:

Mid-length hair easily takes you from a busy morning to the night time grind without requiring too much of a fuss. It can give you a corporate chic look from 9-6 and a chill vibe for after-work margaritas with just a quick flip.

Editor’s tip: To keep your locks looking fresh throughout the day and keep grease at bay, use TONI&GUY Matt Texture Dry Shampoo. It provides instant root refresh and matte texture with an effortless finish.

3. It’s a low maintenance haircut

girl on the street with medium length haircut
Medium length haircut: it’s low maintenance. Credit:

A medium length hairstyle is undemanding and incredibly easy to manage and maintain. Because you have enough hair to work with, you can quickly put it up in a simple bun or ponytail. It doesn’t need constant styling like a short bob would, and doesn’t take as long to dry as longer hair. It’s also not too prone to flyaways like short hair and isn’t as likely to get tangles, damage, and frizz like long haircuts.

Editor’s Tip: You want your medium length haircut to reach its full fabulous potential, so to give it the texture and bounce that it needs, use Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo and Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Conditioner. This pair will leave your hair looking and feeling soft, and full of natural volume.

4. It’s versatile

selfie of a girl with a wavy medium length haircut
Medium length haircut: it’s versatile. Credit: iStock

Because it’s not too short and not too long, you can experiment with a lot of different sassy and stylish hairstyles both for long hair and short hair. You get the best of both worlds! It’s an ideal length that gives you many options on how to wear it, from relaxed and sleek ‘dos to ponytails and updos, for whatever mood or occasion.

5.  It makes your hair look and feel more voluminous

close up shot of girl with brown medium length haircut
Medium length haircut: it makes hair look voluminous. Credit: iStock

Unlike long hair which tends to pull your strands down, leaving you with flat, limp locks, medium length hair has bounce and volume, which make your face look more proportionate. There are also a lot of other ways to style this haircut, which can downplay your problem areas and complement your best facial features.

Medium length haircuts are so easy to wear, convenient, and make a girl’s life a lot easier!