These medium haircuts for round faces work better than contouring

Discover the fail-proof medium haircuts for round faces that will give your chubby cheeks definition and sharpness!

If you have chubby cheeks or a round face, we’re guessing you’d often find yourself wishing you’ve got more corners and angles going on. And while this face shape has its own cuteness factor, there are looks that it makes really tricky (if not impossible) to pull off. But see, there are also cuts and styles that would flatter your rounded features. We’re pretty sure the challenge lies in the plumpness of your face, but there’s this trick that applies to just about anything, and it includes your dilemma. It’s simple: when you want to downplay something, draw the attention to something else. And that is exactly the job of these medium haircuts for round faces.

Medium length is actually the most ideal haircut for girls with round faces. Combine it with texture and asymmetry and you can totally fake those angles. To help you find the cut that suits you, we put together a few looks you can take inspiration from.

Medium haircuts for round faces

 a-line long bob medium haircuts for round faces
An asymmetrical lob can make your face appear longer. Credit: iStock

1. Shoulder-length A-line haircut

The shape of this haircut flatters a round face because the long sections that frame the sides make your face appear slimmer. It’s sharp and edgy, and just like other medium haircuts for round faces, it balances out the roundness, giving it the illusion of angularity.

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asymmetrical bangs medium haircuts for round faces
Side-swept or asymmetrical bangs adds angularity to your round features.

2. Lob with asymmetrical bangs

Bangs that are cut diagonally or swept to the side draw the attention away from your face shape. Whatever you do, stay away from blunt bangs because this would create a horizontal line that would widen your face visually. An uneven fringe, on the other hand, draws a diagonal line across your face, making it appear longer.

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Layers medium haircuts for round faces
The choppiness of this cut makes it ideal for girls with round faces

3. Wispy layers

A haircut with face-framing layers will sculpt your jawline and fake some much-needed angles.  The choppy layers will create definition and downplay the fullness of your cheeks.

These medium haircuts for round faces work at accentuating your best features so that they become the focus. Wear them with confidence!