Shoulder length bob: Ways to sport this trendy ‘do

Kat | 03 October 2018

These six gorgeous hairstyles will make you want to get a shoulder length bob. 

Long, beautiful hair is indeed gorgeous, but it requires extra effort to maintain. You have to go for regular hair treatments to keep it nourished, as well as trims to get rid of split ends. If you don’t have the time to do all these, here’s the solution: get a shoulder length bob. It’s long enough for different hairstyles but doesn’t require that much maintenance. Here are ways on how to rock a shoulder length bob:

Shoulder length bob hairstyle ideas

Woman with straight shoulder length bob
A simple but sleek straight bob is enough to make you a head turner. Credits: Shutterstock

1. Straight bob

If you like your hair to be simple but sleek, go for this ‘do. Create a straight shoulder length bob using a flat iron. Make sure that your hair is already dry before ironing, because hair is at its weakest when it’s wet. Spray heat protectant before ironing to prevent heat damage. Iron the ends towards your chin so your hair curves inwards. This will also combat tikwas that can be a bummer to any look.

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Asian woman with black shoulder length bob
Even if you’re not curling your hair, you can apply hair mousse to help add volume. Credits: Shutterstock

2. Blowout bob

Got flat and limp hair? Go for a blowout bob. Apply hair mousse on damp hair, then flip your hair and blow dry the inner sections to help add volume. When done, scrunch hair to style and voila! No more flat hair.

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Woman with curly shoulder length bob
Try no-heat curling techniques to protect your hair from damage. Credits: Shutterstock

3. Curly bob

Give your shoulder length bob more oomph by making it curly. If you want small, tight curls, use a curling iron with a small barrel. Want to make curls without using heat? Try sock curls. All you need are old, clean socks to act as your curlers. Divide damp hair into several sections and roll each on a sock from the ends up to your roots. Tie the sock in a basic knot.  Leave hair for two hours to make the curls set. When done, remove the socks and say hello to gorgeous curls.

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Woman with tousled shoulder length bob
Nail a semi-messy hairstyle by spritzing texturizing spray on your hair. Credits: Shutterstock

4. Tousled bob

You can also make subtle waves on your shoulder length bob to add a bit of drama to your hair. You can use a blow dryer or flat iron to do this. Even bobby pins alone can be used to create tousled hair. Just remove the pins after 30 minutes to an hour to create subtle waves.

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Woman with brown shoulder length bob
There’s a shade of brown hair color for every skin tone. Credits: Shutterstock

5. Dyed bob

Get a fresh, new look by coloring your hair. Can’t decide on a color? Try ash brown. It’s different from the usual browns and it suits morena skin. If you want something bolder, go for burgundy hair. This color can help add warmth to your face. Ready for bold colors? Check out purple or blue hair and rock on.

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Woman with shoulder length bob and bangs
Blow dry your bangs after towel drying them so they maintain a good shape all throughout the day.

6. Shoulder length bob with bangs

Give yourself a makeover by getting a fringe. Bangs can be challenging to maintain, but they can make you look chic and edgy. Blunt bangs can give you that high-fashioned flair, while side-swept bangs can frame your face beautifully and balance out round faces. Once you decide to get bangs, commit to maintaining them by blow drying them and making them oil-free to help them maintain their shape.

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Now, you have these chic hairstyles as reasons to try shoulder length bob. You have nothing to lose (except a few inches of your long hair). We’re sure you’ll look fab.

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