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How to grow out short hair to a medium length haircut

Ready to grow your hair long?

Short bobs, lobs, pixie cuts…they’re such fun short styles to rock. But there will come a time when you find that your once short hair has now become a medium length haircut. It’s reached that awkward length when you’re torn between deciding if you should go for a trim (and continue rocking your short hair), or if it’s time to grow your hair out. Most of the time we decide to grow out our hair; because let’s face it, we always find ourselves missing our long hair right after we cut it.

So if you’ve decided to grow out your short hair into a comfortable medium length haircut, here are a few suggestions on what to do with your hair in the meantime.

Tips on growing your hair to a medium length haircut

asian woman with medium length hair and bare face
Medium length hair #IWokeUpLikeThis. Credit:

 1. Embrace #WokeUpLikeThis locks

Add edge to your growing locks with the bedhead look! You can either load up on sea salt spray for added texture or create loose waves for a more laid-back vibe. We recommend TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray.

2. Switch up your hair color

If you feel like you’re falling into a style rut as your grow your hair out, try coloring your hair a different shade. If you don’t want a full-on change of color, you can opt for highlights or an ombré. This trick will definitely refresh your look.

Editor’s Tip: Hair coloring tends to dry out your hair. So keep it moisturized with a conditioner especially formulated for colored hair, such as Cream Silk Color Protect Hair Reborn Conditioner. It helps protect colored hair from dryness and dullness to give you soft, vibrant hair.

3. Schedule a regular trim

While it may sound a bit contradictory to cut your tresses when you’re growing it out, doing so actually helps your hair grow stronger over time. A regular trim eliminates dry ends and split-ends that causes hair breakage (one of the leading causes of hair fall).

4. Add volume

The one thing we all miss when rocking short hair is the volume and body that shoulder length or medium length cuts bring to our style. So give yourself the illusion of longer hair by adding volume to your hair.

Editor’s Tip: While you wait for your hair to grow, aim to reduce hair breakage by sticking to a hair care routine that strengthens your hair from within — such as the Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo and Sunsilk Strong & Long Conditioner. This way, when you finally reach that medium length hairstyle that you desire (or longer!), your hair is strong, healthy, and easy to manage.