Long hair with bangs and ways to sport this ‘do

Kat | 30 November 2018

Confused on you can pull off long hair with bangs? Here are ideas to inspire you.

Getting bangs is a quick way to get a hair makeover. The right type of fringe will frame your face beautifully and highlight your best features. If you have long hair and you’re thinking of getting bangs, here are ideas on how to do it. Rock long hair with bangs by following these pegs.

Chic ideas on how to wear long hair with bangs

Long hair with bangs: Closeup shot of a woman with long black hair with curtain bangs against a gray background
Play a little peek-a-boo with long hair and curtain bangs. Credit: Shuttertock

1. Long hair with curtain bangs

If you have a wide forehead, curtain bangs can help create balance and proportion on your face. Curtain bangs offset the width of your forehead, giving an illusion of a longer, oval-shaped face. To create this effect, part your hair at the center and separate your bangs in the middle, too. Then, keep the rest of your hair sleek and shiny.

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Long hair with bangs: Closeup shot of a woman with long brown wavy hair with bangs against leaves outdoors
With this hairstyle, you’ll be making waves and entering the room with a bang. Credit: Shutterstock

2.  Wavy hair with blunt bangs

With wavy hair, your tresses get more bounce, volume, and texture. Maintain naturally wavy hair by applying leave-on cream before you get out of your house to make your hair moisturized and frizz-free all day. Meanwhile, you can make straight hair wavy by using a curling iron with a medium to large barrel. You can also use a blow dryer. Don’t forget to blow dry your bangs as well. If you let them dry on their own, they’ll get frizzy and out of shape, ruining your overall look.

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Long hair with bangs: Closeup shot of a woman with long black hair with bangs wearing a yellow coat outdoors
Keep straight hair sleek by using hair products that fight frizz. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Straight hair with full bangs

Get this ‘do and every day would seem like runway day. You can also make your look more exciting by getting unconventional highlights like purple or blue. To maintain your hair, aside from using the right shampoo and conditioner, treat your locks to a weekly application of hair mask to keep it well-moisturized.

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Long hair with bangs: Closeup shot of a woman with dark brown hair in an updo with bangs wearing an olive green jacket outdoors
Put your hair up and let the focus be on your fringe and gorgeous face. Credit: Shutterstock

4. Updo with bangs

When you’re having a bad hair day, you can just put your hair in bun. This way, you only have to blow dry and style your bangs. That’s it! You’re all set to face the day and deal with different matters, whether it’s going to work or running errands. Just don’t forget to undo your hair bun before sleeping to de-stress your tresses at night.

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Long hair with bangs: Closeup shot of a woman with long blonde hair in a low ponytail with bangs wearing a jacket outdoors
Just finger-comb and tie your hair in a ;low ponytail when you’re in a hurry. Credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Low ponytail with bangs

Go for this low-key hairstyle on weekends when you just want to chill. Rock a messy ponytail and look laidback but chic when you meet your friends for coffee or watch a movie. Messy hairstyles look great with added texture, so make sea salt spray your best friend when creating these.

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Styling long hair with bangs is easy with the right products. All you need to do is spend a few minutes in the morning to get your hair done, and you’ll be out the door in a heartbeat.

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