Long black hair: Show it off through these ideas

Kat | 17 November 2018

Want effortlessly beautiful hair? Here are easy ways to style long black hair.

At one point, we have all envied that girl in shampoo commercials. Her long, silky black hair in slow motion spells #hairgoals. When you have hair as beautiful as that, you don’t need to do a lot of styling. Long black hair on its own is gorgeous, especially when it’s healthy. Aside from a sleek down ‘do, you can flaunt your ebony mane in several other ways. Here they are.

5 Ways to wear long black hair

Long black hair: Asian woman wearing a dark blue dress with long black hair sitting on a swing in a park
With a half crown braid, you’ll look like a pretty fairy smiling at your friends.

1. Half crown braid

When you need to dress up a bit, put your hair in a half crown braid. Just take two small sections of hair at the sides, twist each, and combine using an elastic. For the rest of your hair, you can spritz sea salt spray to add texture or iron it straight for a sleek look. You can wear this hairstyle on dates, lunch gatherings, or even on weddings when you’re a guest.

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Long black hair: Woman wearing a white blouse with long black hair standing against an iron roof background
Have layers of fun with a long, beautiful layered hair. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Long and layered

Tired of a blunt, one-length haircut? Add layers to the tips of your long hair. This way, you get to maintain the length while allowing your hair to cascade down your back and form a V-shape. Layers can also help distribute your hair’s volume if you have long, thick tresses.

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Long black hair: Close up shot of a woman with long black hair against a light gray background
Add a bit of pizzazz to your straight hair by making some waves. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Long and wavy

Creating soft and subtle waves is an easy way to jazz up long and black hair. You can make gorgeous beach waves, you can simply curl the lower section of your hair. This is also a great way to add volume to long, thin hair. When making waves, avoid wrapping sections of your hair around your curing iron for too long. Three to five seconds is enough to achieve the waves you are gunning for.

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Long black hair: Closeup shot of Asian model with long black hair with bangs wearing a blue dress
Get a fab fringe and enter the room with a bang. Credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Long hair with bangs

Bangs instantly add oomph to your hair, no matter the length. You can go for blunt bangs or baby bangs if you want to be a bit more daring. Try wispy bangs for a more laidback look. Whatever type of fringe you choose, remember to have your bangs constantly trimmed so they stay in good shape. Besides, you wouldn’t want your bangs poking your eyes, would you?

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Long black hair: Closeup shot of woman with long black curly hair wearing a white blouse
Got natural curls? A dollop of hair mousse is all you need to make them gorgeous. Credit: Shutterstock

5. Long curly hair

Got natural, curly black hair? Show it off through a gorgeous down ‘do. Let your curls fall beautifully by applying a dollop of hair mousse before blow drying in low heat. Maintain your curls as well by using a conditioner that suits curly hair.

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With these styling tips, gorgeous long black hair is achievable. Get ready to show it off at work, in school, or even on night-outs with your friends.

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