Asian woman with wolf cut hair standing outdoors

Wolf Cut Hair Ideas for an Edgy, New Look!

Get to know the haircut that's been trending on TikTok!

Love layered haircuts? Try the wolf cut hair. It has long hair at the back and choppy layers at the sides. It combines the characteristics of a shag haircut and the silhouette of a mullet.

A wolf cut often has bangs and goes up to your shoulders, but you can also rock it on long hair. The key is defining your layers and styling them to create a wildly textured ‘do.

Ready to rock this trend? Check out these wolf cut hairstyles we’ve rounded up for you.

Wolf Cut Hair Ideas We Love

1. Wolf Cut Hair With Wispy Bangs

Woman with a wolf cut hairstyle with bangs
Complement your wolf haircut with wispy bangs. Credit: Jon Meza from Pexels

Make your fringe wispy to match the tousled look of your layers. Ditch the comb and style your bangs with your fingers to style your hair this way.

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2. ’90s Pigtails

Woman with shoulder-length hair with half-up pigtails wolf cut hairstyle
Get a ’90s-inspired look with this hairstyle. Credit: Jon Meza from Pexels

Bring on the nostalgia by tying the upper section of your hair in ’90s half-up pigtails. This wolf cut hairstyle creates a youthful look while showcasing your hair’s texture and choppy layers.

3. Long Layers

Asian woman with long layered hair
Nail a wolf cut with messy, textured layers. Credit: Jasmin Chew from Pexels

Got face-framing layers? Scrunch your hair to give it texture and create a messy-chic look. It’s also a clever way to keep thin hair from looking flat and limp. You can also add light or medium brown highlights to make your layers more defined.

4. Wolf Cut Hair With Hat

Woman with a wolf cut hair wearing a hat
Jazz up any hairstyle in an instant by wearing a hat. Credit: Jon Meza from Pexels

Give your wolf haircut a street-chic vibe by putting on a hat. Part your fringe at the center and finger-comb them towards the sides to create curtain bangs.

5. Flipped-Out Ends

Asian woman with wolf cut hair
This hairstyle adds bounce and movement to a wolf haircut. Credit: Shutterstock

This wolf cut hairstyle exudes a retro vibe. To create this ‘do, use a straightening iron, clamp a section of your hair, and iron the tips outwards to form a J-shape. Do this on all sections of your hair. Don’t worry if the shape of the tips is not uniform; the mess makes this hairstyle edgy.

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6. Ash Blonde Wolf Cut Hair

Asian woman with ash blonde wolf cut hair holding a laptop.
Give your ash blonde wolf cut some waves for a laid-back vibe. Credit: Dean Drobot from Canva

For those who want to jazz up their wolf cut, giving it a fresh, ash blonde color will do the trick. Combine it with dark roots to add depth to your wolf cut look.

7. Long, Multi-Layer Wolf Cut Hair

Asian woman with laptop and long layered hair
Got thin hair? Give the multi-layered wolf cut a shot. Credit: Hirurg/Getty Images from Canva

Thin hair often leaves people feeling limited in their styling options, but the multi-layer wolf cut and curtain bangs have emerged as a popular solution. Multiple layers add texture and movement to thin locks, so they’re worth considering for those seeking a fresh, face-framing look that adds volume.

8. The Ponytail

Asian woman in ponytail and braces
Put your hair in a sleek ponytail for a quick and easy change-up. Credit: interstid from Canva

Putting up your hair? Try a cool ponytail and let your bangs do the talking. This easy wolf cut hairstyle creates a versatile look that you can rock anywhere—from chill hangouts to fancy events.

9. Big Waves

Asian hairstyle: Woman with bangs and curly short layers
Wanna glam up your wolf cut? Just add some big waves for that extra oomph! Credit: miya227/Getty Images from Canva

Add some drama and sleekness to your wolf cut by creating big, luxurious waves! To achieve this, use a large barrel curling iron or hair rollers, and finish off with a spray for to help your hairstyle last for hours.

10. Medium-Length Wolf Cut

Asian woman inside a car
Yes, you can turn your wolf cut hairstyle into an office-ready ‘do! Credit: bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

With its cool layers and face-framing curtain bangs, this hairstyle is flattering for oval and heart-shaped faces. You can even turn this into a corporate-ready style by creating a side part and keeping it smooth with a hair serum.

Editor’s Tip: Don’t forget to moisturize your hair! Keep your wolf cut smooth and shiny with Cream Silk Rich Organic Powerfusion Rich Lustre Ultra Conditioner. Designed for brittle and frizzy locks, it nourishes with shea butter, almond oil, and other natural ingredients, adding shine and strength to your stylish wolf cut.

There you have it! Get a wolf cut now and prepare to stand out with your new look.