Asian woman with a braided summer hairstyle.

10 Easy Summer Hairstyles to Help You Beat the Heat

Stay chic and fresh this season with these hairstyles.

The sun is out, and it’s time for summer hairstyles that keep you cool and fresh. Experiment with casual updos and loose waves this season to embrace a carefree vibe. Whether you’re relaxing on your lanai or enjoying outdoor activities, the right summer hairstyle can enhance your look. Now, dive into the season in style by exploring these trendy summer hair ideas.

Our Favorite Summer Hairstyles

1. Ballerina Bun

Asian woman with a ballerina bun summer hairstyle.
Stay presko this season with a chic ballerina bun. Credit: Hariono Halim

Put your long hair in a ballerina bun to get strands off your face and neck. It’s also versatile—you can wear it with a shirt and sweatpants for working out or with a light, flowy dress when attending garden parties.

2. Bun With a Headband

Asian woman with hair in an updo wearing a headband.
A headband adds personality to your bun hairstyle. Credit: Arman from Pexels

Enhance your bun hairstyle with a headband. If you have bandanas at home, take one, fold it, and tie it around your head to create this summer hairstyle.

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3. Three-Strand Braid

Asian woman with long hair in a side braid.
Put your long hair in a side braid to add charm to your summer look. Credit: Natasha Estelle

If you’re not into buns, keep your strands in place with a braid. For a quick styling sesh, create a basic three-strand braid by dividing your hair into three sections, crossing the right section over the middle section, and putting the left section over the new middle section. Continue doing this until you reach the ends of your hair. Then, secure your braid with a hair tie.

Let your three-strand braid cascade down your back. For a more romantic look, go for a side braid.

4. Twin Braids

Asian woman with long hair in twin braids.
This braided hairstyle spells summer fun! Credit: Hariono Halim

Pigtail braids create a playful look. You can also explore other braids, like the Dutch braid and fishtail braid, to make your hairstyle more exciting.

5. Chin-Length Bob

Asian woman with short hair wearing eyeglasses.
If you’ve had long hair all your life, embrace a new look this season with a short ‘do. Credit: BBH Singapore from Unsplash

Summer is the perfect time to cut your hair short. Try a chin-length bob for a light and fresh look. Its length gives you relief from the heat. You can also style it in different ways—part it on one side to add volume and bounce, accessorize it with hair clips for a cute look, or make it wavy for that laid-back summer vibe.

6. Half-Up Top Knot

Asian woman with short hair in a half-up top knot hairstyle.
Bangs add a quirky touch to this summer hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

This bun for short hair creates a casual look that suits the relaxed vibe of summer. It also requires minimal styling—you can keep it messy for that effortlessly chic flair.

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7. Curly Pixie Cut With Short Sides

Asian woman with a curly pixie cut wearing eyeglasses.
Try this ‘do if you’re fond of edgy looks. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

This short hairstyle is lightweight and airy. With trimmed sides, your curls pop and become the highlight of your ‘do.

8. Long Waves

Asian woman with long wavy hair.
Embrace your hair’s natural texture with this wavy down ‘do. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have naturally wavy hair, showcase its texture by leaving your hair down. Long waves also give you a boho-chic look—perfect for summer parties by the beach.

9. Hair Claw Updo

Back of a woman with hair in an updo secured by a hair claw.
Have a hair claw ready so you can put your hair up anytime. Credit: Shutterstock

On busy summer days, opt for this quick and easy updo. To create this hairstyle, twist your hair, position it against the back of your head, and secure it with a hair claw. That’s it!

10. Headband Braid

Asian woman with headband braid on her short curly hair.
If you’re fond of short hair braids, you’ll enjoy rocking this hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This hairstyle adds flair to your short, curly hair. It keeps strands off your face while flaunting your hair’s natural shape and texture. It’s also versatile—you can wear it on casual days or when attending summer parties.

There you have it! Now, have fun in the sun while staying fresh with these summer hairstyles.