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Short Hair Quotes That Will Make Your New Haircut a Statement

Score double taps on your hair selfies with a witty and inspiring caption.

Getting a new haircut can take you out of your comfort zone. If you’ve had long hair all your life, short hair can be unsettling at first. You might find yourself wondering if you’ve made the right decision. But we’re here to tell you, “Yes, you did!” Congratulations on your new look! Now, own it, flaunt it, and don’t forget to snap a selfie. And if you can’t think of a winning caption for your IG post, let these short hair quotes help you.

10 Best Short Hair Quotes Every Girl Must Know

1. A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. – Coco Chanel

A quote card containing a short hair quote by Coco Chanel
New hair, new you!

This is one of the most popular short hair quotes. And there’s some truth in it. When you cut your hair, especially after a turning point in your life like a breakup, it can signify a new chapter. And what better way to say hello to a new you than with a new look?

Asian woman with short hair
Look fresh with a straight, chin-length bob. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Try a straight, chin-length bob if you want something sleek. It feels light, especially when you get it after wearing your hair long for years.

2. The shorter the hair, the harder they stare. – Anonymous

A peach short hair quote card with "the shorter the hair, the harder they stare" written on it
Catch everyone’s attention with your new haircut.

Short haircuts are full of personality. Bobs and lobs give you a fresh look, but if you want something edgy, go shorter! Get a pixie cut or even a shag haircut. They’re bound to turn heads wherever you go.

Asian woman with very short curly hair
Turn heads with a super short, curly pixie cut. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Got natural curls? Don’t let them stop you from getting a very short haircut. This asymmetrical, curly pixie cut showcases the shape and volume of your kulot hair. Meanwhile, the short sides and back provide balance, resulting in an overall polished look.

3. Short hair is worth a thousand selfies. – Anonymous

A pink quote card with a short hair quote that says short hair is worth a thousand selfies
Take as many photos as you want.

Loving your new haircut? Take lots of photos of it! Post them for all your friends to see how you’re slaying with your short hair.

Asian woman with short hair using her cellphone
Have fun posting about your new look on Instagram. Credit: Shutterstock

Snapping selfies is fun, especially when you get a new hair color with your haircut. And if you can’t think of a caption for your Instagram post, use this short hair quote.

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4. He liked her with long hair, so she cut it short. – Anonymous

A short hair quote on a purple background
How you wear your hair is completely up to you.

Have you ever had your friends tell you that short hair doesn’t suit you? That you look better with long hair? Well, it’s time to listen to the only voice that matters: yours. If you want to try a short haircut, go get it! Nobody can tell you how to wear your hair.

Asian woman with a pixie cut with quiff
Make a statement with a gender-neutral hairstyle. Credit: Hariono Halim

You can also experiment with androgynous looks. Get a pixie cut and keep the front section long. To style, brush and iron the front section upward, then a little toward the back, to create a quiff. Spritz hairspray to keep your quiff in place.

5. Cutting your hair feels like dressing yourself in pure confidence. – Anonymous

A caption written on a green background
No frills. Just confidence.

While you can be confident in any hair length, short hair lets you show more of your face and personality. With short hair, you don’t need elaborate braids and buns to stand out. The key to rocking it is feeling good about yourself.

Asian woman with short hair standing against a blue wall
Confidence is key to rocking any haircut. Credit: Sarah Pflug from Burst

Even when you’re wearing a simple outfit, you’ll be a head-turner when you’re confident. So, straighten your back, scrunch your hair, and own your look.

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6. Early morning, messy short hair, and coffee. – Anonymous

A caption written on a square with an orange background
How’s that for a chill, Sunday morning?

Who doesn’t like slow mornings? You get out of bed unhurriedly, make your coffee, and enjoy it in peace. You don’t even need to style your hair, especially if it’s short. Whether you want a bedhead look or a textured hairstyle, you can easily achieve it with short hair.

Asian woman with short, messy ginger hair
Having a bad hair day? No one will notice when you go for a messy-chic hairstyle. Credit: Pexels

Try a messy ‘do for your short hair the next time you’re staying home all day (or even when you’re going out; it’s up to you). Ditch your comb or brush, let your hair dry naturally, and scrunch it for volume and texture.

7. This short hair makes me feel like I can conquer the world. – Anonymous

A caption about short hair written on a blue background
Own your new look and be unstoppable.

A new haircut can make you see yourself in a new light. After all, chopping your long, cascading locks takes courage. We won’t blame you if you feel ready to take on anything after your makeover.

Asian woman with a pixie cut with bangs
Slay from day to night with this edgy haircut. Credit: Gatot Adri from Pexels

Ready for a drastic change? Say bye to your long hair and try this pixie cut with bangs. It’s equal parts fierce, edgy, and modern. Then, jazz it up with golden brown and blonde highlights to add dimension to your short hair.

8. Keep calm and rock your short hair. – Anonymous

A short hair caption on a green background
Not happy with your haircut? It can still look great with a few styling tricks.

Did your stylist cut your hair too short? Calm down and take a deep breath. There are ways to rock your new haircut even if it doesn’t match your expectations. You can jazz up your hair with statement accessories. You can also wear a hat and let your street-chic look shine. With these styling hacks, no one will notice if your haircut looks weird.

Asian woman with short hair wearing hair clips
Let hair accessories and styling tricks help you rock your haircut. Credit: Hariono Halim

Feel free to mix and match hair clips to keep your hairstyle from looking plain. And if you have awkward-looking layers and tips, you can curl your hair to disguise them and make them part of your hairstyle’s texture.

9. Short hair for life. – Anonymous

A caption on a green background
Make your favorite haircut your signature look.

On the other hand, if you’ve recently gotten a new short haircut and you love it, you’ll want to keep it. You might even ask yourself, “What took me this long to cut my hair short?” Once you’ve found the best haircut that suits your face shape and your lifestyle, it’s hard to let go. Maintain it by going to the salon at least once a month for a trim. Also, keep your look fresh by trying out different short hairstyles that work with your beloved haircut.

Asian woman with braided short curly hair
Create a headband braid to keep strands off your face. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Why don’t you try short hair braids? They’re pretty and practical hairstyles, especially if you love boho-chic or romantic looks. They also go well with short curly hair.

10. Life’s just better with shorter hair. – Anonymous

A caption written on a purple square
Always in a hurry? Having short hair can help you speed up your morning prep.

While not all short haircuts are wash-and-wear types, short hair is generally easier to manage than long hair. Washing a bob or a pixie cut takes less time than washing long hair. Short hair is also quicker to style, making it less prone to styling damage.

Asian woman with bouncy bob
Short hair also needs TLC so it stays manageable and healthy. Credit: Hariono Halim

Nevertheless, short hair still needs ample TLC. Use a shampoo-and-conditioner duo that keeps it from getting dry and frizzy. And pamper it with nourishing hair spa treatments regularly to keep it strong and healthy-looking.

There you have it! If you’re still on the fence about cutting your hair, let these short hair quotes prompt you to go for it. Don’t forget to use your favorite quote as your caption when you post your hair selfie on Instagram.