Sexy slicked back hair: 4 ways to rock this trend

The wet look look trend is hot again. Slick back hair and walk the streets like they’re your own personal runway! Here are four ways you can rock this style!

We’ve been seeing the slicked back hair trend a lot again these days, from runways to red carpets; and we gotta say, it does look hot. We suddenly went checking our calendars for upcoming parties and events (or just any opportunity, really) where we can wear this look. We couldn’t wait to try it! We’re amazed at how simple it is and how easy it is to style, and yet it quickly gives you a glammed up look the same way a fancy, 2-hour updo does!

About a year ago, we had model Tola Orendáin teach us how to create the party-perfect slicked back hairstyle, so if you want to check that out, you can go to this link. It really doesn’t take a lot to create this look, it’s basically just brushing your hair back and using some products to keep hair in place. So not only is this hairstyle sexy, it’s also effortless. Plus, there are different ways you can wear this ‘do. Here are a couple of ideas to inspire you!

Slicked back hair: 4 Different styles to try

wavy slick back hair
Add soft waves to give your slicked back hair a more feminine vibe. Credit:

1. Glammed up: Slicked back on top, nice & wavy at the bottom

When you hear slicked back hair, you often imagine poker straight strands with a gunk of wet-look gel holding them back and away from your face. While this is a classic sexy style, it’s not the only way you can wear the trend. Add softness to the look by adding subtle waves at the bottom—it makes it more feminine and also more modern.

slick back hair with volume on top
Add a bit of oomph on top. Credit:

2. With volume on top

Get the best of both worlds by combining a slicked back style with a bit of volume up top. To do this, apply TONI&GUY Volume Plumping Mousse on your hair at the crown area. Blow dry while you pull your hair straight up at the root with a brush to get volume. Continue through to the ends to get rid of tangles and smoothen everything out. Go back to the top and blow dry your hair while bringing it towards the back of your head. Push hair up a bit at the crown for extra volume. Finish with  a spritz of TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray to keep your strands in place.

A classic combination: slicked back top and a pretty, polished updo. Credit:

3. Slicked back updo

Give your updo a sleek and sexy upgrade with a style like this. Slick back hair, put it up in an updo, apply hairspray, then before the product dries up, separate the strands at the top of your head with a comb.

curly slick back hair
Slick it back but keep it naturally curly. Credit:

4. Curly & slicked back

Your curly hair can enjoy this hairstyle, too! It may not be an everyday-wear kind of look, but it’s perfect for parties and nights out because it features your natural curls, and it makes it easy to define them and keep them in control without too much effort.

The slicked back hair: minimal effort, maximum style! Add it to the list of hairstyles you just gotta try this year!