Get Sansa Stark’s Beautiful Crown Braid

Be like Sansa Stark! Check out how to copy her signature look with these hair ideas. 

Game of Thrones is over, but we can’t get over it yet! It has been eight seasons of fighting, scheming, and playing your cards the most clever way you can in order to vanquish your enemies (or at the very least, to stay alive and survive). Finally, a new King of Westeros has been chosen. But as the limelight is on this new king, let us also look at a queen who emerged as a deserving and capable leader: Sansa Stark, Queen of Winterfell.

We may not be like Sansa who has an independent North to rule, but we can be like her in terms of style. Why don’t we show you how you can recreate her beautiful crown braid? Here’s are pegs for you to get her signature look.

1. Crown braid for short hair

Sansa Stark: Asian woman with black hair in crown braid
You don’t have to fight for this beautiful crown braid. It’s easy to do!

Even if you don’t have hair as long as Sansa Stark’s, you can still create a crown braid. Just create twin braids, then pin them on top of your head, and you’re done! Now, you can look queenly anywhere you go.

Editor’s tip: Rock any hairstyle with manageable hair. Use DOVE Oxygen and Nourishment Shampoo to get soft and healthy locks. Aside from nourishing your hair, it can also help boost your hair’s volume and make it naturally bouncy. 

Watch this complete tutorial video to learn how to create a beautiful crown braid.

2. Crown braid for long hair

Sansa Stark: Asian woman with crown braid for long hair smilling
A beautiful crown braid on your crowning glory. You’re a queen indeed!

If you have long, cascading locks, feel free to put it in a crown braid. The process is basically the same as the one we’ve shown above. You just have to be mindful of where the tips of your braid land when you pin your hair up. Make sure that the tips are well-hidden so they won’t distract from the hairstyle.

Editor’s tip: Spritz TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray on your crown braid to keep it from unraveling. The spray can also help in making it smooth and frizz-free! 

3. Half Crown Braid

Sansa Stark Braid: Back shot of an Asian woman with long black hair in half crown braid
Show off your long, beautiful hair together with a half crown braid.

On days when you want to tone down your regal vibe, go for a half crown braid. It’s a feminine and romantic-looking half updo that’s perfect for relaxing activities like reading your favorite book in the park or meeting friends at a coffee shop. It also suits daytime parties. You can go for this hairstyle whether you have shoulder-length or long hair, straight or natural wavy.

Editor’s tip: A bit of texture can add appeal to this half updo. Spritz TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray on your hair to give your strands grip and make braiding easier. If you’re making beach waves to go with your half crown braid, the sea salt spray can also keep the waves in good shape. 

4. Twisted crown braid

Sansa Stark Braid: Asian woman with black hair in half updo standing outdoors
A few twists on your hair can give you a beautiful hairstyle such as this.

This is another half updo that looks more relaxed but still queenly and beautiful. You can wear a twisted crown braid on semi-formal events like cocktail parties or romantic dinner dates. Complement it with a simple but elegant cocktail dress and minimal accessories so the focus stays on your hair.

Editor’s tip: Don’t let hairfall ruin your look. Wash your hair with Cream Silk Hairfall Defense Conditioner to minimize hair breakage and help make brittle strands become stronger. 

The watch may have ended, but not our watch for hairstyle inspiration and ideas. Stay tuned for more hair pegs and let us help recreate your favorite characters’ signature looks.

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