Asian woman with a pigtail hairstyle

20 Pigtail Hairstyles for That Cute and Charming Look

Create a fun and playful look by trying out these pigtails.

What are pigtails, you may ask? Pigtail hairstyles consist of two sections of hair tied on each side of the head. You often see this hairstyle on children, but grownups can have fun with this ‘do, too! You can tie your hair in pigtails or pigtail braids when working out, running errands, or when you want to spice up a casual look. And if you’re looking for ways to experiment with this cute hairstyle, here are some ideas.

20 Easy Pigtail Hairstyles

1. High Pigtails

Asian woman with a pigtail hairstyle winking at the camera
Do your dance workout in style by putting your hair in high pigtails. Credit: Shutterstock

This perky hairstyle is great for long hair. To create this ‘do, divide your hair into two equal sections by parting your hair at the center from your hairline down to your nape. Tie each section on each side of your head, above ear level, using hair ties.

When you’re done, wrap a small section of hair around each of your hair ties and secure it with a bobby pin.

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2. Low Pigtail Hairstyle

Asian woman with hair in low pigtails
This laidback ‘do is perfect for chilling out on weekends. Credit: Shutterstock

For a more relaxed pigtail hairstyle, tie each section of your hair loosely below ear level. You can wrap a section of hair around your hair ties to make your hairstyle a bit more polished.

3. Half-Up Pigtail Hairstyles for Short Hair

Asian woman with short hair in half-up pigtails
Curly your hair before tying it to make your pigtails bouncy. Credit: Hariono Halim

For those with bobs or lobs, you can simply divide the upper half section of your hair into two sections and tie these into pigtails. It’s a clever hair hack, too, if you want to keep strands off your face.

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4. ’90s Pigtails for Medium-Length Hair

Photo of a 90s pigtail hairstyle for medium-length hair
In the mood for a throwback? Style your hair this way. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This is similar to half-up pigtails, only your hair is tied a little far back instead of near your temples. Go for this ‘do if you’re feeling nostalgic about this decade and you want to relive your happy memories.

5. Low Pigtails With Wispy Bangs

Asian woman with short hair in a low pigtail hairstyle
Create a trendy hairstyle for school by going for pigtails with wispy bangs. Credit: Anh Tuan from Pexels

You can tie your short hair entirely by going for low pigtails. And if you have bangs, make them wispy to create a laidback, Korean-inspired look.

6. Twin Braids

Asian woman with hair in pigtail-inspired braids
Exude a youthful vibe with pigtail-inspired braids. Credit: Hariono Halim

This pigtail-inspired braided hairstyle is a cute and easy hairstyle for school. Just divide your hair into two equal sections and put each in a three-strand braid, and that’s it!

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7. Sleek, Side-Parted Pigtail Braids

Asian woman with pigtail braids
Get sleek pigtail braids by spritzing a smoothing hairspray all over your hair after braiding. Credit: Shutterstock

You don’t always have to create a center part when creating pigtail hairstyles. A side part adds a grownup feel to pigtail braids, and it also helps give balance to a round or a heart face shape.

8. Twin Fishtail Braids

Asian woman with twin fishtail braids wearing a newsboy hat
Experiment with a different braid type by creating twin fishtail braids. Credit: Dennie Ramon

You can also create two fishtail braids instead of simple three-strand braids. Then, put on a newsboy hat to add an edgy vibe to your look.

9. Twin Fishtail Braids for Medium-Length Hair

Asian woman with a twin fishtail braid hairstyle
If you’re into braids for short hair, try this ‘do. Credit: Hariono Halim

Put your long bob in twin fishtail braids to keep hair off your nape on a hot, summer day. What a way to beat the heat in style!

10. Doule Low Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair

Asian woman with buns for short hair
This cute pigtail buns won’t take long to create. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Love buns for short hair? Try this pigtail-inspired ‘do that works for bobs and lobs. It’s a cute and practical summer hairstyle, keeping hair off your neck and nape and giving you that presko feeling.

11. Double Bun and Pigtail Braid Hairstyle

Asian woman with hair in a double bun and braid
Let your cheerful personality shine with this quirky hairstyle. Credit: Hariono Halim

Create this playful ‘do, tie your hair as if you’re creating high pigtails. But instead of pulling your hair all the way through your hair tie, stop when you form a bun. Then, braid the rest of your hair and secure the tips with an elastic. Do this on both sections of your hair.

12. Pigtail and Braids

Back shot of an Asian woman with a pigtail hairstyle
The braids add oomph to this pigtail hairstyle. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Jazz up a low pigtail hairstyle for short hair by adding braids. You can do this by leaving a small section on each side of your head untied as you tie the rest of your hair into pigtails using elastics. Then, braid the sections that you left untied earlier. Braid towards the elastics, and when it reaches the base of your pigtails, wrap each braid around the elastics and secure it with bobby pins.

13. Low Pigtail Hairstyles With Ribbons

Asian woman with long hair in a pigtail hairstyle
Choose a ribbon that will pop against your hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

Make your low pigtails look dainty by wrapping a ribbon around each of your hair ties. Aside from serving as cute accents, the ribbons also add character to your hairstyle.

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14. Pigtail Braids With Tendrils

Asian woman with hair in pigtail braids
Tendrils add a dainty feel to your twin braid hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Tendrils give any hairstyle a soft, youthful look. To add these to your pigtail braids, simply leave a small section of hair on each side before you create your braids. Let these sections frame your face, and you’re all set!

15. Messy Pigtails With Side Bangs

Asian woman with ash brown hair
Make second-day hair look chic with messy pigtails. Credit: Shutterstock

Having a bad hair day? No one will notice when you go for this messy-chic hairstyle. You can even ditch your brush and just finger-comb your hair as you put it in low pigtails.

16. Pigtails With Head Scarf

Woman with a headscarf holding a basket
Make your pigtails daintier by adding a scarf for a headband. Credits: Pexels

Scarves make a versatile hair accessory that goes well with any hairstyle, including pigtails! You can use it to keep your hair away from your face and to complement your OOTD.

17. Half-Up Pigtails With Layered Side Bangs

Asian woman with hands on her cheeks
To add a more youthful vibe to your look, try this e-girl-inspired hairstyle. Credit: Pexels

This hairstyle gives your look character, especially if you’re into an edgy, e-girl aesthetic.  Don’t forget to leave a few strands in the front to make your hairstyle more modern and casually effortless.

18. Pigtail Braids With Choppy, See-Through Bangs

Woman in a white dress strumming a guitar
Bangs and pigtails make a nostalgic hair combo. Credit: Truong Khang from Pexels

Partner this hairstyle with a pretty dress to easily achieve the cottagecore aesthetic. Donning your braids in pigtails with full bangs is not only nostalgic. It also gives your look a dreamy and romantic vibe.

19. Space Bun Hairstyle

Woman wearing space bun hairstyle
The classic space buns never disappoint. Credits: Pexels

Space buns have quickly evolved from being a music festival hairstyle to becoming a casual everyday look. Not only are they a cute way to keep your hair in place, but they also channel a fun and creative vibe. Try this updo if you want to take your pigtail hairstyle to the next level.

20. Mini Pigtail Hairstyle

Woman carrying a stack of books.
Give your hair ties a break, as you only need bobby pins to create this ‘do. Credit: Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Mini pigtails are a perfect way to keep your hair away from your face by only tying the front sections of your hair. This hairstyle is just as cute as pigtails but only more subtle and quicker to style.

Now, which of these is your favorite? Whether you have long or short hair, there’s a pigtail hairstyle for you, so go ahead and have fun creating these looks.