Pam Quiñones walks down the TRESemmé Runway 2019.

Pam Quiñones: Get to Know This Style Expert’s Hair Secrets

Get exclusive access to styling tips, tricks, and secrets from style expert Pam Quiñones!

Ever wonder how stylists style themselves? Because we do! And so when we had the chance to grab a moment with stylist Pam Quiñones, we didn’t think twice to ask her about her style faves and tricks, including her hair secrets. Read on to pick up a thing or two from this style guru.

 Hair Secrets and Tips from Pam Quiñones

Pam Quiñones posing at the TRESemmé Runway 2019
Discover something new about hairstyling with the style expert Pam Quiñones.

Favorite hairstyling product in your dresser:

“Wax. A cream wax — I like that for hair styling. And dry shampoo. That’s it!”

One hair product you cannot ever live without:


TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Shampoo

Editor’s tip: There are different kinds of shampoo for different types of hair. If you have colored hair like Pam Quiñones, use TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Shampoo. This product has the first-of-its-kind Color Radiance Booster that will help protect your hair color from fading and keep it vibrant for up to twice longer. Pair it with the TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Conditioner for extra moisture.

Pam Quiñones with other personalities on stage at the TRESemmé Runway 2019
Trusted by big personalities and brands like TRESemmé, Pam Quiñones creates stylish looks people can’t just help but love.

Your go-to hairstyle:

“I love messy hair. Like messy almost undone. I love it actually when I had just woken up, and I shower but I don’t wash my hair. Then I put a bit of dry shampoo.”

Editor’s tip: Yup, dry shampoos are not only good for cleansing. It’s also a secret ingredient to a great messy hairstyle! Use the TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo.

Fave trick for bad hair days:

“Mid-part and then tie it to a low ponytail.”

Pam Quiñones walks down the stage atthe TRESemmé Runway 2019 show
Pam Quiñones, being one of the creative minds behind the TRESemmé Runway 2019 show, walks down the stage.

Hair advice to Filipinas:

“I think more than anything, own your hair. If you have curly hair, own it. If you have wavy, own it. Straight, own it. There’s always a way to elevate the look, but I think it’s always better when you do less damage on your hair. So don’t go to the extreme of heat ironing, curling—anything that has [an] infusion of heat [because] I feel like that really damages the hair. If you own your hair, you can wear it like how it’s supposed to be.”

Editor’s tip: Whenever you style your hair using heated styling tools, don’t forget to spritz TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray on your hair to prevent damage.

How to Rock Messy Hair like Pam Quiñones

Explore these messy hairstyles when you’re having a bad hair day.

1. Messy Ponytail

woman with messy ponytail
A bit of mess won’t hurt anyone, especially a chic messy ponytail. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for TRESemme)

There’s a fine line between a fasyown messy look and haggard look. The secret lies in having healthy, damage-free hair and how you own your messy look.

2. Messy bun

International Women's Day: Asian woman with long black hair in a messy bun wearing a striped shirt and holding a camera
With a messy bun, you don’t need to worry about your hair getting ruined. It’s messy (but chic) anyway!

A bad hair day? The best fix is to put your hair up in a bun! Leave a few strands hanging so your face is perfectly framed.

3. Messy braid

Asian woman with long hair in a messy fishtail braid smiling
Wear your fishtail braid loose and messy on days when you just want to relax. Credit: Hariono Halim

If you have the energy to do some weaving, create a messy braid. Leave it loose to create a relaxed but chic look.

4. Messy wet look

Wet hair look pegs: woman in a black pantsuit, sporting her tousled wet hair while sitting
The messy look of wet hairstyles. Credit: Shutterstock

Just got out of the shower? Leave your hair damp, spritz on some hairspray, and voila—a messy look made in heaven!

Aren’t they just all lovely? Whatever style you choose, whether sleek or messy, own your hair like stylist Pam Quiñones. Go, girl!

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