New York Fashion Week Street Style: 10 Easy Looks to Try

Here are the New York Fashion Week street style looks that caught our eye this year.

With New York Fashion Week ongoing, we’re once again filled with style inspiration. We’re seeing tons of fashionistas sporting different outfits and hairstyles even off the runway, and we’re just loving them! They’ve inspired us to take our ‘dos more seriously and make them complement even our most basic OOTD’s. Because of this, we’ve compiled the gorgeous hairstyles that we’ve spotted at the New York Fashion Week street style scene so that you, too, can create your own fashionable looks.

Our Fave New York Fashion Week Street Style Looks

1. Choppy Messy Bob

New York Fashion Week Street Style:Model is wearing a leopard-skin coat and her hair is blonde
Layers make it easy for you to nail a messy-chic look. Credits: Arianna Sharfman

Don’t we just love the choppy bob? It’s a great hairstyle to wear to show off your layers. Just scrunch your hair, and it already looks styled especially if you love messy-chic looks.

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2. Colored Hair in a Bandana

New York Fashion Week Street Style: girl is wearing a bandana over her orange-colored hair
Wear the bandana in style. Credit: Arianna Sharfman

If you have an offbeat and slightly eccentric style, you’ll love this look. The peach hair with bangs is already a statement in itself. Then, when you top it with a patterned bandana, you create a bold style that’s oozing with personality.

3. Ponytail with Loose Long Bangs

New New York Fashion Week Street Style: Girl is wearing sunglasses and dangling earrings
Look stylish and stunning. Credit: Arianna Sharfman

Who would have thought that a simple ponytail at the New York Fashion Week Street Style scene? Glam it up by tying it high, flipping out the ends, and letting loose strands frame your face. So chic, right?

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4. High Top Bun

New York Fashion Week Street Style:
Look how versatile the bun hairstyle is. Credit: Arianna Sharfman

Even the fashion icons in New York know how versatile the high top bun is, whether it is worn sleek or messy. This shouldn’t be a surprise because this hairstyle can go with whatever accessories or outfit you are wearing. It’s also a great hairstyle to go for on a bad hair day.

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5. Layered Hair with Beaded Headband

New York Fashion Week Street Style: Girl is wearing a pink dress and coat with a pink headband and sunglasses
Look girlish and ‘princessy’ with this awesome ‘do. Credit: Arianna Sharfman

We got to admit it; the New York Fashion Week Street Style scene is giving us a new reason to renew our love for headbands. Add to that some wavy layers and you get a sweet and feminine look.

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6. Low Bun

New York Fashion Week Street Style: Girl is wearing a black dress with a shoulder bag.
Low or high, the bun is a gorgeous hairstyle. Credit: Arianna Sharfman

Here is another versatile hairstyle that you can glam up or dress down. The low bun is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re going to the office, to a party, or en route to a romantic date. Plus, you can make so many variations to this hairstyle, including turning it into a twisted updo for formal events.

7. One-Length Bob with a Side Part

New York Fashion Week Street Style: Model is looking back at the camera with a scarf around her neck.
This straight bob looks fresh and goes with any outfit. Credit: Arianna Sharfman

This is perhaps the simplest hairstyle we’ve seen in the New York Fashion Week Street Style scene, but it doesn’t mean it’s plain and boring. This sleek and straight bob can be your day-to-night look and can go with dresses, coats, jeans and shirts, and even a party outfits.

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8. Side-Swept Curly Bob

New York Fashion Week Street Style: girl is wearing white sunglasses and is holding a cup of coffee while smiling
Feminine and sexy are what describe this hairstyle. Credit: Arianna Sharfman

Don’t you just love how a curly bob adds a vintage touch to your whole look? If you don’t have natural curls, feel free to use a curling wand to big, loose curls. Pin one side to make your hairstyle more elegant. Wear a nice pair of earrings for a more fashionable look.

9. Long and Straight Hair

New York Fashion Week Street Style: Girl is wearing a red coat and is walking on the street
Simple yet elegant looking. Credit: Arianna Sharfman

A straight down ‘do never goes out of style. If you don’t know how to braid, curl, or put your hair up in a stylish bun, you won’t go wrong with this hairstyle. Just keep it shiny and frizz-free and you’ll be all set for just about anything.

10. Short Hair with See-through Bangs

New York Fashion Week Street Style: Girl is wearing a faux fur coat and sunglasses
Short hair rocks. Credit: Arianna Sharfman

See-through bangs also go with short hair like short bobs or and pixie cuts. This type of fringe makes short hair looks more fresh and updated. And if you love wearing big earrings, see-through bangs and short hair can keep you from looking over-the-top.

You see? You don’t need to walk on the runways of New York Fashion Week to show that you have great style. Even a simple ‘do can be a head-turner if you wear it with confidence and flair along with your favorite outfit.