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My Hair, My Say: Pinay Hair Stories to Empower You to Embrace Your Hair

Break free from stereotypes and embrace your own version of beautiful hair—just like these Filipina artists!

Your hair is an extension of your identity. It reflects your personality and allows you to express yourself. This is why it can be frustrating whenever you hear comments from people about what your hair should look like based on their own preconceived notions and stereotypes. After all, it’s your own hair, and no one else should have a say on it.

We believe that everyone should have the freedom to wear their hair as they like. Choosing the hairstyle or hair color you want empowers you to be who you want to be. It allows you to break standards of beauty and show how amazing you are, inside and out.

Get inspired by these Filipinas who are proudly saying, “My Hair, My Say!” Read on to know their hair stories.

1. Maysh Baay, singer

Maysh’s hair color is a way to express herself. Credit: Maysh Baay’s Instagram account @mayshie

Maysh’s purple hair has become part of her signature look. However, not everyone was pleased with that when she was just starting out her career in music. “Alam nyo naman mahilig ako mag-explore ng hairstyle and hair color ever since I started singing/performing. Yung iba pag binabalikan ko nakakatuwa or nakakatawa. While that seems normal in the entertainment industry, I also live a double life in the corporate world, and this part of me invites different types of reactions,” Maysh writes on one of her Instagram posts.

This, however, did not faze her. Maysh has learned to write her own narrative, and she is rocking it! “I am a musician and a multipotentialite. I carry in me many identities that need expression. Who I am is reflected in how I present myself—from my hair to how I show up.”

2. Leanne & Naara, singer-songwriter duo

Be the boss of your own beautiful hair. Credit: Leanne & Nara’s Instagram account @leanneandnaara

Leanne & Naara’s music never fails to bring good vibes, but that’s not the only thing that makes them admirable. They also empower Filipinas to be proud of their hair choices. “We’ve always loved exploring different looks and hairstyles. We believe this is one of the best ways we can express ourselves outside of music. That’s why we’re so honored to have had this opportunity to work with amazing women in the industry to show everyone that when it comes to your hair, you’re the boss!” the duo writes on Instagram.

3. Reese Lansangan, singer-songwriter and visual artist

For Reese, her hair is a reflection of her inner transformation and growth. Credit: Reese Lansangan’s official Instagram account @reeseypeasy

When Reese was in college, she used to experiment with different hair colors. “There was almost never a day when my hair wasn’t dyed. From fiery red to neon green to rainbow streaks to lola gray (my personal fave!), I’ve truly tried the entire spectrum,” she writes on Instagram.

But as she grew as an artist, she started showing her naturally dark tresses more. “I’ve always seen hair as an extension of my expression. I always say, ‘Experiment lang! Tutubo din yan!‘ With @Dove, I was able to communicate my inner transformation through my hair. It’s been a long time coming, but my hair missed the color!!! Though it’s not as bright as my younger days (lol), it’s a subtle nod to the past and an embrace to the future.”

It’s time to show the world your own version of beautiful hair! Follow KZ Tandingan’s lead in singing “My Hair, My Say,” a song that speaks about taking back the power over your hair and refusing to be boxed by other people’s standards. More Filipina artists such as FANA, Maysh Baay, Leanne & Naara, and Reese Lansangan have joined this campaign to release the new “My Hair, My Say Remix.”

My Hair My Say: Filipina singers laughing and smiling in a studio
Show your own version of beautiful hair, just like these Filipina artists. Credit: Dove Philippines


The song is inspiring a movement of women to be free from beauty stereotypes. Its uplifting melody and lyrics can help give you a major confidence boost! And with the remix being a collaboration of Filipinas with their own hair stories to tell, it has become more powerful—an anthem about women empowerment and self-expression.

Listen to “My Hair, My Say Remix” now and feel free to sing along:

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