8 Money Heist-Inspired Hairstyles You Should Steal Now

Steal your favorite characters' hot looks with these Money Heist-inspired hairstyles!

The newest season of Netflix’s La Casa De Papel or Money Heist is finally here and we’re all crazy about it! But more than the plot and explosive twists, we can’t get over the character’s stylish hairstyles. From our hot girl Tokyo to our bad boy Denver, what’s not to love about Money Heist-inspired hairstyles?

Are you ready to steal their looks? Don’t worry, no spoilers ahead with these Money Heist-inspired hairstyles that stole the show!

1. Blunt Bob and Bangs

Bob haircuts for fine hair: Closeup shot of a woman with straight short brown hair with bangs with eyes closed
Want to make your bob look more sophisticated? Add blunt bangs. Credit: Shutterstock

Oh yes, who doesn’t love Tokyo’s iconic look? More than her temperament, Tokyo’s blunt bob and bangs define hot like no other. Toss in a few waves and maybe play a little with brown hair color to really nail the look!

2. Messy Curls

Money Heist hairstyles: Caucasian man with messy curls wearing glasses and a white shirt at home
Letting your curls hang loose can be a statement on its own. Credit: Shutterstock

We’re all smitten by Rio and for good reasons. He’s clever, fun, sweet, and charming, especially with his messy curls. If you have natural curls, maybe it’s time to let them hang loose and nail this cool look. There are several curly hairstyles that you can choose from, so don’t worry about running out of ideas in rocking Money Heist-inspired hairstyles for men.

3. Slicked-Back Hair

Wet hair look: Closeup shot of a woman with long black hair wearing a nude-colored tube top against a light gray background
Brush your hair back, hold the style with hairspray, and you’re all set. Credit: Shutterstock

No matter how messy things are going, they fall well into place when Nairobi takes over. No wonder her slicked-back hair works and speaks perfectly for her. What better way to declare “empieze el metriarcado / the matriarchy begins” than in a sophisticated slick-back hair? Even if you have a bob or a pixie cut, you can also rock a wet look for short hair for a sleek and sexy Money Heist-inspired hairstyle.

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4. Short Curly Mullet

Money Heist hairstyles: A man with curly hair in a mullet cut
Mullets are back and we’re all here for it! Credit: Shutterstock

Denver is cool in every way, from his smooth Elvis dance moves to his modern take on mullet. Call him bad boy, but with his short choppy curls in an old-school haircut, he’s good enough to be our dream boy.

5. Pencil Bun

Buns for short hair: The chopstick bun
You can create a bun using sticks or pencils. Credit: Shutterstock

Is it just us who find the tight shots of Inspector Murillo fixing her hair into a bun with a pencil therapeutic? We bet not! Her game face look and super on point hairstyle make her so captivating. Copping this look is easy peasy.

6. Wavy Brushed Back Hair

Money Heist hairstyles: Man with wavy hair brushed back
Medium-length wavy hair looks sleeker when brushed back. Credit: Shutterstock

Aside from the professor’s clever plans and smooth voice, his fluffy waves are pretty hard to miss. Brushed back to the sides while keeping a few strands sticking out, we’re sure it’s one of the reasons why one can’t help but be head over heels with him.

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7. High Ponytail

Updos for long hair: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with long black hair in a high ponytail
Let your hair scream sophistication from day to night with a high ponytail. Credit: Natasha Estelle

With her high ponytail, Inspector Alicia Sierra shows she’s the boss and on top of her game. It’s sleek and simple but very demanding of attention!

8. Curly Hair With a Beret

Money Heist hairstyles: woman with curly hair wearing a purple beret, brown turtleneck, and shades
A simple detail like a beret can push your look to new levels of chic. Credit: Shutterstock

There’s no denying that the group’s arrival at the monastery is one epic shot. But what really made it unforgettable for us is Stockholm’s beret look! Her  curls are glorious as they are but with this simple detail, she stole the show.

Now, it’s your turn to steal the spotlight with these Money Heist-inspired hairstyles! Bookmark this page for more hairstyle pegs that you can rock in style no matter the season.