Asian woman with a medium bob haircut wearing sunglasses as a headband.

Medium Bob Haircut: Trendy Ways to Rock This ‘Do

Your medium bob doesn't have to look plain and dated. Here are ideas to make it chic and smashin'.

When you’ve had long hair for quite a while, opting for a bob haircut can be the best leap toward a fresh hairstyle. Various styles of bobs exist. There are long bobs (also known as lobs), and then there are choppy bobs which involve fun and playful layering. But if you find yourself in a dilemma about moving to a very short hairstyle or possibly returning the long hair you’ve always loved, a medium bob haircut might just be your best bet!

The medium bob haircut generally ranges from the jawline extending to just above the shoulders. Read on as we explore some inspiring ideas in flaunting the medium bob.

Medium Bob Haircut Pegs We Love

1. Flipped-Out Medium Bob Haircut

Asian woman with medium bob haircut using smartphone
Inject an old-school vibe to your look with a flip bob. Credit: Techa Tungateja of Getty Images from Canva

Work your flyaways to your advantage by going for a flipped-out medium bob haircut. Instead of ironing or blow drying the tips of your inward, you do it outward with the help of a roller brush. You can also use hair rollers to help you achieve this shape; again, just wrap your hair around the rollers away from your face.

2. Blunt Medium Bob Haircut

Asian woman with a blunt medium bob haircut dyed purple.
Make sure your blunt bob is free from split ends by getting regular trims. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Wear your blunt medium bob wavy if you want a casual, textured look. You can also wear it straight if you want it simple and polished. Either way, split ends are a no-no, so use shampoo and conditioner that makes your hair healthy and damage-free.

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3. Blowout Bob

Medium bob: Closeup shot of woman wearing a black jacket with short black hair with blurred outdoor background
Want bouncy hair? Achieve it by blow drying your hair sans the nozzle. Credit:

Want to add volume to your bob? You can make shallow waves by blow drying your hair without its nozzle. Apply hair mousse first to help with the volume and to keep your hair free from frizz. Don’t forget to spritz heat protectant on your hair before blow drying to prevent heat damage.

4. Sleek and Shiny

Medium bob: Closeup shot of woman wearing a brown blouse with black bob standing against a blurred outdoor background
Keep your bob straight and frizz-free to create a sleek look. Credit:

Got naturally black hair? Flaunt it with a sleek bob. Use a flat iron to get rid of stray hairs, then iron the tips inward to make your look polished. Finish by applying a drop of hair serum to make sure your hair stays frizz-free.

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5. Dyed Medium Bob Haircut

Medium bob: Asian woman wearing a white shirt with brown bob standing against a blue background
Take a break from your black tresses and dye your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Want a total hair revamp? Aside from getting a haircut, get a dye job as well. Now is the time to experiment with different hair colors. You don’t have to choose bold colors if you don’t want to. You can go for tried-and-tested but trendy shades like ash brown or cinnamon hair. Then, add texture to your hair by creating shallow waves or going for a tousled look.

6. Messy Layered Bob

Asian woman with a tousled choppy bob hairstyle wearing a denim jacket
This is a great way to make your second-day hair look stylish. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Gone are the days when sleek and polished hairstyles are the only options in styling your hair. A messy-chic ‘do like the messy layered bob can be your go-to hairstyle when you’re in the mood for a more relaxed look.

7. Beach Waves With Bangs

New Year's Eve hairstyles: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with curly long bob wearing a blue sleeveless dress
Add oomph to your medium-length hair by creating beach waves. Credit: Hariono Halim

Whether you’re on the beach or not, you can rock beach waves along with your short hair or medium bob. You can even wear this ‘do with bangs for added impact.

8. The Side Sweep

Straight hair ideas: Asian woman with straight long bob hair with gold boby pins
Jazz up your side sweep with cute bobby pins. Credit: Melodie Jeng

Simply create a deep side part on one side of your hair, smoothen the rest of your tresses, and there you have it! A few gold bobby pins on one side can even jazz up the Side Sweep and make it even trendier.

9. Braided Medium Bob Haircut

Short hairstyles: Happy Asian woman with braided short hair wearing a denim jacket outdoors
Tiny braids can transform your hair from plain to edgy in a couple of minutes! Credit: Hariono Halim

From a simple Side Sweep, you can take your hairstyle up a notch by creating two small braids on the side with less hair. Spritz hairspray for a neater finish and to make your hairstyle last long. So easy, right?

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10. Half-Up Top Knot

Half ponytail: Asian woman with medium length black hair in half up top knot
This half up hairstyle adds a quirky character to your look. Credit: Hariono Halim

You can rock this hairstyle whether you have a chin-length or medium bob. It’s also a piece of cake to do! You might not even need a comb especially if you’re gunning for a messy-chic top knot.

With these medium bob ideas, you won’t regret getting that haircut. Who knows? You might want to keep your hair medium-length or even short for a while.