Long hair with side bangs for a trendy everyday look

Learn different ways on how to style your tresses so you can rock long hair with bangs.

Bangs are so in nowadays, and they come in different types. You have the high-fashioned blunt bangs and the edgy baby bangs. If you want to inject some K-wave into your look, there’s the see-through bangs. Meanwhile, side bangs are not left behind as far as hair trends are concerned. In fact, with their versatility and low maintenance, they are bound to stay. Want side fringe? Here are ideas on how to sport long hair with side bangs.

Long hair with side bangs: Closeup shot of Asian woman with shoulder-length brown hair with side bangs wearing a pink top against a blue background
Add drama to a simple shoulder-length hair with trendy side bangs. Credit: Shutterstock

1. Shoulder-length hair with side bangs

Side bangs can blend seamlessly with shoulder-length hair because they are relatively long. To style your side  bangs, part your hair either on the left or right. Then, comb your bangs in place. Apply hair wax for texture and definition. If you decide to grow out your side bangs, you can simply tuck them in your ear to get them out of the way.

Editor’s tip: Spritz a small amount of TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax on your palms, rub them together, and apply the product on your side bangs to help keep them in place. 

Long hair with side bangs: Closeup of an Asian woman with black hair in a bun against a blue background
An updo with side bangs looks chic and fresh. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Bun with side bangs

Is it sunny and hot outside? Put your hair in a bun to keep you cool and refreshed. Don’t worry. this updo goes well with side bangs, too. With your bangs swept on the side, they don’t have to contend with sweat on your forehead should you be doing a lot of leg work throughout the day. If you want your side bangs to stay put on extra busy days, just secure them with a bobby pin.

Editor’s tip: Keep your bangs free from excess oil by spritzing a small amount of TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo on your fringe. 

Long hair with side bangs: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with long dark brown hair wearing a white turleneck shirt against a pink background
Balance out a wide forehead with a deep side part. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Long hair with deep side part

If you have a wide forehead like that in a heart-shaped face, a deep side part can help balance it out. Side bangs become more apparent, too, when you part your hair deeply on the left or right side. To style your fringe, straighten it using a flat iron so they stay in place and behave the whole day. You can iron the rest of your hair as well for a sleek look.

Editor’s tip: Before you blow dry or iron your hair, spritz TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray on your hair to shield it from heat. This will prevent extensive damage to your hair caused by styling tools. 

Long hair with bangs: Closeup shot of a woman with long brown hair in a high ponytail wearing a white top
Side bangs can make a high ponytail look more laidback. Credit: Shutterstock

4. High ponytail with side bangs

A high ponytail never goes out of style and is flexible enough to go with any hair trend. If you want a sleek and straight hairstyle, use a flat iron on your hair and fringe. If you want a bit of bounce, though, blow drying is enough. When you’re done styling, add a drop of hair serum to prevent frizz and fly aways.

Editor’s tip: Make your hair silky smooth and easy to style by washing it with DOVE Straight & Silky Shampoo and DOVE Straight & Silky Conditioner

Long hair with side bangs: Asian woman with shoulder-length brown hair wearing a white sleeveless dress outdoors
When getting a new haircut, you might want to get a new hair color, too. Credit: Shutterstock

5. Dyed hair with side bangs

Feeling adventurous with your long hair? Dye it. Choose from bold colors to give your hair tons of personality. If you’re not up for unconventional hues, play around with various coloring techniques. Balayage highlights make the color blend seamlessly with your hair, even if your hair starts growing. Layers, waves, and braids also become more apparent when you dye your hair, so this is another reason to get a dye job along with your side bangs.

Editor’s tip: Preserve the beauty of your hair color while keeping your hair from getting dry and dull with Cream Silk Color Protect Conditioner

Style long hair with side bangs using these products that you can get via these links:
TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax
TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo
TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Spray
DOVE Straight & Silky Shampoo
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Cream Silk Color Protect Conditioner

Now that you have all these ideas, are you ready to rock long hair with side bangs? Yes, you are. These looks are appropriate at work, in school, and even when you’re traveling. There’s no reason for you not to try them.

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