Our favorite korean hairstyles inspired by the ladies of the K-wave

Looking for korean hairstyle inspiration? We’ve gathered the best looks inspired by our favorite K-stars!

The thing about K-dramas is that they are amazing at hooking viewers in with storylines that tug at the heartstrings of Filipinos; and with that comes an obsession with all things Korean — from the food, fashion, makeup, and even down to the Korean hairstyle.

So it’s no wonder that the K-wave is still going strong in the country. So to inspire your next hairstyle, we’re looking through some of our favorite hairstyles from the leading ladies of the k-wave.

Want to rock korean hairstyles?

korean hairstyle: blonde
Full blonde hair. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Full blonde

The k-wave brought about a wave of hair experimentation – showing us that blonde can look great on Asian skin too, especially when paired with a red lip! This is reminiscent of Miss A’s Suzy when she went full blonde.

korean hairstyle: textured
Edgy, textured hair. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Textured hair

Channeling that edgy vibe of the girls from Blackpink. This style is all about adding lots of texture through the hair.

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korean hairstyle: full bangs
Full bangs. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Full bangs

Bangs are a staple hairstyle with many K-stars — from soft wispy bangs, to full-on edgy bangs like this one. Which k-pop star does this hairstyle remind you of?

Day 7 Paris Fall 2017s structured bob korean hairstyle
Sleek, structured bob. Credit: indigitlimages.com

Structured bob

Rock this short hair Korean style and stand out from the crowd. Nail this haircut by getting a blunt, structured bob cut with blunt bangs.

Whether you love or hate the K-wave that has hit the world (and showing no sign of waning anytime soon), it’s obvious that the ladies of the K-wave have made an impression — inspiring women everywhere to dare to play with their hair and grow into a style truly their own.