Asian woman named Kathryn Bernardo with brown hair color

Trendy Hues Inspired by Kathryn Bernardo’s Hair Color!

Check out the actress' hair hues and get inspired to try a new look!

If you’ve been on the fence about dyeing your hair, think of actress Kathryn Bernardo’s hair colors as a sign that you should go for it. She has sported different hair colors that flatter her morena skin. She has rocked medium and dark brown shades, and even a rich burgundy color, serving us fresh, new looks every now and then.

So, let Kathryn’s hair colors inspire you to get a new hue! Check them out below.

Different Shades Inspired by Kathryn Bernardo’s Hair Colors

1. Burgundy

Credit: Kathryn Bernardo’s Official Instagram Account (@bernardokath)

When Kathryn dyed her hair with this rich, red wine hue, the internet went nuts! And who wouldn’t be? This hair color took her look to the next level, making her an absolute stunner.

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2. Tawny

Credit: Kathryn Bernardo’s Official Instagram Account (@bernardokath)

This brownish-orange color helps bring out the beauty of Kathryn’s morena complexion even more. You can combine this hue with dark brown hues to add depth to your hair color

3. Brown Balayage Hair

Credit: Kathryn Bernardo’s Official Instagram Account (@bernardokath)

The golden brown highlights on Kathryn’s chocolate brown hair give her locks depth and dimension. If you have balayage hair, wavy hairstyles like beach waves and sexy, romantic waves help showcase the color blends and transitions.

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4. Golden Brown

Credit: Kathryn Bernardo’s Official Instagram Account (@bernardokath)

We love how this golden brown hair color gives Kathryn’s skin a warm, sunkissed glow. It’s a great hair color to wear in the summer (or on any day of the year, really) to show off your beautiful brown complexion.

5. Expensive Brunette

Credit: Kathryn Bernardo’s Official Instagram Account (@bernardokath)

This hair color trend consists of subtle highlights that are a shade or two lighter than your naturally dark hair. To achieve this look, choose medium to dark shades of brown like chocolate and coffee brown and have them blended effortlessly into your dark hair.

6. Chocolate Brown

Credit: Kathryn Bernardo’s Official Instagram Account (@bernardokath)

Chocolate brown is popular among Pinays because aside from being flattering for morenas, it doesn’t require bleach! This hair color is also one of the trending hues this 2022, so go ahead and try it.

7. Jet Black Hair

Credit: Kathryn Bernardo’s Official Instagram Account (@bernardokath)

Shiny, black hair never fails to impress. You can make your hair sleek and straight or you scrunch it a bit to create a slightly tousled and laidback look.

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Which of these hair colors is your favorite? Try it now and enjoy your new look!



Main photo from Kathryn Bernardo’s Official Instagram Account (@bernardokath)