8 Japanese hairstyles to try

Kat | 26 July 2018

Tired of your usual ‘do? Revamp your look with these chic Japanese hairstyles.


When searching for style inspiration, you need not look far at Western trends. Our Asian neighbors present loads of pegs and you won’t run out of choices. Case in point: Japanese women. Their styles look effortless and shows a lot of personality.

We have always admired the Japanese for being great at a lot of things like technology, discipline, work ethics, and beauty. They are also very fashionable with their hair. When you’re thinking of a makeover, you might want to try one of these Japanese hairstyles to create a new look.

8 Japanese hairstyles for women

Sleek and straight Japanese hairstyles
Straight and sleek hair. Credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Sleek and straight

This is a great way to showcase your long and healthy locks. Start with clean hair. After showering, spritz some heat protectant onto your hair and blow dry. Then, divide your hair into sections and straighten your hair using a flat iron like a pro. You can part your hair in the middle or clip back a section of hair to show your forehead for a cleaner, more polished look. Others resort to keratin smoothing treatment to achieve this look, but do your research before heading to the salon. The sleek an straight hair is one of the most beloved Japanese hairstyles.

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Bob with bangs: Japanese hairstyles
Bob with bangs. Credit: iStock

2. Bob with bangs

This classic ‘do really doesn’t go out of fashion. It’s easy to style! After showering, just spray some heat protectant on your hair and blow dry. Then, part your hair at the center and iron hair by sections. It’s similar to styling long and layered hair; only this time, you’re dealing with short tresses. Take note, too, that most Japanese hairstyles have bangs, so get a fringe to instantly nail the Japanese look.

Japanese hairstyles - blunt bangs
Portrait of a beautiful Japanese woman with blunt bangs and straight silky hair
Credit: iStock

3. Blunt bangs 

To style blunt bangs, make sure you blow dry it downward and straight. Blunt bangs is such an iconic look for Japanese hairstyles specially with sleek and straight hair, perfect for a night out with friends at a high-end bar. If you want a more casual look, you can add a bit of texture to your hair while keeping your blunt bangs straight.

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Wavy lob: Japanese hairsty;es
Wavy lob. Credit: indigitalimages.com


4. Wavy lob

This equally chic cousin of the bob hairstyle gives you plenty of styling possibilities. One of these is by creating a wavy lob. First, apply mousse on damp hair to give it volume, then blow dry your hair. Make soft waves using a curling iron. Don’t forget to apply some heat protectant on your hair before styling to avoid heat damage.

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Japanese hairstyles: Asian woman with long dark brown layered hair with bangs wearing a white shirt
Gorgeous waves go well with layered hair. Credit: Shutterstock

5. Long and layered

Having layered hair is like having different hair lengths all at once. Make sure your hair is free from fly-aways and frizz. Iron the tips of your hair inwards to give your hair beautiful, curvy ends.  If you have bangs, iron them as well so they rest beautifully on your forehead. When done, scrunch your hair to show off your layers. This can also be a great ‘do if you have naturally fine hair to add an illusion of volume.

Japanese hairstyles: Woman with curly hair Japanese hairstyle
Brushed back curly hair makes for great party hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

6. Brushed back curls

If you have natural curls, lucky you! But if you don’t, these steps will teach you how to achieve curly hair. Feel like a modern, empowered woman with this hairstyle. Brush back dry hair and spray with a heat protectant. Apply mousse to give hair volume, then blow dry while gathering hair on one side. Then, make well-defined curls using a curling iron. Pin your curls first and let them down after they have cooled so they will hold their shape for a longer time.

Messy down do: Japanese hairstyles
Messy down ‘do. Credit: iStock

7. Messy down ‘do

The messy look is perfect for when you’re running out of time to prep in the morning or if you want a #wokeuplikethis look. Make sure that your hair is tangle-free, then spritz some texturizing spray to keep hair from looking flat and limp. Then, blow-dry while scrunching your hair with your fingers to give your locks a natural-looking ‘do that doesn’t look styled. Simple, isn’t it?

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Japanese hairstyles: Woman with casual updo
Woman with a casual updo and bangs. Credit: iStock

8. Casual updo

You can also put your hair up. If you don’t know how to create updos, you can start with a simple ballerina bun. You can play around with this hairstyle by loosening some sections of your hair so they don’t rest too tightly on your scalp, giving you a more laidback look. Complement your bun with blunt bangs to complete the Japanese-inspired look.

Now, it’s time to turn Japanese! Come back to read more articles about the latest hair trends, products, and hair care tips.

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