Korean singer IU's hairstyle with bangs.

Hairstyles Inspired by IU’s Short Hair

Here are chic ways to style a bob—as seen on this Korean singer and actress.

Bobs and other short haircuts and hairstyles have been trending for quite a while now. Whether you want your bob straight, textured, or with bangs, there’s a ‘do for you. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can get plenty, especially from your favorite celebrities. Take a look at the short hairstyles that Korean singer and actress IU has worn. IU’s hairstyles are simple but chic, and you can style them in many ways. Ready to cut your hair short? Try these hairstyles inspired by IU’s short hair.

Bob Hairstyles Inspired by IU’s Short Hair

1. Medium Bob

Credit: IU’s Official Instagram Account (@dlwlrma)

With the length of this haircut falling just below your chin, you still have enough hair to work with should you decide to try various short hairstyles. To start, you can blow-dry your medium bob while brushing the tips inwards using a round brush. This way, you give your bob volume and bounce, leaving it in good shape for the rest of the day.

2. Short Hair With See-Through Bangs

Credit: IU’s Official Instagram Account (@dlwlrma)

Bangs frame your face and can either add a soft touch or make your whole look high-fashion and edgy. If you want the former, try adding see-through bangs to your bob. Since this type of fringe doesn’t entirely cover your forehead, you can rock it even if you have a petite face shape.

3. Short Hair with Flower Accessory

Credit: IU’s Official Instagram Account (@dlwlrma)

Whether it’s a real flower or a flower clip to your hair, it’s bound to jazz up your short ‘do and make it look like Iu’s. Tuck a small flower behind your ear or put a clip on one side of your hair to copy Iu’s hairstyle.

4. Chin-Length Bob with Headband

Credit: IU’s Official Instagram Account (@dlwlrma)

Aside from hair clips, headbands can also jazz up short hair. They come in different designs and colors, and all you have to do is pick the one that best suits your mood or personality. You can also wear a headband to keep strands off your face or to help hide bangs that are starting to grow.

5. Half Updo for Short Hair

Credit: IU’s Official Instagram Account (@dlwlrma)

If you don’t feel like leaving your short hair down, you can put it in a half updo. Simply gather a section of hair from your temples up to your crown and tie it with an elastic. You can also use a hair clip or scrunchie to secure your half updo. If you have bangs, leave them a bit wispy for a laidback look.

6. Soft Shag

Credit: IU’s Official Instagram Account (@dlwlrma)

Add texture to your hair by getting a soft shag haircut. Go for a tousled hairstyle to highlight its choppy layers. Add wispy or see-through bangs to give your hair an illusion of volume.

7. Peach Shag Haircut

Credit: IU’s Official Instagram Account (@dlwlrma)

Jazz up your shag haircut by getting a hair color for short hair. Try peach. It gives your look character. Plus, it makes your shag haircut look edgy.


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Main photo from Iu’s Official Instagram Account (@dlwlrma)