How Issa Pressman Styles and Takes Care of Her Blonde Hair

AJ | 04 October 2019
Issa Pressman: A Filipina with short blonde hair wearing a black cropped halter top posing outdoors

Looking for a blonde inspiration? Read on to learn how artist and social media influencer Issa Pressman styles and takes care of her blonde hair.

Style is a wild game. You can’t win without actually playing with looks, trends, and colors, among many things. This is true both for fashion and beauty, especially with your hair. If you won’t get out of your comfort zone and play with changes, you won’t ever find your winning look. This is what we got from artist and social media influencer Issa Pressman. Read on as she shares her hair care routine, hair colors she loves, and more.

Issa Pressman on All Things Hair

First things first, can you walk us through your hair care routine?

“I wake up in the morning and then I take a shower, for sure. I use the TRESemmé Pro-Color Series for my shampoo. And then I put conditioner. After that, this is where it gets hard and tricky. When I start drying it, I put the pre-blower muna. And then smoothening. And then preheat. And then like an after-heat. And then the shine thing, because it’s hard to maintain blonde [hair]. But to really lock in my color, I use TRESemmé.”

TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Shampoo

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That’s a lot of products!

“A lot of products, yeah.”

If there’s one product you can call your best friend, what would it be?

“Conditioner. Yeah.”


“I don’t know, it’s just like my hair gets so thick and unfriendly when I don’t have conditioner on.”

With all the styling, you really need to moisturize your hair, right?

“Yes! I honestly feel like I could do without everything else except my conditioner.”

TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Conditioner

Editor’s tip: Always complete your hair care routine with conditioner. Choose one that’s specifically designed for your blonde hair. Use TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Conditioner as this product will not just moisturize your blonde hair, but will also protect it from brass tones.

What’s your favorite hairstyle?

“With my blonde hair now, just straight hair. Because it’s a new hairstyle that I haven’t really been playful with. But when I had longer hair, I would just leave it curly, just put mousse every now and then. Then I would just tie it up in a high pony—that’s it.”

Issa Pressman Filipina influencer with short blonde hair wearing a black cropped top and skirt walking on the runway
Social media influencer Issa Pressman slaying it at the TRESemmé Runway Ready show.

It seems like you’ve been really playful with your hair and you’ve tried so many hairstyles. Do you have a look that you regret?

“None! Why would you regret anything?!”

How about hair colors, which one is your favorite?

“The half and half. I did half black and half blonde.”

Oh wow!

“Yeah, I did that already. That’s my favorite! I actually miss it. But then I wouldn’t want the half and half with my short hair, so I’m fine with it being blonde. But if I had longer hair, I would go back to my black and blonde.”

But for now with your short hair, what would be your next hair color?

Well, [stylist] Suyen [Salazar] suggested like a dark blue, dark purple so I might do that.”

On bad hair days, what do you do with your hair?

“I wear a bucket hat. It’s not because I wanna hide it, but because it’s also a mood. It’s also the way I style it.”

So it’s your laid-back look?

“Yeah! It’s also a mood for me—like when I’m in the mood to dance or something.”

What’s your hair advice to Filipinas?

“Wear it like it’s your crown. I know everyone does have their own crown. But then it’s a good way to express yourself. It’s the first thing you would look at, so make sure that it reflects your personality and it’s very close to you. For me kasi, aside from dressing up, it’s also fashion eh. It shows you. It comes together.”

Explore Playful Hair Colors Like Issa Pressman

1. Dip-dyed hair

Asian woman with short black hair dip dyed in brown
Start with color in small doses by having your hair dip-dyed. Credit: Shutterstock

Dipping your toes in the world of hair color? Go for dip-dyed hair. You can wear any color you want—whether it’s a classic brown or playful pastels—while still keeping your natural hair color.

2. Two-toned hair

Caucasian woman with short pink and mint green hair wearing a white shirt outdoors
Two hues are better than one, don’t you think? Credit: Shutterstock

Torn between two colors? Get both! Experiment with a two-toned look by complementing two fun colors.

Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-On Cream

Editor’s tip: Colored hair needs more moisturizing after all the drying process it underwent. Taking the extra step to apply some leave-in conditioner will do wonders. Use the Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-on Cream.

3. Blonde to pink ombre hair

Asian woman with short blonde hair wearing a blue coat and pink dress outdoors
Jazz up your blonde hair with sweet pink hues. Credit:

News flash: ombre isn’t limited to two colors! You can actually mix it up with at least three colors for a more edgy and quirky look.

TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops

Editor’s tip: When it comes to hair shine, nothing is too much! Always keep a bottle of TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops so you can always re-polish your look anytime, anywhere.

4. Blonde ombre hair

Caucasian woman with long blonde ombre hair wearing a plaid long-sleeved outfit on the runway
Wear several blonde shades in a beautiful blonde ombre hair. Credit:

Wearing different blonde shades ombre style can keep your golden locks from looking flat. Start with darker blonde shades like bronde or dirty blonde, then go platinum or icy blonde at the tips.

Now, take the leap and play with different hair colors! Just like Issa Pressman, wear your crown like a true queen and have some fun while you’re at it.

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