Asian woman with long hair wearing a headband

10 Headband Hairstyles That Will Jazz Up Your Look

Say bye to plain-looking hairstyles by wearing a cute headband! Here are chic ways to rock this hair accessory.

Aside from hair ties and hair clips, do you also have headbands? If you don’t, you might want to add one to your hairstyling essentials. A headband is a practical accessory that can help you hide a growing fringe. It also keeps strands off your face, helping you focus on your tasks when you’re rushing to beat a deadline. Not to mention, it can jazz up a simple look—as seen in these chic headband hairstyles. Keep reading and check these easy hairstyles with headbands out. 

10 Easy Headband Hairstyles

1. Metallic Headband Hairstyle on Curly Locks

Asian woman with blonde curly hair wearing a metallic headband
Look effortlessly elegant with a metallic headband. Credit: Dennie Ramon

If you’re attending a party and you have no time to create an elaborate updo, let your hair down, curl it, and accessorize it with a metallic headband. Whether it’s a brunch birthday celebration or an evening cocktail party, this hairstyle fits right in.  

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2. Down ‘Do With Fabric Headband

Asian woman with curly hair wearing a headband
Choose a headband with bold prints to spice up your everyday look. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Make casual hairstyles extra chic by putting on a fabric headband. It’s bound to keep your hairstyle from looking plain, whether you wear your hair straight or curly.  

3. Top Bun With Headband Hairstyle

sian woman with long black hair in a top bun with a headband
Beat the heat with a stylish updo like this. Credit: Hariono Halim

Don’t you just love putting your hair up when it’s hot and humid? Do it in style by putting on a fabric headband after gathering your hair on your crown, tying it, and forming a bun 

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4. Twin Braids

Asian woman with two braids and a red headband
Try this cute hairstyle when attending online classes. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Twin braids or pigtail braids already look cute. But if you want to add more personality, then jazz them up with a brightly colored headband.  

5. Athleisure Look

Asian woman with long brown braided hair wearing a gray headband
Show off that post-workout glow by keeping your hair pulled back. Credit: Shutterstock

About to head out for your morning run? Don’t forget to tie or braid your long hair and wear a headband to keep strands from sticking to your face and neck.  

5. Bob With Headband Hairstyle

Asian woman with short hair wearing eyeglasses and a black top
This hairstyle goes well with eyeglasses, too. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Want a simple, work-from-home hairstyle for your bob? Tie a fabric headband or a headscarf around your head, and you’re video-call-ready in seconds!  

7. Bob With Bangs

Asian woman with short hair with bangs
Love cute hairstyles for short hair? Try this ‘do. Credit: Natasha Estelle

A short haircut with bangs is already stunning on its own, but it wouldn’t hurt to wear a headband to give your hairstyle color and character.  

8. Flower Crown Headband Hairstyle

Asian woman wearing a flower headband
A flower crown headband style gives your hair a playful vibe. Credit: Natasha Estelle

How about a boho-chic hairstyle for today? You can easily do that by putting on a flower crown. Then, simply finger-comb your hair to keep your ‘do laidback and effortless.  

9. Boho Band

Asian woman with a bohemian hairstyle and dress
Make loose waves to give your hair some volume. Credit: Shutterstock

Speaking of boho-chic hairstyles, here’s another way to rock one: Wear a boho band. Let it circle your forehead and the back of your head for a music festival-inspired look.  

10. Side-Parted Long Headband Hair

Asian woman with long hair
Try this styling headband style to give balance to a heart-shaped face. Credit: Shutterstock

Got a prominent forehead? Part your hair on one side and place your headband about an inch from your hairline. Keep some strands untucked to achieve a more balanced face shape.

There you go! When you only have less than a minute to get ready, just pick one of these headband hairstyles. Trust us, you’ll be chic in a jiffy!