Hairstyles for the gym so you could sweat in style

Complement that workout glow with pretty and practical hairstyles for the gym. They’re easy to do, so you’ll be stretching, bending, and even running in no time.

Do you love going to the gym? Great! All that exercise will do wonders to your health and body. You emerge from the gym all flushed with a healthy glow, with muscles all toned…and with hair all messy. It doesn’t have to this way though. Check out these chic but practical hairstyles for the gym that will make you look great even if you’re all sweaty.

Pretty and easy hairstyles for the gym

Hairstyles for the gym: Dutch braid
A Dutch braid keeps your hair in place all throughout your workout. Credit: Shutterstock

1. Dutch braid

If you’re in for a pretty intense workout, put your long tresses in a Dutch braid. This ‘do will keep hair off your face and neck, so your tresses won’t stick to your skin as you sweat. Just make the braid nice and tight so it won’t unravel as you run at marathon-speed either on the treadmill or around your neighborhood.

It is better to make Dutch braids in front of a huge mirror so you can clearly see what you’re doing. This simple hairstyle is easy to master and can be worn for any occasion.

Hairstyles for the gym: High ponytail
This ‘do never goes out of style and is great for working out, too. Credit: Shutterstock

2. High ponytail

A lot has been said about the versatility of this hairstyle. A high ponytail can be worn every day for just about any activity, including workouts and yoga. Long and medium-length hair will look great in a high ponytail as you lift weights, do crunches, bend, and do pushups in the gym. You can even finish off your sporty look with a bright-colored headband to be work with your high ponytail.

Editor’s tip: Keep your ‘do frizz-free by applying a drop of TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops on your hair. Just use enough to keep them in place.

Hairstyles for the gym: Messy top bu
Quickly put your hair in a messy bun when you don’t have enough time to prep for the gym. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Messy top bun

Got only a minute or two to get ready for the gym? A messy bun is your best bet. Get two elastics or scrunchies, tie your hair in a high ponytail, twist your hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail, and voila! You’re all set. You should definitely consider the messy top bun as one of your go-to hairstyles for the gym.

Hairstyles for the gym: Half updo
Women with medium-length hair can put their tresses in a half updo when working out. Credit: Shutterstock

4. Half updo

For women with shoulder-length hair or bobs, you can put your hair in a half updo or half ponytail. Just divide your hair into two horizontal sections, and tie the upper section with an elastic and scrunchy. That’s it! It’s very easy, right?

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Hairstyles for the gym: Ponytail with braid
No distractions! Style your hair like this so you can focus on your workout. Credit: Shutterstock

5 Ponytail with braid

You can also combine to versatile ‘dos into one: the ponytail and the braid. First, put your hair in a low or medium-height ponytail. Brush your hair to get rid of tangles, then divide it into three sections to create a three-strand braid. Put the left section over the middle section, then cross the right section over the middle. Continue until you reach the tips and secure with an elastic. Want a bit of a challenge? Try the four-strand braid!

Tie your ponytail nice and tight so the weight of your braid won’t pull it down.

Hairstyles for the gym: Low ponytail with bangs
Workout with a bang with a chic ponytail and bangs. Credit: Shutterstock

6. Low ponytail with bangs

You don’t have to clip your fringe with going to the gym if you don’t want to.  You can simply tie your hair and leave your bangs alone. Before you go to the gym, spritz a small amount of dry shampoo on your bangs to absorb excess oil. This way, your bangs won’t point to different directions once you start sweating in the gym. Blow dry your fringe, too, so it behaves as you work out.

Editor’s tip: Spray TONI&GUY Heat Protection Mist on your bangs before blow drying to guard against heat damage.

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Now, prepping for your workout involves not only picking the right outfit, sports bag, and rubber shoes. Setting a couple of minutes to do one of these hairstyles for the gym is part of that list, too. With a healthy body and well-groomed hair, you will look 100 percent fab all the time.

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