Asian woman with a hairstyle for oval face shapes.

Our Favorite Hairstyles for Oval Face Shapes

Highlight your oval face's best features with these hairstyles.

Your face shape plays a crucial role in selecting the perfect hairstyle that complements your features. If you have an oval face shape, it means your face is longer than it is wide, with prominent cheekbones and a softly rounded jawline. Oval faces are versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of hairstyles. To help you find the ideal look, we’ve gathered our favorite hairstyles for oval face shapes. Take a look and find the perfect match for you!

Must-Try Hairstyles for Oval Face Shapes

1. Long and Wavy

Asian woman with a long, wavy hairstyle for oval face shapes.
A tousled hairstyle lets you have wavy hair without using heat. Credit: Hariono Halim

Waves soften your look and enhance the natural contours of your face. They add texture and volume around the sides and bottom, balancing the length of an oval face and keeping it from looking overly elongated.

To get wavy hair, you can use a flat iron or a blow dryer with a round brush. You can also try this styling hair to create a tousled ‘do: Twist small sections of your damp hair into little buns and secure them with bobby pins. Allow your hair to dry, remove the bobby pins, and untwist your hair to reveal the waves.

2. Messy Side Ponytail

Asian woman with a messy side ponytail hairstyle for an oval face shape.
Having a bad hair day? Disguise it with a messy side ponytail.

Create an asymmetrical hairstyle such as the side ponytail to complement the balanced proportions of an oval face shape. Keep it messy for a relaxed and fun look that you can wear to school or on the weekends

3. Bun With Side Bangs

Hairstyles for oval faces: Asian woman with bun hairstyle and side swept bangs
Side-swept bangs add a quirky touch to a bun hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Put your hair up in a bun to beat the heat on summer days. Add side bangs to give your hairstyle a youthful and modern look. The bangs also frame your face and balance out the length of your oval face shape.

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4. Messy Layered Bob

Asian woman with a messy layered bob hairstyle.
This short, tousled hairstyle suits different occasions. Credit: Natasha Estelle

The layers in a messy bob add texture and dimension to your hair, accentuating your cheekbones and jawline. This hairstyle also gives off a youthful and trendy vibe, giving you a fresh look.

5. Straight A-Line Bob

Woman with a straight, A-line bob wearing sunglasses.
Achieve a sleek and straight A-line bob with a flat iron. Credit: All Things Hair

For a sleek and polished book, try this short straight hair idea. Its angular cut helps accentuate the jawline. A straight, A-line bob also gives you a modern and effortlessly elegant look.

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6. Bobby Pin Hair Crown

Asian woman with bobby pins on her medium-length hair.
Be creative with the way you create your bobby pin hair crown. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Do you have metallic bobby pins? Arrange them on your hair to form various shapes or patterns. A bobby pin hair crown is an effortless party hairstyle for short and medium-length hair. You can even wear it on casual days to elevate your everyday look.

7. Wavy Hair With a Flower Crown

Asian woman with wavy, shoulder-length hair wearing a flower crown.
If you’re into boho-chic looks, try this hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

This bohemian hairstyle exudes a romantic vibe, perfect for garden parties, beach weddings, or music festivals. Pair it with a flowy dress to complete the carefree look.

Now, pick your favorite hairstyle and let it flatter your oval face shape. Enjoy!